The Son Inlaw's Revenge

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The Son Inlaw's Revenge

By: THE MAD AUTHOR Updated just now

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Maltreated and hated by my in-laws, I am back to fulfill the law of karma. BEWARE MY RETURN AND REVENGE


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In the urbanized city of East Alley, a beautiful city in New York. it was evening already, and the cool wind blew to and fro, into the wide streets of the city and into East Alley. The sun was blazing hot and the clouds were lit and made way for the radiating energy of the sun unto the city.In one of the most beautiful mansion in East Alley, a group of family were preparing to have their dinner already as they were just returning from the evening program hosted by them for the benefit of their company. In the dining room, a man which might be in his late 50's was sitting on one of the chairs surrounding the dining table. He had white hairs on his round head, a reading glass on his eyes that he used in reading his newly bought newspapers, and he was dressed in black suits. A woman suddenly rushed out of the kitchen room with a big plate filled with fried turkeys on her hands as she quickly dropped the plate on the table before she rushed into the kitchen again to get the rest stuffs.
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Outside the mansion, Daniel was sitted in the yard decorated with lots and lots of ornaments. He sat on the long chair placed In the middle of the yard, and his eyes were fixed unto the moon. With the look on his face, you could tell that he was feeling so ashamed of himself, or was he? His life was gradually turning into hell, and the more he tries to bare the pains and humiliation, the more it came too him.Daniel was just a delivery boy in Midtown-High, when he met Laura, and the two fell In love. He managed to save up a lot of cash for them to get married, but Laura insisted she handled everything, knowing that he was just earning a little. The both got married on 18th of April 2022 and they moved into their family house, and since that day up to this moment, all Daniel gets from his inlaws were nothing but humiliation and insults. When he first came, they treated him like family, but after some time, they began to show their true colors and now, he wished he never came into their
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After a long rainy night, it was morning already, and the early morning crows of the cock was already loud and clear. The East Alley's morning sun has arose and was now bestowing her love upon the the city and its urbanized components.The sun radiated into the room where Daniel and Laura slept last night, their bedroom to be precised. And due to its morning intensity, together with the power of the sound coming from the cock's crow, Daniel opened his eyes, and found out that it was morning already. He gently sat on his butt and took the hands of Laura away from his lap. He smiled and swallowed in joy the moment he saw her. She was as beautiful as the sun itself. Her cute face and her lips made him feel blessed, but anytime he remembered that he was just a broke man married to a rich woman, he felt really bad, like he didn't deserve her and truly, he doesn't. Based on what and how he felt for her, he didn't want her to suffer any way and so he needed to get rich as soon as possible bu
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In the open and wide street, Daniel zoomed out of nowhere and raced forward as he held the breifcase tightly in his arms and placed it on his chest to avoid the weight from slowing him down. Racing heavily after him, were a group of men, dressed in black overalls and dark glasses covering their evil eyes. They were obviously thugs sent to harm him, but he won't give them the chance too. Daniel instantly swerved into another lane and almost got himself killed by an incoming car, but he was fast enough to see it coming, hereby avoiding it and quickly jumping out of the way. He was now breathing heavily, and when he turned around, he saw the men were fast approaching and he sighed. Who were they? What has be done wrong to deserve this kind of death chase? He was sure that someone close was behind all this and he knew exactly who it was.Without another thought, Daniel took too his heels again, this time, he was a little bit slower than before, and he soon noticed the dizziness that was
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...As she drove the car, heading to the hospital. Laura's eyes was filled with tears and pain indeed. Her days of marriage was now a reproach unto her all because of her parents. She didn't want to do something, regarding the fact that she was their only daughter and the only one to inherent her dad's property. She had once planned on running away with Daniel during the early stages of the maltreatment, or better still, get her own apartment for both of them to live in happily. But Daniel encouraged her that everything was going to be fine and seriously, she can't really agree to that. Because since that day, things has been getting worse and worse and worse for her. For the fact they her husband had no peace in her home was a matter to be worried about. But that was not the issue now is it? She needed to see her husband as soon as possible.She immediately wiped the tears off from her face as she could get a glimpse of the hospital from afar. Thank God it was a nearby hospital anywa
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•At the Mansion, Mr Ayo was still sitting outside when he heard the silent noise of his porche from the gate as it drove into the yard and immediately he saw that she was back, he closed his newspapers and smiled. "My daughter, I knew you were going to come back to your senses." Mr Ayo said with a wide smile as he kept staring at his daughter Laura, while she quitely came down from the car and angrily jammed the door.Mr Ayo smiled again, "What now? Back to your senses?" He said too the incoming Laura, but Laura only gave him a hard stare with tears in her eyes. "Ohh come on, don't tell me you are still angry with me? Alright, I promise to make it up too you, okay. I will order the manager to unfreeze the account, so you can do whatever you want, okay? Is that alright?" He tried to make her happy, but all was now useless.Laura sniffed in, then she took three to four to five to six steps forward, now standing few feets away from her father, staring him right in the face as she said,
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