Isekai Shokan Yusha O Kobamu

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Isekai Shokan Yusha O Kobamu

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Vail and his two friends, Rii, and Cini are students from an ordinary private high school, they are summoned to a fantasy world during their after-school trip. At the same time, all the sorcerers who performed the summoning were killed by a mysterious figure, leaving only the unconscious Nia Aghture. What will they do while in the fantasy world, do they want to be heroes to save the world, or not at all, and what happens to them after?


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Vails, Rii, and Cini were in the hilly Forest where this place was where they were initially summoned to this world. It all happened for about a thousand years, huh… five hundred years in this world, equal to sixteen months in their original world. Because of that, even though they have lived for decades, none of them have aged.Unknowingly, when the three of them were on their way home from school, a mysterious circle appeared, leading them to places they did not know.Instantly they saw that there were about thirty adults who were dressed like sorcerers in anime and manga who were dead. A woman was lying in the corner of the room.Rii checked the condition of the woman who was lying down. Judging by her condition, there were two possibilities for this woman to faint. The first possibility was a hit from the neck, while the second was because she tried so hard to fight until the foreign woman fainted.They are also increasingly confused by the incident they experienced, trying to sur
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The woman continued with the current situation in this world and the reason for their summoning."We are a combined sorcerer from every sorcerer in some kingdoms, to do the summoning to fight that figure," Said the woman."Wait a minute, what kind of figure are you guys fighting?" Ask Vail."These kingdoms are at war against the demon king ancestors, and the three demon lords, moreover some of us are afraid to fight them," The woman replied."Looks like what you're talking about doesn't look like you're lying to us," Vail said"I'm not lying at all--" Said the woman."Is it okay then first, introduce me to Vail, this is Rii and this is Cini, and secondly it seems that the summoning ritual was successful," said Vail."Thank God the summoning was successful, sorry I'm late in introducing myself, I'm Nia, Nia Aghture as well as the head of the summoning magic division," Said Nia."Then did you also see the person we called?" Nia asked."Yes, of course, we saw it," Answered Cini."Where,
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When the atmosphere got out of control, the three said what they wanted to Una."The three of us used to think about going back to our original world, it was based on our theory or our thinking that if there is summoning magic in this world it means there is a possibility of return magic, is that right?" asked Vail. Ensure."It does exist. It's just that it takes fifty summoning magicians to send back the summoned people to their home world, so you intend to return to your original world, don't you?" replied Una. Hold sad."Yes, we intend to do that, but that was then now it seems we have no intention of returning to the original world," said Cini."Okay, now let's go back into the city and see if the guild has any new missions," said Rii."Thankfully, this time I'm not left behind by someone anymore," muttered Una. Slow.When they arrived in the city, there was an incident where there was a victim of the incident. When they took a closer look, the victim was Elia, the guild reception
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At that moment, the three entered a slightly suspicious dungeon, and many large boxes filled the room."What kind of place is this?" asked Vail."Looks like this place is familiar in anime or manga." Answer Cini."Come to think of it, there's some truth to that, too." Said Rii.When the three of them were sneaking and exploring the room, they heard footsteps from in front of them, and the three of them hid behind a large box so that the person wouldn't notice, without them realizing that person was the boss of the person who ordered his subordinates to kidnap the young woman."Takumi, what about that woman did you manage to kidnap?" Ask the person."That woman has been successfully kidnapped, Mr. Noin," Takumi replied."Good job, you have kidnapped the girl the Count wanted," said Mr. Noin."I'm sorry, Mr. Noin, while kidnapping the woman there was an eyewitness, and the woman was trying to protect the target we were about to kidnap," Takumi said. Afraid."You idiot, how could you do
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It seems that this lord Noin is not the real, but a mysterious person who resembles lord Noin and plans to make the nobles and kingdoms oblivious to this peace, while the real lord of Noin is unknown.There was a hysterical scream from the room. When one of them opened the room door in a hurry, it was seen that the woman who was tied up was helpless and someone was punishing her, the noble Count."Stop!, what are you doing to this woman," Cini exclaimed."Who do you think I am? I am a noble Count you so don't try to oppose me or you will get a more severe punishment from this woman." said the noble Count. Angry."I don't care about your peerage at all, Cini, Vail. I leave the woman who has endured this far to the two of you." Said Rii."Okay." Say they both."We leave that person to you, Rii." Say, Cini. Take the woman."Hey, your opponent's parent is me. Let's hurry this up." Said Rii. Mocking."Are you telling me how dare you to despise me who is a noble Count, with a power that no
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When they were silent, the head of the city's soldiers came to the three of them to ask, which in other words, all the residents were asked the same question of where and what to do at the time of the incident."You three over there," said the chief soldier."Ahh, is there anything we can help you with, the chief warrior of the city?" Ask Cini. A cold sweat."I have something to ask, where and what were you three doing before and after this incident?" asked the chief warrior of the city.When the chief soldier asked the three of them, they looked worried and broke out in cold sweats for fear of being caught by the city's chief soldier."What's the matter with you guys? Why are you guys scared like this? Could it be that you guys couldn't be the culprit, right? Hahaha,""So, what were you three doing last night?""They were in the healing home where I was being treated at the time and were sleeping tiredly," Elia said. Startling."Is it true? but why didn't the three of them say anythi
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They walked out of town to their usual resting place. Cindy introduced herself once again."Once again, introduce my name is Cindy, and now I have become an adventurer and a new member of this party, so I ask for help in the future," said Cindy. Repeat."No need to worry, Cindy, nice to meet you my name is Cini, this is Rii, and this is Vail, and that woman who is always rude to us is Una," Cini said."What did you say!" Una exclaimed."Not that it's true, Rii, Vail." Say Cini. Mocking."That's right." They both said.Because the atmosphere between them was hilarious, without them realizing it, Cindy was happy and laughed a little, which made them grateful because it took away the awkwardness."Cindy, are you laughing?" Una asked."No, it's nothing," Cindy replied."Ahh yeah, maybe it's too late but thanks for helping me last night," Cindy said. Be thankful."Help Cindy? last night?" Una asked. Confusion."Yeah, they helped me last night, from that place," Cindy replied. telling you"
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After six months had passed since Cindy became an adventurer and joined their party, which now consisted of Cindy, Una, Vail, Rii, and Cini. Currently, they are on a request mission to eradicate the monsters that are blocking trade routes between kingdoms."Everyone, stay focused, don't let your guard down," Una exclaimed. Warning."Okay, let's get this over with quickly, so we can head back to the city," Cini said."You, at least what you have in mind, just don't want to be far from Elia, right, Cini?" Ask Rii. Mocking."Your eyes!, what kind of person do you think I am huh, yeah if Elia wanted maybe I could reconsider a little bit," Cini said. Argue."At first you refused but in the end, you also seemed to want this to happen, you bastard." Said Rii."But if it happens, we will support you anyway." Says Vail. Support."You three, don't you know the right place and time to joke around," Una said."Yeah yeah, don't ramble on." Say Cini. Lazy to listen to the chatter."That's why he st
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After Cini escorted Cindy and Una to return to the city using teleportation, they also discussed this issue."Have you, brought them to the city, Cini?" asked Vail."Yeah, I just escorted them only to the southern city gate and made sure they got into the city safely." Answer Cini."So how about this, then?" Ask Cini. Curious."Just to get to the point, how do you feel when you see the monsters we've defeated," Rei replied. Shorten."There is indeed a problem with the monsters we have defeated," Cini said. I walked toward the monster and was surprised."What do you think, after seeing this?" Ask Rii."These monsters, why have they been left for days." Answer Cini. A little surprised."Not long ago, when you brought the two of them to the city, this monster's body suddenly turned like this," said Vail."Isn't this like the black powder mission in the fantasy games we completed in the past, but why was it used on this monster, what was the real purpose of doing this?" Ask Cini."It coul
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Una continued to discuss the problems that occurred due to having summoned the hero and the problems that would come to the three of them in the future."I see, so it's an important matter that if within this decade the hero side can seal the demon king ancestor and defeat the demon lord, it's like stopping the current destruction, and destruction will come again when the united kingdom is dissolved huh?" Ask Rii. To say what she knows."That's true, and I didn't expect it to be a problem in the future," replied Una."So, this is tantamount to throwing destruction upon humanity in the next six hundred years," said Vail. Saying what is known."We will take responsibility for this matter, just leave this to us," said Rii."Rii is right, this happened because we faked the first summons," Cini said."But how can that be? Even though you are former heroes, you are humans in general, aren't you?" asked Una."already, trust us, when the time comes, you will find out Una," said Vail."Now go
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