True Heir In Disguise

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True Heir In Disguise

By: Your Girl OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jonas, an ordinary delivery boy, got spotted by the country's richest person. In desperation to collect money for his sister's surgery and debt that was piling on his head for years, he accepted the offer and became the Heir of the Smith family overnight. Now facing many problems and troubles every day, he must act like the true heir of the Smith Family. But the real heir of the Smith Family has earned his title of tyranny and villain. A person like Jonas, who has been kind and tolerant from childhood, would he be able to pull off this villain character? Or will he try to become the best of himself, and change Andrien Smith's character from the scratch? As an heir, he must do whatever it takes to keep his position in the company and family. But people have started to get suspicious about his identity.

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Chapter 1: Unpredictable Life
Life is truly unpredictable, what you have right now won't be there the next moment. In this world, people are classified and have levels of richness. And that has been deciding how one will treat others. The If there was rich, there was poor. As the world started entering the evolution phase, the rich started becoming richer while the poor continued to become poorer. Until life is supporting you, live every moment you spend and cherish all the memories. Because once you start taking everything for granted, Karma is there waiting for you.The XY City,On the road of most elite countries, a young lad continued to drive at full speed, not caring about anything or anyone, his car speed rose to the highest mark. There was no expression on his face but it could be seen in his actions that he was pissed at something or someone. Dressed in a heavy expensive fabric, his clothes alone were six digits on the scale of expensiveness, he had colored his hair to golden blonde, some piercing aroun
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Chapter 2: Cheating girlfriend
She wasn't just saying it, she mean it, she was serious. For the last three years, her life was resolved around the hospital, she was living in this hospital, never getting to go out, not being able to do what she loves or liked, her life was no longer hers as if she was caged inside, and there was no hope. All this was enough for her to know she was his burden. Jonas was shocked, his little sister, who the hell put those words in her young mind? " Ari! I forgive you this time but never say such words again. You are my world, my one, and only family, the one I love the most, my baby. I can give up on the whole world, but not you ", Jonas was slightly angry and tough with his words when he spoke. It was clear how much those words of hers hurt him. But also trying to tell her to never say or think like that.Ari couldn't bear it anymore and ended up crying before him, it was heart-wrenching for her. " You have been working hard day and night for the last four years, just to collect m
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Chapter 3: His savior
Demi received a tight slap on her face, which woke her from the delusion she was walking in. But Jonas, suddenly regret his decision and started apologizing to her." Demi! I am sorry, please...I didn't mean to also you, or just happened unconsciously ". Jonas regretted slapping her and not talking things out. " You know what Jonas, let's break up ". Jonas felt like someone just slapped him across the cheek, it wasn't an actual slap, but the pain and burning sensation were there, it wasn't a great experience. " Demi, I know I was wrong to slap you, and I apologize for doing that. Just...just don't break up with me. You did something wrong, I did something wrong, so now we are equal. So let's forget this conversation ever happened. I will overlook you have cheated on me, just give me a chance ", Jonas desperately wanted to not break up with her as they have been together for six years, and he didn't wanna separate from her.Demi shook off his hand hard and look at him all disgustin
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Chapter 4: Andrien Smith
I just hired you, to work for me. So of course, I am taking you away so we can start working ", she Said Lina standing beside him as she gave him a playful smirk. He was employed by this beautiful woman but knew nothing about her or for what work she has hired him. Seeing how her attitude towards him changed drastically, a part of his mind and heart started regretting receiving money from her. Not knowing what kind of work she wants him to do, was making his head spin. Lina somehow sensed the insecurity in Jonas's movement, he was not feeling right. " Let me introduce myself ". Without notice, she got on her knees and bowed her head before him. " I am Lina, your female butler, Young master ". " Huh? ", Jonas was shocked to the core that he almost slid two steps behind, his hand on his chest as if someone gave him the biggest shock. " M...master? Who's your master? Where's your master? ".Lina lifted her head, her sharp gaze piercing into him, pointing at him but Jonas still stood
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Chapter 5: His tyranny deeds
Jonas was stunned to hear all this, he never heard such nonsense before. This lady before him just said she hired him because she wants him to disguise himself as Andrien Smith, but this seems no more than a joke to him now. He may not know about the rich hotshots. But he has little interest in the business world, a professor of his once told him about the tyranny heir, and why he shouldn't become like him. So now when he thinks, the professor must have been talking about Andrien Smith. Lina told him she wants him to disguise himself as Andrien Smith, but Andrien was an Heir to the group, people know every little behavior of his and how he acted. Won't people suspect him? If he was to get caught in the act red hand, maybe they would send him to prison for faking someone else identity. That would be like ending and ruining his life by his own hand. And the biggest flaw in this whole setup has to be his face. " Miss Lina, suppose, I take his name and behave like him. But what will y
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Chapter 6: Villains of his life
Lina took him directly to his room, which of course belonged to Andrien, the former heir to the Smith family. " Is this your young master's room? Seems like his habits are expensive to complete ", Jonas said in amazement. The whole room was decorated with expensive lights and furniture, so beautiful. He never saw such a luxury in his whole life. " He is the heir of the Smith family, and the next owner to the Smith Group. So how can his habits be cheap? ", Said Lina in a comforting small tone. Compare to the whole mansion, his room was much more unique and different in many aspects. The floor was built of pure marble, interior and everything in this room costs millions of thousands of dollars. Every little thing was more than five digits in expense. And all of these belong to Andrien Smith. Jonas could not believe it in his eyes, was he really inside the most luxurious mansion? The one that almost every individual and rich want to be in. His luck surely was on his side right now.
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Chapter 7: Shower together
The moment he opened his eyes, many people dressed in servant's clothing appeared before him, they were there waiting for him to wake him. Jonas was not used to this luxurious life, and he had almost forgotten about last night's events and what happened yesterday like he momentarily forgot about adapting to the stranger's identity. So when he saw so many people upon waking up, he was startled heavily. " Who the hell are you all doing here? And who the hell permitted you to enter my room? Get out ", Yeah, he went a little aggressive on them all. Hearing him swear, all of them started shakily like wet kittens who had been dumped inside the haunted house. " Young Master, please calm down ", One of them said gathering all the courage he had. Handling the young master of this mansion was not easy. Andrien Smith was like a tiger, once offended, you can guarantee that you will come out alive. People working in this mansion were all managed by Vivian, the mistress of Andrien's father. J
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Chapter 8: Not the Ideal CEO
She was a servant of the Smith family, always below everyone. As her lower status, she was supposed to act like a servant only. And the current situation was not ideal for her. Jonas immediately turned off the shower, and without further notice, Lina ran out of the room, her clothes were all wet. " I can't go out in this condition ", Said Lina as she grabbed the blow dryer from the shelf and started blowing herself. Even after she taught him how to turn on the shower, he took more than half an hour inside the shower. And the same last thirty minutes Lina spent drying her outfit. When he came out, he only had the towel wrapped around his lower body. Lina's reaction was as stiff as a rock, she just stared at him for a moment before throwing the have dryer at him. " Dry your hair and then change into this suit. It's already eight, the meeting with start in five minutes, so hurry up ", Said Lina unbothered by his stunned expression. " You said the meeting will start at 8, and we are
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Chapter 9: Who dares to offend him?
" Has the CEO of this company died that you all decided to start the meeting without him? ", Fake Andrien made his entry into the meeting room that was as big as a wedding hall. All who saw him went into silent mode, he came but took away their voices. Light shined behind him, making a hallow behind him like he was some angel. Those who didn't expect him went into shock. They couldn't believe Andrien was here for real since the directors even started rubbing their eyes in case they might be dreaming. With Andrien, walked in his most beautiful secretory Miss Angelina. She worked a black penny skirt over a white shirt tucked inside, paired with black high heels, and hair pulled up in a professional high bun. She had some files in her hand and showed Andrien the way, he sat on the chair that was of the CEO, the most important person in the company. His one glance alone was enough to shake everyone off their seats. " So where were we? I see that you all want me out of the company, c
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Chapter 10: Suspicious act?
Angelina walked out of the office room. The moment she left, Jonas loosened his tie and looked at the door, his hands were all sweaty from the nervousness and his heart was still beating at the speed of the train. His whole body shuddered...Jonas looked at himself the floor reflex and fixed the tie as he sat straight. " I hope I did not mess up. Those people were so scary ".He grabbed the glass of water from the glass table and drank half of it. He was too scared and nervous inside, good thing he did not show up anything on his face. His phone rang, and he immediately reached out to his pocket and bring out the phone he picked it up. " Everything went smoothly. But can you come to pick me up? I don't think I will be able to survive on this cold battlefield, it's hard to breathe, I need you here, please hurry up ", Jonas knows nothing, he only knows one thing, that he can't stay here anymore, but right now after such a big issue. " Alright....alright, calm down. The elder master
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