Xander And The Blaze

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Xander And The Blaze

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"Who are you or what are you? And why are you in my head?" "I am the system, and the system has chosen you as it's host, Alexander Todd" *** Alec lives in a city where power is everything. He gets bullied a lot in highschool because he is poor and does not fall into any power category. One day, he passed out while getting bullied and was left alone in the rain. Soon, lightning struck him in his subconscious state. He did not wake up for days until the sound of a system woke him up. Right at that moment, his life took a drastic change. His journey from being a powerless boy to a superhero becomes a fascinating one.

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In a class full of mostly unserious student, a beautiful and young female teacher stood in front of them to explain the topic of the day and ask questions. Alec was present in the class, sitting quietly like he has no life. He took several deep breaths to calm his nerves, but it wasn't working. The huge boys sitting at the back of the class made him feel apprehensive, and anytime he summons little courage to rotate his head to the back, his eyes would always lock with their fierce ones and he knew right away that he is a dead meat, all for saying 'hi' to the only girl that was nice enough to wave her right hand and say 'hello' when he was getting his books from his locker before class started. Alexander Todd, known as Alec, is a poor boy who is usually bullied in school. He has a father who gets sick frequently and still tries to work to provide for their daily needs, and he has no mother. His mother died from a dementia disease.Alec doesn't have much of a choice than to accept eve
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2... Super powers...
Alec had thought the sound that woke him up was an alarm, but now he knows it's something in his head. He thought maybe going back to sleep will help his current confusing situation, but he is very wrong. He heard a ding sound and sat up on the bed, curious to know what the new sound is all about. There were some things shown to Alec on the screen. He began to read quietly. "Body: 15 (Weak)Mind: 50 (Average)Strength: 10 (Weak)He laughed sarcastically when he was done reading. "Really? I am that weak and you still chose me as your host? Oh, Come on, man!" He said amidst laughter "System or whatever the hell your name is...""You can name me whatever you like, host" The voice uttered. "Will you stop talking so loud!" Alec grumbled "And if you want me to name you, then you should stop calling me 'host'. I'm sure as hell I wasn't named 'host' by my parents" "Okay, Alexander Todd" The volume of the voice had gone a bit lower now. Alec was amazed at how the system obeyed him withou
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Heidi is a hot blonde with sophisticated features. It is obvious she is from a wealthy family. Alec frowned when her face clicked into his head. He remembered he'd seen her down the hallway a couple of times in the past. "Does everyone who attends Kristine Highschool works here?" He asked no one in particular. Jeremy grinned at his question. "Isn't this the guy that slept for good forty nine hours?" Heidi asked, pointing at Alec. Alex felt embarrassed. Jeremy smiled shortly "Well, he's awake now""So, is he the new member of this team?" Heidi questioned, scrutinizing Alec from his head to toe. "Very soon. Very soon, he'll become one" Jeremy replied, smiling. Alec narrowed his eyes at Jeremy wondering what he meant by the information he just spilled out. He dragged Jeremy by the arm "Come here for a sec, please" They both walked away from Heidi. "What's this new member stuff all about?" Jeremy grinned. "I have been watching you in school, you are a guy with potentials, Alec,
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4... Cafeteria...
Alec greeted his dad who is making dinner in the kitchen"Hi, dad" He headed towards the kitchen. "Hi, Dad" he greeted the second time and needed no soothsayer to tell him his dad was mad at him. "Alexander Todd, Welcome back home" He turned to Alec "Young man, you've got lot and lot of explaining to do" "I'm sorry, dad, I went job hunting" He lied. He doesn't have the courage to tell him about the things that happened, he doesn't want his father freaking out or getting very worried. "Job hunting? Job hunt....." Alec's dad trailed off and scoffed "For two days Alexander? two fucki...freaking days?"Alec smiled at his dad's effort not to use a curse word. "I had to check everywhere in the city since I was desperate and I finished up with everything very late at night so I slept at a friend's place" Alec explained in lies."Is that why you could not send a single text or give me a phone call?" He narrowed his eyes at his son "You look different""Yeahhhh, I feel happy""Obviously
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Alec smiled at himself, he felt excitement surging through his body, and felt tempted to communicate with the system right in front of everyone, but he had to control his urges. Jeremy grinned at Alec, and gave him a thumbs up, while the other students mummured among themselves. "How did he grow so strong?" A guy asked his friend who simply shrugged and replied. "That is a mystery" "He looks hotter than before" A girl observed, squinting her eyes at Alec.Some of the girls stared at Alec with a new found admiration while some students threw him curious looks, trying to study him. ***Alec sat in Jeremy's car, patiently waiting for him to finish with his works, and drive them home afterwards. They were not able to talk about yesterday's events during lunch hour. They talked about the fight along with Jenny. "System" Alec called slowly "Are you there?" "Yes, Alexander Todd" The system's loud voice came through his head. Alec sighed, shaking his head and simultaneously rolling h
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6... Fight...
Jeremy walked over to the computer systems with Heidi by his side. The other members also got busy getting weapons and some of them planning with Heidi and Jeremy on how to take down the new threat, while Alec stood on a spot watching everyone. Jeremy's eyes were hard with concentration as he operated on the computer system with fast fingers. "Okay, let's see who we're gonna be dealing with"He zoomed in on the super human so everyone could get a clear view of it. "Alright. It's just a small guy, he doesn't even looks like he's got enough fighting skills. At least, he shouldn't be as strong and swift as Alec, and..." Jeremy paused and typed rapidly on the keyboard and narrowed his eyes "The guy destroyed mainly vehicles""But why?" Alec asked. "That's a good question" Jeremy said, standing straight "Heidi, please keep your eyes on the screen, check up other things you can about this little guy, okay? I'm going with Alec to deal with the superhuman" "You want me to go out there wi
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7...Iron man...
The moment Jeremy left, the iron man materialized right in front of Alec, and raised his arm to go for a direct face hit. The hand action was sluggish to Alec, giving him time to lower his head in other to prevent the punch from hitting him. "Xander, are you there?" He quickly contacted the system. It beeped and said a yes. Alec saw another jab coming from the iron man, but he held the iron man's fist and tried to push him backwards, but his opponent was too strong. Alec grunted, exerting more power to the push. He recalled Xander studied Jeremy's strength and weaknesses during their first fight, Alec decided to ask Xander about the iron man's weakness. "I hope you've got a weakness, Xander?" "No"Alec blinked, getting distracted "What do you mean, no?"The iron man grabbed Alec by the arm and easily threw him to the other side of the road with violence. Alec groaned "Xander, what have you been doing? I need this guy's weakness ASAP" "Processing weakness and strength" Xander
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8... Lightning...
Jeremy and Alec stood in front of the brick cell with a transparent thick glass door. It was built in the past for superhumans like the iron man. They watched him from the monitor fixed at the side of the brick to display whatever the cameras in his cell had captured. The iron man was screaming and throwing his arms out like a maniac, but everything was pointless. "There is no iron for you to feed off from, little boy" Jeremy taunted. The veins in his neck popped out "I am not a little boy!""Yes, you are" Jeremy mouthed, shaking his head. "Why don't you tell us what you want with Prof Smith"The iron man simpered "I thought you were smart enough to know that, but it turned out you are all dummies""Well, the dummies took you down" Alec remarked.Jeremy laughed pressing a button to whine down a tinted glass over the transparent one, then he began to walk away with Alec. "You can't keep me here, forever!" He vociferated. Jeremy rolled his eyes. "Isn't that what all prisoners say?
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Alec met the superhuman down the hallway while Jeremy and Heidi walked closely behind him, their eyes focused on the superhuman. The superhuman is quite tall and built. Alec knew from a glance that he was the definition of trouble. Some students were hanging in the hallway, shaking in fear at the frightening sight of the superhuman. They knew he was capable of hurting them, and was scared to take a step away. The superhuman sighted Alec and his friends. He glanced at the pens in the hands of the trembling students. His eyes rolled and glowed to control the pens. The pens disappeared from their hands and hung in the air. He directed the sharp mouth of the pens towards Alec and his friends. Alec was the first to notice where the direction of the pens were going, and how it was going to hurt them. The sharp tip of the pen is going towards their eyes with speed. "Holy fuck" He quickly stood in front of his friends to protect them and with his speed he was able to grab the pens befo
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10...Genetic Mutation...
Alec and Jeremy glared at the iron guy from the monitor that displayed the face of the iron man. He laughed mockingly at Alec and Jeremy. "You really think you can get a word outta me?" The guy laughed harder, then suddenly stopped and clenched his jaw "Hell no!" "Oh, this guy is not okay upstairs, he needs medical attention, badly" Jeremy insulted, watching him with observing eyes. "You are happy with the way things are turning out, aren't you?" Alec asked the iron guy, the baritone of his voice very evident. "You're happy that someone is also out there trying to hurt people, destroy the city, just like you did. You are fucking happy!" "You got that right, pretty boy" He sneered at them "I'll be outta here very soon and I'm gonna make sure I beat both of your asses up" A muscle in Jeremy's neck twitched. "Son of a bitch" He jammed his hand on the button at the side to pull down the thick tinted glass. "He's gonna rot in there" Jeremy and Alec both started to walk away at th
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