Adventures Of A Reincarnated Blood King

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Adventures Of A Reincarnated Blood King

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The world is ruled by the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Demon's, and Fairies. These races commonly known as the 5 major races. So what happened to the other races ? They are treated like they don't deserve to be alive. They're abused, tortured for the entertainment for the major races. our protagonist Reiz is in the middle of these conflicts what will happen to him.


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12 chapters
Chapter 1
{ There's only blood and corpse in the forest there's some fire has been started, is it a wild fire no someone started the fire. How many days has been it since the war started and why is the human's and other races been attacking us, Did any of us make anything that will anger them the peace treaty between races is still intact or did it expired? But why is they attacked us. The peace treaty between races is a non-magical written contract between all races that have been in the world more likely the king's of each race agreed on the term that they'll do not attack each other's for 300 years but as soon as the treaty expired just a few months the human's, elves, dwarfs, demon's and spirit races has attacked the country of beastmen's and undead race. The beastmen's country is ruled by werewolves and the country of undead ruled by vampires both the countries are in the great forest of viles . The other races think that both werewolves and vampires are powerful enough to defeat the ot
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Chapter 2
suddenly woke up from his sleep by hearing that young female robotic voice Reiz - what's that did i hear something? What did it say again ? Day mode activated ? Is that the reason why I can stand in sun rays ? I think that is the reason so why didn't I hear any sounds like that until now?He waited for a few minutes but there's still no sound like that young female robotic voice , when he lost his cool he said. Damnit why is there no voice do I have any abilities or not why don't that voice come out and help me. He said that while rolling on grass field like a child. Suddenly.[ MODE SWITCH : STATUS MODE ACQUIRED - SKILL BINDED PERMANENTLY { THE HELP MODE WILL HELP YOU TO CHECK YOUR OWN STATUS AND SKILLS} ]Rein - wow so that voice isn't my hallucination it really existed and what's with the status mode isn't it just like a status window from the light novels that i read in past. Well why don't I try and check that new status mode. He said, STATUS MODE. But for his surprise no
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Chapter 3
Reiz's body covered with dark red colour aura and the entire atmosphere is filled with incredible blood lust. Tia, sheirn and lirn are scared by the blood lust but at the same time they're happy because once the fire ball hit him it's all over. [ HOST IS UNCONSCIOUS ][ ACTIVATING BACKUP MODE ]The fire ball hit him with great explosive power. [ ACTIVATING LEARNING MODE ::: LEARNING FIRE BALL ][ FIRE BALL ACQUIRED ] [ LAUNCHING FIRE BALL ]The fire ball launched back at the adventures party with even greater force. But lirn used his earth magic to create a earth barrier, but even that barrier is not able to withstand the full power of the fire ball. One side of lirns face is burnt he is crying in pain.Even so Reiz doesn't stop firing fire balls. He just fired another one.And then Tia uses her wind magic to blow away the air around him."Eeek!"" I....I can't stop him sheir run...." Sheir tossed the dead body of that beastman and started to run. Suddenly reiz moved, and he's
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Chapter 4
Ter...mas...mas..ter...master, Reiz woke up hearing a voice. He tried to open his eyes slowly and he saw a healthy man infront of him, ha asked to that man. Reiz : who are you?That man said. " Master I'm Kirk didn't you recognise me? "Reiz is amazed by the fact that old man whose on the verge of death become an healthy man. Reiz : Kirk? Really how did you change so much? Kirk : i don't know either master, we changed like this when you're in sleep more likely on the second day since you fall asleep. Reiz : second day on my sleep?, How many days did i actually sleep?Kirk : master, you have been sleeping for past 4 days and it's the fifth day. Reiz - ms. Help did you know anything about why did i sleep that long. [ YOU HAVE BEEN IN HIBERNATION MODE TO RESTORE YOUR DEPLETED MANA ]Reiz - so that's why I feel like my energy is gone. And what about the ghouls change?[ WHEN THE BLOOD PACT IS FORMED THE MONSTERS CAN EVOLVE ]Reiz - so the pact had that kind of power , also can
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Chapter 5
When they looked at the spot kruv is pointing they saw something.... it''s a bird, it is huge bird, what kind of bird is that. Reiz thinks himself and suddenly kuin's scream broke his thinking. Kuin : run..... Master..... It is quirave. Reiz : what, quirave? ( When he asked about that to kuin there is something that flew quickly between them and struck on ground he looked at what it is. That is a feather it's almost long as his hand when he touched that feather it's like sword with slight sharpening the feather can be used as a weapon but it's tip is still sharp. And kuin said. Kuin : master quirave is a extremely violent bird that hunt other animals using their long sharp metal like feather. Reiz asked to help to show the info about quirave. [ MONSTER NAMED QUIRAVE IS A VIOLENT BIRD THAT USE TO THROW THEIR FEATHER AND HUNT MONSTERS. IT HAS MEAT THAT IS TOUGH BUT DELECIOUS. ]Reiz : kid's go and hide in somewhere safe I'm going to hunt that bird. The quirave quic
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chapter 6
The next day early sun rays touched reiz's face and the warmth of Sunray tickled him, when he came out and looks around no-one else has awakened. Reiz - they must be in deep sleep, when our stomach is full we will sleep deeply by dreaming about good things. Slowly but one by one each of the ghouls are woke up the first one who is woke is kerk and when he get to the hut where his master reiz reside he didn't see him he is panicked and thinking " did.... did our master just abandon us well it's inevitable because how useless are us. " Suddenly a voice shattered kerk's depressing thoughts. " Kerkkk. " When kerk looked at to the direction where he heard his sounds are heard his eyes become happy. It's reiz his master didn't abandon them. Kerk : master, where did you go. ?Reiz - i just got bored and take stroll around the inner layer. Kerk : master, for a moment I think that you will abandon us for how incompetent are us. Reiz : kerk,how many times did i tell you that do not belit
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chapter 7
The inner layer is calm yet a dangerous place to stay, but still there is a bunch people in there by following their master.Back in the camp the women's and children weaving the nuicfen's leaves and some of the woman are preparing the food by roasting it on fire the fire is made from by twitching woods and rocks. And the remaining half of the male ghouls are guarding them as their master reiz ordered. At the site of where reiz and others looking for suitable trees. Kuin : master, there is so many trees in here and why don't we cut these?.Reiz : no kuin, we don't cut these tree thses are indeed big but what we need is skinny ones. Kuin : skinny trees?Reiz : yes skinny trees, we cut down that easily and it's also easy to work with. Everyone find as many small skinny trees you can. ( Reiz ordered them and he also starts to look for these when he find one he decided to chop it down. )He made small cut on his hands and streched it out. The blood from his hand cam out non stop, a
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chapter 8
The city outside of great forest viles. The adventures guild, Guild master.....guild master..... One of the adventurer that is in charge of tax collection from undeads are running while screaming, the other adventurers are looking at him and the receptionist asked to that that adventurer. Receptionist : jers, what happened why are you screaming and causing trouble for other adventurers. ? Jers : sera, where is guild master? I need to meet him quickly. ( Sera is the name of that receptionist. )Sera : mr. Jers, i don't think you can meet him with now, he is now training. You know him, he will kill anyone who interfered his training. Jers : sera, this is a serious matter, so i need to speak with him. Sera : can you tell me what it is ? Jers : no there is a lot of eyes on me right now and I don't want anyone else to hear it. Sera let out huge sigh and said to jers, " Come with me i don't think what will happen to us if it's nothing important. "They are going to the training gr
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chapter 9
At the reception of guild and the the hunters are looking at the notice board. One hunter at the back " what....what it says on the notice board "The young hunter from the front " it says that the guild is summoning all the rank c hunters for a mass expedition "What the hell are they doing, a mass expedition? One of the hunter shouted. And they also mumbles at eachother other suddenly they all got quite. And a young hunter asked why is it so quite now? The hunter from his right side said " the guild master is here that's whyIt is quite now."The guild master gewen enters the main hall his overwhelming pressure is suffocating the others, he stopped showing pressure and said. " Today we will go to the forest and investigate three things. First what happened to the damned undead tribe of ghouls. Second what happened to the sheir's party. And third and finally the recent sightings of the monster quirave near the town's" They mumbled eachother the hunters also known as adventurers
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Chapter 10
(They have been walking almost 3 hours and still, they didn't reach the ghoul village)Vex asked to jers that how much more time do they need until they arrived at the ghoul village. And jers said. Jers : If we continued on this walking pace, we will arrive at our destination in approximately 40 minutes. If you guys require rest, we can take a short break. They all decided to take a small break and some of them started to drink water and others started to eat a portion of food that they bring. It is not much, just dried meat and bread, but it will give them the energy to keep walking. Jers asked them, "Are you guys ok? I think we should start walking if possible we need to return by tomorrow evening and the night is not safe in this forest. “They all said that they are okay and they can continue the journey. After some more time later, they finally arrived at their destination, the ghoul village. Jers came forward and asked vex to go with him. Jers : Vex, we need to investi
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