Table of Gods (Rise of Human)

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Table of Gods (Rise of Human)

By: T Ongoing

Language: English

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Imagine an ordinary person from Earth enters a battlefield where the strongest in the universe go to prove themselves by fighting. But he has only one question that everyone in the universe also wants to know the answer. "Who the f*ck teleported me here?” °•○● The fate of the Earth and all human races suddenly becomes the responsibility of a single earthling, due to the start of a war that is watched like television throughout the entire universe. In this complex struggle, you will see the story of a person who walks between love and blood. He just must get stronger all the time in this complex sanctuary. Just watch the boy tries to rise in the pyramid by collaborating with the women next to him and new alien friends/slaves. °•○●


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8 chapters
Prologue °•○● An Ordinary Boy
-နိုးထ °•○● Table of Gods! - PROLOGUE -/ T                                                               "Human" °•○●   "Eren was an ordinary human. For him, little money and reliable friends were enough to have a good day. He had a decent family and a good future. He was hoping to live a good life. Eren was never told that there was a different option. Wasn't even asked if he wanted the chance that had been given to him. No decision moments or a little time to think.. He would just live an ordinary life." .. Eren looked like someone who went to a magical world and had adventures there. All the time, people thought that he was just lucky. No one notic
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C1 °•○● Who the f... beamed me up?
-နိုးထ°•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter "1" -/ T                                                                          "Who the f... beamed me up?" °•○●  "Why am I here?"It feels real-nice when you have someone to ask this stupid question. Even having an answer like "I don't know" would be okay.When you're in the dark, you miss even the random strangers walking with you in the same street."                                                                              &nbs
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C2°•○● Aliens?
-နိုးထ °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"2" -/ T                                                     "Aliens!" °•○●   .. "Sometimes when I lift my head, I feel a sharp pain down my neck. Years ago, I was sent to a place called "Artaan Tecnologies", where genetic enhancements owned by my family were made. Words are not enough to describe the disgusting but effective things that were done to my body there. Sometimes I just look up at the sky so that I can forget about that painful place. But ironically, the action that makes me forget, also hurts me. My family and doctors ensured that I would be very strong and live a long life. But I couldn't tell them about this pain in my back. There should be no reason for a simple backache when my body is almost
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C3°•○● Human's Value in the Universe?
-နိုးထ °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"3" -/ T                                         "Human's Value in the Universe? " °•○●     Eren had been acting weird ever since he came here. He wasn't like this in his personal life. For example, he wasn't scared when he opened his eyes and saw two alien creatures staring at him. It was as if he had fallen asleep at the barber's while his hair was being cut, and then when he woke up, he acted normally as if nothing had happened. He glanced at the empty glass in front of him and turned to the burly woman, two feet tall with blue hair. Eren saw this alien as a normal woman in that moment. He didn't see her as a different lifeform. He was acting weird but it wasn't intentional. "Can I have some more water? If there's s
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C4°•○● First Floor
-နိုးထ         °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"5" -/ T                                                    "First Floor! " °•○●     -First floor of the Temple Eren had never been to an animal farm in his life. The places where they picnicked in the forest or went for a barbecue were always picnic areas. There would be no large animals except for small insects. Except for cats and dogs, which are very common in the streets of his country, he had seen one chicken in his life. Even in the once-a-year event called "Kurban", the religious holiday of the Turks, sheep or calves were slaughtered and their meat distributed to the poor, some meat was brought to their home and eaten throughout the year. It was for a good cause, yes. B
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C5°•○● Wand?
-နိုးထ          °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"5" -/ T                                                     "WAND?" °•○●   Somewhere inside the temple* "Don't tell another lie. Because I will believe it again!"Eren was looking mockingly at the creature in front of him, quoting a famous TV series in his own country. He was trying to fit the high-tech wristwatch given to him on his wrist. Discovering that he could have something high-tech for free at that moment, he muttered doubtfully to Maevis that he would get it back in an instant.He had slept since he had completed the first floor filled with spiders. When he got up, he immediately cleaned and ate. Only now h
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C6 °•○● Levels of Evolution
-နိုးထ          °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"6" -/ T                                                  "Levels of Evolution" °•○● Even Maevis was intrigued as she looked at a normal looking ring. Clearly, Eren's fearful look to this item made her curious. Just when she was about to ask what it was for, she caught a glimpse of the price tag.3 Trillion Z's?(Zirot) With that money, you can buy at least a small habitable planet!..In the past pages, he saw the "red shoes", a machine that erases memory", an evil "board game, a human shaped robot and a wardrobe opening to a magical world. He saw a round sharp "Magical Chakra" made for a woman's use, a soul-sucking vacuum cleaner, and a very plain katana. Although that katana was more expensive than all the others c
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C7 °•○● Robots in the Second Floor
-နိုးထ          °•○● Table of Gods! - Chapter"7" -/ T                                            "Robots in the Second Floor" °•○●  Since his childhood, Eren had seen many types of weapons. He lived in a cinema era where guns were used in all movies and TV series.But now he was having a hard time keeping up with what he was holding."Shit!"It's hard to do something so normal and mundane. I mean, it's hard to admit that you're scared while holding a gun. Eren was really tense."I'm not afraid!"The pistol in his hand, the Colt M1911, which Eren did not know the name of, was not heavy. Maybe that's why he found a sudden courage. And the moment he fired, he was startled by the sound of it.He
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