The Son You Wanted DEAD

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The Son You Wanted DEAD

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"Find him, Retrieve the pendant, and kill him before he finds out who he is." Those were the words of your biological father to your cousins who were deadly twins. "How can a bastard be my heir?"


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44 chapters
Chapter one
Here I was again. It was only a matter of time before I would receive a phone call from... *Buzz buzz* My phone rang before I could complete the words in my thought.I checked for the name of the caller on the screen and I wasn't surprised to see who it was.'Mr. Kennedy Collins'I answered the call and waited for him to speak first, "Hello? Am I on to Trevor Chess?" he asked me."Yes sir," I answered in a weak tone of voice."Oh! Right, You are fired! Do not ever think of returning to this company ever again!" he yelled into the phone, almost bursting my eardrum, and then he ended the call.I put my old-fashioned phone aside and sat up in bed. I stretched and yawned before getting up and slamming my shoulder against the rickety old door of my room so it would open for me. I entered the living room of my average house and took the cup of coffee I had made yesterday in my hand.I sipped it and I gagged immediately it touched my tongue and went down my poor throat. My fourth boss in my
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Chapter two
I laid down on the cold floor after turning off the useless tv. Empty-minded and with no goal in life or solution to my current predicament, I got up and went to my room.I stayed in bed and put my pillow over my head. My stomach rumbled but I ignored it. I only had enough money for my last meal and I planned to spend it tonight.Going out under broad daylight was something I despised because everyone who knew about my situation would always mock me in one way or the other after they see me.I stayed in bed throughout the rest of the day until I noticed the dark of the night before I rose from the bed.The bedroom door was jammed again and so I had to hit it several times with my shoulder until it opened. I counted the last amount of money in my pocket and decided that I would buy bread with it as it was the only meaningful thing I could afford.I walked five blocks from my house to the cemetery first. I stood before the tombs of my parents and sobbed."It is both your faults that my
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Chapter three
Parker nodded and went in. After a while, Parker returned with a loaf of bread. "How much for it?" I asked."Give us all that you have," Parker said as he placed the bread on the counter. Normally I would have ignored and left due to their insulting words from earlier but the hunger in me was greater. I took out my money and Parker snatched it out of my hands.He shoved the bread into my hands and gave a smug smile, "Enjoy your meal." Parker added and both he and Gus looked like they were trying to hold back their laughter.If only I knew what was coming to me.I happily entered my house with the mindset that I was finally going to fill my stomach no matter what the bread would taste like. I opened the bread as soon as I sat down.Just as I tore the bread in half, cockroaches flew out, causing me to throw the bread at the far corner of the living room. I could only imagine the amount of laughter that Gus and Parker were getting at just the thought of the outcome of their prank on me.
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Chapter four
"Hm. Poor-poor woman." the second man said and spat to the side. Were they the cousins my supposed aunt was talking about? The first man bent over the corpse and searched her "any sign of the pendant?" the second man asked the first, causing my heart to skip a beat. The same pendant the lady just gave me? She just put my life at risk with that single act of hers. I wish I never accepted it. "No. She took it. Where did she put it now? I think we have to look around." the first replied the second, getting up on his feet."Wait... Do you smell that?" the second man asked the first. "What is it?" the first asked. The second man bent over and I think he was staring at the lamp on the floor, "it's still hot. Someone was here. Or..." the second man added. I felt all over the wall with my hands and soon found the window. I was ready to escape the house silently but unfortunately for me, my leg hit an unidentifiable object and the noise alerted the men."There is someone else in here!" th
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Chapter five
The mother of the twins, by the name Victoria, wanted to stop Penelope from exposing that truth to the twins but she felt it was too late to intervene and so she stayed hidden away from their sight."What?! You dare to tell us this now?!" Loki got up and screamed."There is no way on earth that I will allow an absolute stranger to take everything that rightfully belongs to me and my brother! It will never happen!" Dean shouted."I agree that I was young and stupid. I had a child with my husband and he wanted me to abort it because he wasn't ready to have kids. I... I couldn't do it and I abandoned that child in the hands of a different couple in secret. All that doesn't change the fact that he is the heir to everything under the Vandelson family name!" Penelope said to the twins. The faces of Loki and Dean vividly showed the fire of anger that they catered within themselves."No! Everything belongs to me and my brother! That bastard son of yours never grew up among us in the first pl
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Chapter six
I opened my eyes and saw a policeman hitting a rod on the steel bars of the cell. I closed my eyes and pretended I did not see anything and at the same time, I tried to shut out the noise. I heard the door open and then footsteps that only seemed to be getting closer and closer. In the next minute, without my expectation, I was jerked to my feet by a policeman. "Get up lazybones!" the policeman said to me. He took me to a room and made me sit on a chair with a table in from of me and two chairs on the opposite side of the table. After a while, a man and a woman came into the room. They both sat on one chair each and placed some documents on the table. "Do you know what you are here for?" the woman asked me. I shook my head in response to her question."That's what I thought," she said."So you know for sure that I am innocent?" I asked her. "Innocent of what?" the man who was seated next to her asked me."Of killing the woman who was found dead in my house," I replied to him. "So
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Chapter seven
"Calm down sir!" Mrs. Hemsworth shouted at him. "What is wrong with you?!" she asked him. "Take your seat and keep your mouth shut!" she instructed Mr. Thomas. "My apologies madam." Mr. Thomas said and sat down as he was told by her. Mrs. Thomas took a deep breath to calm herself before finally speaking, "First of all, let us understand that the woman, in this case, is already dead. We cannot get information from a dead body can we?" Mrs. Hemsworth questioned. "Of course not. That is why she cannot testify against him." Mr. Thomas said, interrupting Mrs. Hemsworth. "I thought I told you to stay quiet." Mrs. Hemsworth said to him, in annoyance. "Sorry." Mr. Thomas mumbled and turned away."And you mentioned that there were two men who came in after she died right?" she asked me. "Yes," I answered her."Will you be able to describe those men to the artist?" Mrs. Hemsworth asked me. "No..." I said to her. "It was too dark for me to identify their faces. They did not see me either
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Chapter eight
"The fact remains that I need to be married. It can be a contract marriage if you want. You are the perfect choice for me. Others will just do it for my money and lay stupid conditions." she said to me. "So your best option was a poor nobody who was just caught for a crime he did not commit?" I asked her, feeling that both she and her grandfather had lost their minds or had an alternate plan. "You are honest and kind at heart and not for a price. Plus, you are gorgeous so you can pass for a male model or most likely a hot bodyguard. And to be honest, I want to get to know you." she said and batted her eyelashes at me. I looked at her grandfather and then at her. I gave it a thought for almost five full minutes as I paced from side to side with an aching stomach. Most likely it would be the excess hunger I've been through in the past and the overworking at a minimal paying block factory that gave me my god-like body and rock-hard abs. And come to think of it, it's not like I have
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Chapter nine
[Night time]:Loki stepped into the mansion in the middle of the night, his shirt was stained with blood and his heart was pounding like never before.Loki went up the stairs continuously and tried to suppress the pains at the same time. Finally, he reached his room and opened the door only to find his twin brother seated on his bed and watching the door which Loki had just opened."Where did you go?" Loki's twin brother, Dean, asked him.Loki ignored Dean's question and went passed Dean and into his bathroom to wash up. Just as Loki took off his shirt and put it in the sink, his twin walked into the same bathroom. Dean turned on the water and helped Loki in rinsing off the blood stains on the shirt Loki had just taken off, all while in silence.Loki left Dean to it and entered the shower."When will this stop? You are not exactly helping things." Dean asked Loki while Loki was in the shower."It will end when I say it will," Loki answered him and increased the shower so he wouldn't h
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Chapter ten
"What?" I asked Clarissa."Oh... Oh! It's nothing." Clarissa said and continued eating."So, Alec. Can you tell me more about yourself? I mean, we will be getting married soon so as a wife, I need to know." Clarissa said to me."How soon are we getting married?" I asked her. "Tomorrow," Clarissa answered me."Okay," I said. "So can you tell me more about yourself?" Clarissa asked again."No. That part of me does not concern you in any way." I replied to Clarissa."What is wrong with her wanting to know you more? Answer her questions." her grandfather said to me."You are the one who wanted me to marry your granddaughter without even saying anything against me being a stranger sir. You both just have to deal with it." I started and got up. Clarissa held my hand, stopping me from leaving in the process."I'm so sorry I asked. Please forgive me." Clarissa begged and getting up from her seat, hugged me from behind.I don't know why but her presence gave me nothing but bad vibes and this h
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