Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World

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Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World

By: S.P. Basilio Ongoing

Language: English

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Ferdinand Anshelm is an officer of the Imperial Federation. Ferdinand was participating in an offensive towards an enemy nation, but then as he was leading the charge a bomb exploded in the sky, his surroundings suddenly turned bright, to which he lost consciousness. When Ferdinand woke up he found himself in an unfamiliar world.


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37 chapters
Thunderous explosions came one after another. Loud whizzing sounds came through the air, penetrating what's left of the land. The sky turns crimson, foreshadowing what's about to come, while many shadows battles out for the control of the sky. The next moment, far away from the battlefield, a deafening sound came. It was the enormous state-of-the-art artillery. A flash from its muzzles came to which, after a moment, a loud explosion came, destroying what's left of the no-man's-land. They called it the no-man's-land, as it is filled with dead bodies of men and no living thing sprouts from the land.   There were two sides of the battlefield, the side of the Imperial Federation, and the other side was the Confederation of States. The battle was very violent as casualties sky rocketed, to no avail. The upcoming battle will decide the outcome of the war.   After the deafening explosions of the artillery, an eerie silence followed suit. At the sid
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First Kill
The howling winds came from afar as the sky turns crimson. It was now the onset of noon. The damp forest suddenly turned icy as the growls of hunger could be heard from afar. It replaced the deafening silence by turning heavens to earth upside down. Various sizes of hordes were now on the move, hunting for its soon to be prey. Moments passed the sky has now turned dark and thunderous thunders strikes the ground as the icy forest was now set ablaze. Ferdinand heard this sound, which sent shivers down his spine. Ferdinand was exploring his system more, in which he found three more things, that is National Focus, Personal Focus, and lastly Quest. From what Ferdinand understand the two focus tabs are some sort of like achievement, mixed with quest, and quest the tab itself is for doing missions for the system itself. {National Focus} (User has to establish a nation first) (These focuses are for building a nation, completing the focus will reward the user with substantial
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On The Run
[DING!][NORMAL QUEST COMPLETED!][GRANTING USER 1000 POINTS!][DING!][NEW NORMAL QUEST!][KILL 5 WALKERS (Reward 2500 Points)]Total Points 1100Ferdinand took a glance at the amount of points he has. His expression suddenly turned good, as he now had extra points so that he can survive till daybreak. Looking up, the sky was quickly turning dark as the damp forest turned once again into ice cold winter. On the horizon Ferdinand heard various screams of walkers, as they are now approaching him in multiple direction. Ferdinand quickly dashed towards the opposite of the body of the now completely dead walker.Dashing through the damp forest, Ferdinand opened his system interface and looked at the things that he could buy, so that his armaments would improve and defenses would skyrocket. First, even though he doesn't know how to use swords, he bought a Mark 1 Saber and put it into his side. Ferdinand also bought a Mark 1 Pistol s
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Blaze Of Glory
Ferdinand dashed forwards knowing that if he falters he'd be in big trouble. Ferdinand took a glance at his sides to see multiple walkers closing on him. Ferdinand carefully aimed his pistol while running, to which he silently clicked the trigger to which a thunderous sound came. The bullet of the gun traveled at a blistering speed, hitting a bullseye to the spinal cord. The walker that got shot immediately fell down and finally died. Seeing their comrade fell down, the other walkers that were chasing Ferdinand let out an angry growl and were more agitated. As the battle was happening, more and more high leveled walkers joined in on the chase as distinguished because they were running. Seeing the increasing walkers that were hunting him, Ferdinand checks the shop once again for grenades. Ferdinand didn't know how to use most of the grenades that were listed, until he finally found the grenade that he knows of, the Mark 1 Stick Hand Grenade, which was used only by the Im
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Disturbance On The Horizon
The bells were ringing, as the clouds cover the bright moonlight. Several heavy footsteps fill the atmosphere as the tension rises. Multiple people were opening their doors and windows to look inside, but only to slam back the door and windows close tight as they see the soldiers heading for the walls. Several what seemed like soldiers donning heavy armor are headed for the walls. The confused and worried expression of the soldiers fill the atmosphere as they line up at the wall. Then at the next second a soldier donning a bright gold armor came forward."I want a situation report!" said the manThen another soldier came forward"Sir! The scouts have come back and have reported large movement of walkers and there's a sighting of large-scale fire magic from miles away. There's also a sighting of various streaks of lights coming from a far. We rang the bell as to alert the people of a large movement of the walker." The soldier said.As soon as the person wh
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The damp forest was brightly lit by the emerging fire from the flamethrower. The hot fiery substance that came out of the flamethrower was burning through the shadows as if it was purifying it. Ferdinand was swaying the Mark 1 Flamethrower in every direction and soon after a few moments, the fuel had already run out.Ferdinand had thought that his points will rack up, unfortunately not a single walker fell to their knees and died. He was now in a very precarious situation as the walkers were now closing on him, and what's worse is that these walkers were on fire!Indeed, the surroundings were now bright, but the thing is there were now walking torches. As long as Ferdinand could see, that means there are walkers! So even though the walkers know his general direction, now they could see him much more clearly now. He had to take advantage of the situation, as he could clearly see now.Ferdinand then quickly opened his interface to buy an ammo for his weapon. To hi
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To Hell And Back
[DING][COMPLETED NORMAL QUEST GRANTING POINTS]x3Total Points–55000It shocked Ferdinand to see his points to rack up exponentially, and it also surprised him to see that the normal quest was only now completed. So he decide to ask the system for more information.‘Why have only now the normal quest been completed?”[WHEN A DESTINY QUEST THAT WILL DECIDE THE FAITH OF THE USER WILL HAPPEN. THE USER WILL BE UNABLE TO COMPLETE ANY QUEST. BUT THE CORRESPONDING QUEST ONCE COMPLETED IN THE DESTINY QUEST, THE REWARD WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE DESTINY QUEST.]‘I understand’Now Ferdinand had an answer for his questions and so he now looked for the bonus reward for his completion of the destiny quest.‘Spatial Inventory!’ArmamentsMiscellaneousSuppliesVehicles…..‘Miscellaneous’Summoning card (Squad size)Ferdinand was
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Operating Base
The soldiers rose through the ground like the offspring of the mother planet. This shocked Ferdinand, but that didn’t stop him from admiring the beauty of it. It was almost as if he have seen someone getting born. Soon enough, all the soldiers were completed and are now kneeling in front of Ferdinand.“We are at your command, general!”The way the soldiers called him shocked Ferdinand. After all, he was only but an officer in the army; he has yet to reach the rank of the general. Now there are people calling him general, which made him happy, but it felt like a cheat to him.“First, what’s the name of the commanding officer of this squad?”“That would be me general, I’m officer Simpson, sire.”“I see, as you can see, the world we’re in right now is filled with half living and half dead beings called walkers, target the spinal cord to kill it. I want to know if you lot are loyal to me
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Come To An Understanding
Ferdinand entered the operating base, to which it greeted him with so much simplicity and much practicality. This will have to make do for the time being where the thoughts that were running through his mind. He strides from sides to sides inspecting the materials and the things that were used in making this base. He observed from top to the bottom as the icy wind slowly entered through the small holes in the base. Ferdinand sauntered through the base. He noticed many things, such as gun ports where they could shoot from and a natural camouflage that can cover up the base. Anyway, this base will be upgraded soon enough when he has enough points to summon more manpower, but for the meantime, he had to gather enough points so that he wouldn’t eat his words. Soon enough, after strolling around the base, Ferdinand finally arrived at the command room. There He found his soldiers waiting for him. “We’re awaiting your orders Commander,” Simpson uttered “Oh!
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Securing The Perimeter
The soldiers and Ferdinand were now preparing to scout the surroundings. They have agreed to secure two kilometers from the operating base. The Commander or Ferdinand will also join on securing the perimeter. The soldiers tried to convince him not to join, but he was adamant about joining them, which earned more respect from his soldiers.They were now standing outside of the base as they observed the surroundings. The damp forest is very misty, as the smell of the soil permeates through the air. The sky was dyed with the hue of deep blue as the sun stood mightily at the top of the sky, watching over them. The illumination from the sun strike through the morning dews as the trees of land wiggles in joy over the heat they are receiving from the sun.A few moments later, they have now finished preparing and are now ready to secure the perimeter. Simpson was the first one to go, followed by the others. When it’s Ferdinands’ turn, he got off to the direction wh
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