Dimensional Hunter System

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Dimensional Hunter System

By: Frozen Cloud Ongoing

Language: English

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After his father's disappearance, Dylan Edward was left all alone in this world. In a world where strength is everything, Dylan was powerless as he had no cultivation talent. In this world where everyone continues to become stronger with each passing day, Dylan had no way of becoming stronger. However, everything changed the day when he accidentally got involved with a Bandit Gang. When he opened his eyes again, he was bound with the Dimensional Hunter System. With the help of the system, he can visit different dimensions and hunt skills, talent, cultivation techniques, spells, bloodlines, special physique, and many other treasures. He quickly rose in power and become the one and only Dimensional Hunter who not only hunts in other dimensions but can also control those dimensions.

7 chapters
Ch 1: Dylan
"Dylan, obediently lie on the ground.""Boy, even your father doesn't want you anymore.""Useless thing. You don't have the talent to cultivate. No matter how hard you try, it's useless. You will never be able to become stronger. Hahaha."Mockery, ridicule, and disdain came out of the other children's mouths. They were laughing at a handsome boy about sixteen years old. He stood in the middle and stared coldly at the people who mocked him. He said, "My father will definitely come back. My dad said I'm not trash, and he said I'm a genius.""Haha, genius? It is so funny. you can't even cultivate, what sort of genius are you?""Everyone, let this genius have a taste of himself. Let him clearly recognize himself what kind of useless trash he is.""Beat him up! Let him know his true status!"As they spoke, a group of people rushed over and began to punch and kick the boy in the middle.Right at the moment when that rain-like fist landed on his body, Dylan's body shook violently. He instant
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Ch 2: Dangerous Situation
The morning sun rose from the thick clouds at the horizon. Bright rays of light dispersed the darkness, adding a touch of radiance to the land.The gang led by the Deputy Sect Leader traveled through the forest. They didn't sleep during the night as they traveled, causing everyone's faces to show a strong sense of fatigue. Even so, they had no intention of stopping to rest.This team had more than a hundred people. While everyone was hurrying on their way, no one thought that there would be a person who did not belong to their team.At this time, Dylan was at the very back, his expression somewhat doubtful and anxious. He looked back at the endless mountain forest, it was getting further and further away from the Mystical Peak, what way was there to escape?"Hey, boy, what are you looking at? Why do I keep seeing you looking behind?"A suspicious voice sounded, immediately frightening Dylan. A middle-aged man with an unfriendly expression revealed a puzzled expression."I'm fine." Dyl
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Ch 3: Dimensional Hunter System
[Ding! System Integrated Successfully!][Congratulations on becoming the host of the Dimensional Hunter System!]Dylan was stunned when he suddenly heard mechanical sounds inside his mind the instant the silver beam of light entered the middle of his brows."System? What is this?"Dylan was completely unaware of what a system was. He could not help but feel puzzled.He did not receive any answer. Instead, he heard another series of sounds.[Detecting that the host doesn't have any strength!][Creating a path for the host to enter a different world through a dimensional portal and hunt down strength!][World selected: Mayner, the world of magic!][Host will be transported to the world of magic, Mayner in three seconds. Host, please be prepared!][3, 2, 1...]Dylan was puzzled and his confusion kept increasing as he kept hearing the mechanical sounds in his mind.Before he could understand anything, his eyes blurred. He felt himself being sucked inside a long dark tunnel, causing him to
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Ch 4: The First Hunt
"Magic Lord?"Dylan nodded his head in understanding but there was one thing he wanted to ask. He said, "City Lord's son only had the talent to become Magic Lord in the future, isn't this talent too low. There are still many stages of magic above Magic Lord!"When the person heard this, he laughed heartedly and said, "Hahaha, you are a funny one kid. You might not know, but this city is only a small city. In this city, you can not find a single Magic Lord Mage. Even the City Lord is only a Ninth Level Magic Master.""Now, do you understand what it meant for Lucas to have the talent to become Magic Lord in his lifetime?"Dylan finally understood. He nodded and thanked the person for answering his questions. He again wanted to say something when he heard the sound of a carriage coming.Everyone started looking at the carriage. The carriage was being pulled by a strange beast that looked somehow like a horse but it had a bigger and stronger body. It also had two horns on its head and at
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Ch 5: First Time Use Of Magic
Of course, he did not change the direction. No matter what, he has to kill the Son of City Lord, Lucas. He did not want to lose his own arm.Not to mention, Lucas was actually a bad guy. He has committed too many to make one feel guilty for killing him. The same goes for Dylan.After killing the previous magical beast, he did not feel anything. He only felt as if it was normal for him to kill, causing his confidence to rise to another level.He knew this might be because of the system's influence, but it was still good.As someone who belonged to the world of the cultivation and had suffered from his childhood, not to mention his mother used to be a strong individual with cultivation and had told him many stories of cultivation, Dylan clearly knew how dangerous the world actually is, then be it if it was the world of cultivation, the Earth, or Mayner: the world of magic.If he wants to become strong, he'll naturally have to kill.Time continued to pass and now, Dylan was left with sev
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Ch 6: Mystical Magic Academy
"You dare?" Lucas was frightened. He never thought he'd be threatened by his own guards. For the very first time, he looked at his guards with fear in his eyes. He knew his guards are more powerful than him. If they want, they can kill him as if he is nothing but an ant. "Of course, We dare. If it is for our lives, we can kill hundreds of times, let alone once." One of the two guards looked at Lucas with cold eyes and said with a cruel smile on his face. Lucas retreated and said in a trembling voice, "If you do anything to me, my father will not leave you. He will definitely kill you and wipe out your entire family." "That is, of course, if he finds out that you are killed by us." Another guard laughed and continued to say, "We'll never let him know who killed you. In fact, after killing you, we'll take our family with us and leave the city. At that time, what can your father do to us?" The other guard joined in the fun once again, saying, "So, if you don't want us to kill you, do
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Ch 7: Iron Thorn Wolves
Thomas started choosing the spells. It took him about two hours to select the spell he wanted to practice and left the Spell Pavilion after registering at the counter.He wanted to practice these spells and then go out to experience the world. He had yet to leave the magic academy because he was waiting for someone. Even he doesn't know the person he is waiting for, it is just that about a week ago, a letter was sent to him by someone. In that letter, it is explained about some sort of magic stone that can enhance one's talent. Someone wanted to exchange the magic stone for the pendant hanging down his neck.This pendant was left behind by his father. When he was a child, he saw this pendant in a stall and asked his father to buy it. His father bought the pendant for him. Till a weak ago, he used to think that the pendant is just an ordinary item, however, after he received the letter, he knew the pendant was not ordinary. There must be something special about this pendant, for someon
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