Vampire System: The Demon Empress' Fiance

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Vampire System: The Demon Empress' Fiance

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Daniel wasn't your everyday nobody. His life transitioned from that of a loser to that of a winner after being bitten by some bastard. "You're my perfect successor." "My ass..." It turns out it was a curse... from that moment on Daniel became a vampire, a loser that suddenly became a vampire, sounds sort of cliche if not for the beatings that he received in the streets, struggling to get some 'food' until he gained enough experience to control his powers. Apparently, after becoming a winner, getting a few girlfriends and transforming his own experience by a hundred and eighty degrees, life seemed to not be quite done with him yet. After a series of unfortunate occurrences, Daniel found himself in a mad new world with a new name, and certainly a new family of sorts. ** ** "You're..." "I'm your Demon Empress, my cute familiar, make me something to eat~" "w-wait where are you touching?! a-and you're..." "I'm the first familiar, a Kitsune..." "... a what? forget it... you?" "I'll introduce myself, I'm the second familiar, an Octopus~ my belly is rumbling!" "How many tentacles do you have?" "Don't pay attention to her! I'm the third familiar, an Oni! and I have two horns and I'm hungry!" "I can't see the other... hold up... what is that moving goo?!" "I'm a slime... please don't slip on me, also, I'm hungry." "Why are you all hungry!?" "My sweet familiar, here is your first task... cook me something delicious." "Like what?" "I wonder how vampires taste~" "..." ** ** #romance, #harem, #action, #system, #tournaments, #overpowered, #R18, #vampires, #demons, #magic, #strongToStronger, #slimegirl, #octopusgirl, #demongirl, #kitsunegirl, #evolution


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39 chapters
Prologue: Unlucky Vampire I
"Being an immortal can kinda suck… you know.""…""Most of the time you get no one to speak to, no one can really understand your pain." I said to the skull in front of me as if it could answer, today was one of these days that I didn't like being a hungry nightwalker.[Congratulations, host.][Quest: Suck twenty litres of blood in a single night, completed][Reward: A thousand mutagen points.][50% away from the system's upgrade, keep working hard in bringing desolation to this reality.]"Ah... sure." I said... this voice in my head was as nefarious as always, I already got used to it, like a mad scientist that proclaims glory for his evil deeds, such as stealing a loli from a sad kid. And don't get me wrong, depending on what follows that can be extremely evil.My sight moved once again to my companion."I'm sorry that you have gone through this, but… I realised that eating the entire corpse translates to more blood, moreover." I apologised to my little friend here, only a skull and
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Prologue: Unlucky Vampire II
Enhanced strength, enhanced hearing, enhanced vision, ridiculous regenerative capacity... overall immortality.Those were some of my powers to name a few, perhaps there were more that I hadn't yet discovered, it had been just a year since I got 'cursed'.Two months after the Karaoke, my affair with Barbara continued, we were what you would call 'friends with benefits; or 'booty call' however you'd prefer to call it... I could tell she wanted to scale to more, she wanted to begin dating, but I still had some apprehensions regarding my memories of her... it was difficult to erase them.Each of our encounters became more casual, we went out together often to have fun... kissed and 'played'.She did me my first blowjob during gymnastics, it was mostly a jealous reaction from her, the girls were training and it was a sweaty day, so I got a reaction... she saw it and thought I was getting aroused by other girls... trying to exact some dominance she shamelessly told me that she would 'help m
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A Golden Fox: Lisha Von Fargas I
The symphony of a despaired soul could only serve as a contour to the splashing noise of water spilling everywhere.Waves of warm water were produced the moment a heavy object impacted what appeared to be a dense volume of water, except that... this water was a little dense.I didn't want to believe it, this water was dense and also... tasty, but I didn't have the time to think about that, I swam up far and far... to reach the surface, my super strength worked wonders in doing so but once again I felt this water to be more like wet sand than water.'Please no, not that! not when I finally have a great life!'I reached the surface, squeezing my face through the dense layer to take a good wisp of oxygen."HAA!"I Inhaled a delightful wisp of oxygen that filled my lungs and returned clarity to my mind... it took several seconds before my nocturnal eyes focused on this scenario, an entirely dark room composed merely of this blue shining water. There was nothing else here except... one thi
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A Golden Fox: Lisha von Fargas II
"You won't… once I eat you, you will… die." The Golden Fox remarked like a teacher, it appeared that our logic was a little different, she believed one thing regarding shit, I believed another.Okay, we're having this conversation."My lady that's not how it works with me." I fixed my nonexistent glasses."Really?""Yes, I'm immortal, I can't die… so my body will turn into shit... and remain like that then reform into a human-shaped dump, please no...""You're immortal? that's a huge claim, little boy... care to prove that?~" She asked deviously and my threatening senses heightened to the max, but... there wasn't really anything I could do.*FIUUSH!!*I don't know when it happened or how… but my bloodied head fell on the sea beside the beautiful silver-haired demoness who was still looking forward.A clean cut, it was so perfect that usually, I'd feel pain, but I didn't feel anything."…""…"Several awkward seconds passed, and she didn't see my body slump back into the sea, instead,
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My New Sister is a little Naughty.
I was getting slightly worried about the 'bite'.'With that size, a bite of yours might as well swallow my entire body!'"Pissed yourself yet!~" She said again with a chuckle, why is she repeating this?"Why do you want me to piss!?" I wondered in disbelief, does she have that kind of fetish? everything is possible in this world."It would be a nice joke on older sister Limu. Forget it, you're playing or not? A bite for a bite~ you might not ever have a chance to bite me again~" The golden fox had her fair bit of knowledge in business, pull the classic 'you won't have another chance'.I wondered how would her blood taste and like a little lamb, I succumbed to my primal human curiosity."You're on." I said with the conviction of a chicken ready to enter the slaughterhouse, unaware of his dom. I was ready to sacrifice my life for a single bite of that beautiful golden fur, my god she was so soft...Some rational sense entered her brain at the last moment, thankfully, and she said someth
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The Demon Empress: Zaforia von Fargas
And here I was, shamelessly accepting my fate, embracing a beauty that could make any model in my world humble... she was devouring me. Literally.This was one of those instances where I didn't know if being 'delicious' was anything good, think about it... if I wasn't a vampire I'd probably be wailing in pain and despair right now rather than enjoying my new sister's flesh.Certainly a fair trade. After a good while of munching it seems Lisha finally had enough and separated."You're so delicious~ as expected of master, she summoned a true monster once again." The golden fox licked her bloodied lips, her tonality had several notches of satisfaction in it, her gaze looking in astonishment at how fast my regenerating factor was, while... I... I'm ashamed to say I was rubbing the crack between her butt cheeks, even that part of her was soft...'How can she not know anything about sexuality? does she think this is normal?' I was confused, I mean... here she is enjoying herself with my fle
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Master Knows Her Stuff
"Alastor!~" Lisha applauded happily as if it was the conclusion of some sort of ritual, I was just given a name... she didn't even ask my previous name, see just what I would be addressed from now onwards."Your previous name and origin, your past... they don't matter to me... from now on you're my little servant from now on and to eternity, that is what matters.""Yes..." I grit my teeth, sinking in her delicious chest, it sounded like the perfect deal... I had just met two sympathetic ladies who allowed me entrance into their family just for being summoned under characteristics I wasn't even sure of..."Just like that?" I asked, there had to be more, a catch, a trap..."Just like that... Lisha already tested you and you passed." The Demon Empress said offhandedly, when was I tested?"When was I tested?" I regarded sister Lisha since she was the only one I spent my time with."I killed you a few times, you forgot? moreover... your flesh is tasty so you pass~" The woman giggled, scrat
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My Worth
I had a lot of questions in my mind... how come such a ridiculous existence was allowed to exist, how could I not know what slime was? those weak little creatures, cannon fodder in every possible game, between them and a goblin pet, anyone prefers a goblin even if they're abusive, they will give you more exp when you kill them.That said.How the hell can there be a slime this big!? An entire sea?!"That's right, my little Limu is the most dangerous and loyal servant that I have, unlike this little fox here... the moment she met you, she wants to become naughty and rebel~" Zaforia addressed the fox who could only look at he crestfallen."You just heard my thoughts." I said, this is like the fifth time it happened, it was a conjecture before but with so many repetitions, that can't be.As a response the Empress leaned against my body, smirking, I took her waist and embraced her consequently, instinctively..."I did, as my servant everything that's yours belongs to me~ your thoughts inc
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Vampire System Awakening I
Suck her blood? I'm game!"Yes, master, if you will allow me." I said, coughing slightly and keeping my composure... preparing to be served what I'd believe was going to be an exquisite meal if her scent was anything to go by... I can tell how tasty my 'prey' is going to be merely by the smell alone and her scent... gosh."Hehe~ then, before we do it... I have to see if you're able to handle it." Zaforia said with a small chuckle and then proceeded to bite on her tongue."Why wouldn't I be..." I asked with confusion, then I felt something caressing my face and it was my foxy sister's tail. She was on her back outside of the 'pool' playing with her tails, her kimono was still open wide, I could see her chest from this angle, her abdomen... I could see everything, I'm beginning to think she's doing this deliberately."Master suffers a grieving condition... and her blood is... too strong, so you might explode... even I don't dare take much of master's flesh, last time I passed out and a
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Vampire System Awakening II
"My question is about the Blood Meter, what is it?" There were too many questions and excitement that I needed to get off my system.[A Nosferatu is an unaging supernatural being, host... in your case, it is more so since you have the Curse of Blood, you're way stronger than common Nosferatus, your physical body is composed out of it, to become stronger you consume it and when it is torn out of you, you lose it... your blood meter indicates how much blood you have available.]That's ridiculous, so that's why I regenerate... I mean, yes, everyone's body is made out of blood, basically water... it condenses into muscles and so on, the biology and yadda but what he's saying is that my body is like liquified blood that shapes into a body. Hence why I can't die... so long as I have blood, I can still live.My 'blood' was boiling when I heard that, it was such a badass power."Is there a way to increase my blood meter from a hundred? why is it overloaded?"[It is currently overloaded becaus
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