Become a Super Rich With Crazy System

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Become a Super Rich With Crazy System

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Neglected and despised by his extended family, his father died when he was only 10 years old, his mother lay in hospital and needed surgery, Lein lived a life of extreme misery. He is willing to do anything to cure his mother. Kneel and prostrate? Kiss your feet? Lick your shoes? He will do anything! However, no one bothered to help him, until a notification from the system appeared in his vision. [Congratulations! You are the luckiest human among billions of humans in this world! Be the true ruler of this minuscule world!] [3...2...1...] [System is adjusted according to Host's needs and wishes. Analysis begins!] [4...3...2...1...Analysis complete!] [System starts!] Follow Lein's journey to reach the pinnacle of life! "Look! Everything is finally under the control of my feet!"


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40 chapters
Chapter 1: Host Found, System Activated
Two burly men wearing all-black suits standing beside a giant gate with a dashing look. The gate is about 10 meters high with some gold ornaments attached around it, giving off a majestic and beautiful impression.Behind the gate, there is a super beautiful white mansion in which lots of luxury sports cars are parked. Many people passed by in the vicinity, only ending up leaving expressions of awe and envy. How is it not? Those within it were one of the richest families in Cernel City, the Asfort Great Family.At this time, the drizzle suddenly came, causing one of the burly men to take long steps to get an umbrella in the small room at the far side of the gate. However, his steps had to be stopped when he saw a man with a wrecked bicycle heading towards the gate.The burly man then stayed where he was while keeping his hands behind his back. He waited for the man to arrive in front of him, even though the drizzle was slowly getting heavier; wet his expensive black shirt. In fact, oth
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Chapter 2: My First Difficult Mission
[Congratulations! You are the luckiest human among billions of humans in this world! Be the true ruler of this minuscule world!][3...2...1...][System is adjusted according to Host's needs and wishes. Analysis begins!][4...3...2...1...Analysis complete!][System starts!][Announcement!Every day there will be easy, medium, and hard missions, which appear in the system; updated every 12 AM. The host can choose to resolve it or not. Each mission completion, the Host will get large amounts of money and points. Money and points are used to upgrade Host status which contains the following:{STATUS}Name: Lein AsfortAge : 21 yearsRace: HumanStrength: 16 (+)Agility: 15 (+)Vitality: 13 (+)Intelligence: 17 (+)Retention: 12 (+)Prestige: 4 (+)Charm: 5 (+)Points: 0Balance: 0Note:Stats can be increased using balance, by spending 1 billion dollars for one increase.Additional skills Host wants: (fill in)Note:Additional skills can only be filled using 10 points or 10 billion dollars
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Chapter 3: 10 Billion Dollars?
A circular spatula logo with 'Ms. Holde's Asian Restaurant' was seen by Lein. It was only a few dozen meters away from him.Arriving at the door of the restaurant, Lein showed a nervous expression. This was the first time he had come somewhere to talk business. In fact, the nervousness was a mixture of lies from the system and his failure to reach an agreement.Lein then tidied up his wet clothes and sighed. After a while, he pushed open the door and saw the appearance of the restaurant for the first time. It has 14 wooden tables with 6 chairs each. The look is very simple with some bamboo paintings on the wall which gives the impression of serenity.There, no customers were present so Lein naturally became the center of attention. Then, a woman between the ages of 23-25 ​​came up to him while paying respects, "Welcome to Ms. Holde's Asian Restaurant. How may I help you, Sir?"Lein had never had this kind of treatment before, so he replied doubtfully, "Is your boss here? I want to dis
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Chapter 4: I'm Rich Now, Ok!
"This is real?!"Lein hurriedly opened his account to see it in person. And sure enough, even after refreshing it many times, the money is still there."Move another 300 million dollars into my account," Lein said once again to the system to confirm that. The value he actually thought of at random.[3...2...1 Transaction completed!]The next second, another notification sound came from his phone.[Your account ending with XXXX15 has received a transfer of 300 million dollars.]"Damn it! This is so real!"Realizing that he had become a billionaire, Lein couldn't help but dance in congratulation to himself. However, some passers-by looked at it in a strange way."He looks like he's gone mad!"Lein heard that, but ignored it completely. He then hurriedly pedaled his bicycle towards Efarina Etaham Hospital; the place where his mother was treated.***About half an hour pedaling his bicycle, Lein arrived at Efarina Etaham Hospital. He then took long strides towards the reception area and
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Chapter 5: Money Can Buy Respect
A middle-aged man sat on a lounge chair with a somber expression. He held his head as if something inside was filled with trouble.How is it not? The document he is holding contains about low traffic from the hospital he manages. Every day, the number of visitors to his hospital decreased significantly, bringing it up to a point of 30% from the previous year. This naturally frustrated him, considering the many other top hospitals competing in the affluent Cernel City. Is this the end of his career and time to enjoy old age? Who knows!To calm his mind, he poured a glass of hot tea into his small cup and took a small sip. Receiving that, he felt a little relaxed as if the weight of his life was being pulled slightly from his body. However, just a few seconds later, a loud knock sounded from the door that startled him, even nearly passed out."Who disturbed my rest?!" asked the middle-aged man in a loud tone towards the source of the voice."I am your assistant, Sir, Chloe.""What made
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Chapter 6: Easy Mission
"I am very happy with the service at this hospital. As a thank you, do you need an injection of funds? I want to invest here."Lein studied a bit with Luna on this matter. Investment is very important for a better future. One would find it difficult to go bankrupt if they had lots of fields that could be harvested at any time. After all, Lein couldn't guess when the system would disappear. For that, he would make the most of it while it was still there."Hohoho, you are very shrewd and smart, Mr. Lein. We can discuss that after your mother is transferred to the VVVIP room, so you have much more peace of mind about your mother's condition. I will make sure everything is safe," replied Bill with a smile bright. He really didn't expect that this big fish would pull the bait too fast.The next minute, Lein parted ways with all of them and walked out of the hospital. According to the doctors, his mother had not regained consciousness after the operation and would need several more days to
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Chapter 7: You Underestimate Me? Look at this!
Lein was currently standing at the door of the Linden Family Restaurant. However, in contrast to before, he felt much more confident so he pushed open the door in a more relaxed and casual motion, as if he did it often.Seeing him enter, several of the waiters and waitress turned their gazes on him, but quickly turned in other directions upon noticing his shabby appearance. He must not have come to eat. Is it applying for a job, or begging? They prefer to ignore it so as not to accept additional work that is not important.However, what they saw next was beyond expectations. Lein sat at one of the tables while looking at the list of available food with an indifferent expression.At this point, they were all curious about the response upon seeing the price written there."After seeing the real price, he must have left with a red face with embarrassment, hahaha.""That's right, I think the same as you. When he left, I'll hold him at the door and ask him lots of questions to corner him.
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Chapter 8: You Underestimate Me? Look at this! (2)
A fat man in a black suit and bow tie was sitting in a lounge chair smoking a cigarette. Occasionally he whistled, to show that he was in a good mood. How is it not? The number of guests coming over the past week has increased significantly. Calculating the net profit from that, he was confirmed to receive a bonus of 100 thousand dollars."I'll buy a new car with that money."At this time, he took a new cigarette after the last one had been used up. However, before he could turn it on, a knock on the door interrupted his actions."Please come in."The door was pushed open and a waitress entered with a pale face."What's wrong with you, Sophia? Why do you look pale? Are you sick?" He's in a good mood. Even if this girl asked for three days off despite only coming in yesterday, he would gladly allow it."N-no, Mr. Robert. A guest ordered this just now."With unsteady steps, Shopia handed the paper containing Lein's order to Robert.After reading that, Robert immediately put on a bright
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Chapter 9: Easy Mission: Completed!
Robert rubbed his eyes after seeing the display on the computer. Is this real?! He then checked again through the related data on the computer, and received confirmation that it was true! 2 million dollars just received!Robert's gaze then shifted towards Lein who was looking at him with an indifferent expression. At this point, Robert felt like he was losing every bone; staggered and nearly fell."Who exactly is this person I have offended?!"Robert feels that his career has ended here. However, it's still the best possibility. There was another possibility that he would be killed after this!Realizing his mistake, Robert has only one choice. He immediately ran up to Lein, knelt down, then said with watery eyes, "Forgive me, Sir! Forgive me for being this rude! Please show me your mercy." Robert was crying under Lein's feet.At this point, Lein was at a loss for what kind of reaction to show. This person suddenly knelt at his feet and started apologizing, as if he had just made a ver
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Chapter 10: Enhancement
Seeing the satisfaction on Lein's face, Robert also couldn't help fawning over him. This had become his habit; approached powerful and influential people, so that when they started talking or making decisions, he took their spit on them.Robert then approached Lein who was still sitting in his place. "How about the food in this restaurant, Sir? Did you like it?" said Robert while stroking his palms and showing a disgusting smile.At this time, all the waiters and waitress who saw that couldn't help but say, "Look! He's started again!""I love all this food," Lein replied with a bright smile. Actually, it wasn't intended for all meals, but since he was in a good mood, he ended up summing things up at that conclusion."Glad to hear that you like the food at our restaurant. All the ingredients we use are the best in class. You certainly won't find another restaurant that has a quality beyond this. If you want, you can come at any time, and I will serve you immediately."Lein was flattere
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