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After dying during a failed buttocks enlargement, Jasmine who just won a contest as the most beautiful lady in the was reincarnated in the opposite of who she was in her formal life. As the ugliest baby on earth, Ugly-face must achieve his eartly target, or be send back to hell... What is Ugly-face babbling about?" Alicia asked as she make a face at me, pinch my left cheek and said, "you can smile as long as you like. I am not a fans of yours, and your smile can't change my mind." "Let's go and play with other children. His bizarre smiling is giving me chills," Betty announced, hissed and walked off. "Will you play with him for a while?" Alice asked Alicia. "No chance, buddy. I can't touch that thing with six feet long pole," Alicia answered back, peeked at my face and let out, "babies smiles are supposed to make someone to feel relaxed, but your smilling is giving us chills." Alicia left, and I was left alone with Alice who keeps smiling back at me. "Give me your hand, sweetheart," I mumbled as I stretched my right hand towards her. "Poor baby... He is lonely and want me to carry him." "Yes, Babe. Carry me up and plant a wet kiss on my lips."



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Those scientists that discovered that you are conscious even after five minutes of death were right!I died a few minutes ago, and I can still see the doctors, nurses, friends and well-wishers as they shake their heads, gawked at me and began to humiliate my dead body. Unknown to them, I was seating at the edge of my bed, peeking at my stationary body, and hearing all the bullshit they were saying after my death.My eyes darted around the room and fell on Leah who had been my childhood friend, and also the one to hoodwink me into the surgery. And I was shocked when she hissed and let out, "vanity upon vanity... Despite her beauty and fame, so sad she wasn't contented and had to die during a buttocks enlargement surgery.""Jasmine is filled with self-importance, and the fact that she won the contest as the most beautiful lady in the world made her lose her head," Jesica who is the third of our team announced, hissed and smack her wide lips, and then resumed her speech, "I wish she rot
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My environment is warm, and the liquid around me made me believe I was inside an ocean. But during all my earthly sojourn, I have never heard of a warm ocean. I tried to open my eye, but it appeared it was glued together, and none of the parts of my body respond to the instruction from my brain.'What's is happening to me?' I asked in total resignation to my condition and was about to drift into unconsciousness when a large hand jerked me by my two legs and began to pull me out."Let me go, please," I cried out, then tried to escape the hard grip. Realising fighting against the hand is useless, I sighed and relax my body, then looked shocked when I was pulled through some warm flesh, into a blinding light."Hooray!""It's a baby boy!""But why is he very ugly?""Ahh, That's cruel. You should have congratulated the mother first.""Cut the placenta and stop gawking at a newborn baby!""I'm so happy for the safe delivery, doctor. This boy had given us a tough time since yesterday night
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As the ugliest baby in the orphanage home, I was the least of the nun's favourites. They cleaned my soiled pants once a day, feed me last, and never sing me a lullaby as they usually do with other babies. And this made me the saddest baby inside the Calvary orphanage home.Since I hardly smile and never laugh, other babies avoid me like plague, and I learnt to be my companion in a few days of my existence. "Who will bathe Ugly-face? He had been making that horrible sound since morning!" Alice who seemed to be the only nun who is indifferent towards me asked when I didn't stop crying because of my soiled pant. Alicia who hated me and never hide the fact answered back, "I have chills whenever I stepped near him, please attend to him yourself.""Come and attend to ugly-face, Betty."Alice called another open enemy of mine to attend to me, but she shakes her head and mumbled, "I can't, Alice. I always have nightmares whenever I touch him."Alice seemed to be angry when the other two nu
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All my efforts to kiss the three nuns failed and the fear of death and being thrown back to hell made me keep trying.Yet, it seemed my best is not enough to accomplish my targets. Since I have been told that smiling is my greatest strength, I always make sure it's planted on my ugly face daily. A few months before I clock a year old, one of the babies in the orphanage home was celebrating its second birthday anniversary, and a party was arranged to mark the day. As expected, our large hall was thoroughly cleaned and decorated with balloons, purple linen and ribbons, and impeccably white chairs were arranged in a line. "We need to make all the babies look good because of the dignitaries that will be visiting us today," Mother Maggie who is the head of all the nuns announced as she stepped into the midst of several babies, peeked at each of us, and halted at my cot, and then mumbled, "Ugly-face seemed not to be changing despite various creams and medication given to him."All nuns
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"Betty, wait!" Alicia cried out, stepped closer, placed the baby in her hand inside a bathing bowl and stood with arms akimbo and then let out, "I just want to be sure you are kissing him... And also note that I will have your weekly allowances if you failed to kiss him."Betty smiled, shrugged and mumbled, "it's a deal. Now watch me as I kissed his pink lips.""That's my babe," I mumbled and smiled broader. "He is not bad when he smiles... Have your first kiss, Ugly-face," Betty announced, giggled, close her eyes, and brought me close to her lips, and then, the most horrible thing happend.It was for an instance, the nastiest you could ever imagine. It started a cough, followed by loud sneezing, and mucus flew out of my nose and mouth, and then splashed on Betty's face."Holy Madonna! What the hell is this?" Betty opened her eyes when something liquid splashed on her face. And when her fingers touch something sticky, all hell broke loss.'Gush! What a dirty and ugly baby.""Hahaha.
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As soon as Alice's lips touched mine, a ding-ding sound boomed beside me, and I turned and peeked at the holographic display in the air."Congratulations! The first section of the mission is accomplished. Few more days to complete the remaining two sections."I ignored the message from the system, suck on Alice's lips as if my life depended on it, and then yelled louder when she pulled me away."You see... He is not that bad when you close your eyes," Alice mumbled as she held me close to her chest, she peered at me, then at the two nuns in her front and asked," hope you both agreed that I won the bet, and your weekly wages belong to me?""Yeah, sure. Enjoy yourself," Betty answered back, hissed and announced, "I hope you won't be traumatised whenever you remember kissing him.""Damn you, Betty. You almost kissed me some moment ago," I said with a smiling face. The three ladies keeps conversing among themselves, while I still glowed from Alice's kiss. As the most beautiful among the
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Having no other choice, Alicia picked me up, gawked at my face, close her two eyes and chewed on my tiny lips. And the whole hall erupted with commotion when she did."Alicia had kissed Ugly-face. Hahaha!" Betty announced. "What's special about kissing Ugly-face? Just close your eyes and chew his lips," Alice mumbled. "Wow!" Madam Maggie exclaimed as she turned towards Alice and asked, "truth or dare?"I was so happy that I didn't hear Alice answer. Among the three nuns, Alicia seemed to be the most difficult for me to kiss, because she hates me with passion, and rarely gets closer to me. 'Boom!'The holographic picture suddenly popped up, and the familiar automated voice whispered into my ear, "second task achieve, perform the last task to unlock a new power, and save yourself from death and the torment of hell.""You don't have to keep reminding me of my fate," I babble back, and the image disappeared after. After the game of truth and dare, Mother Maggie declared the floor open
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Since all my babbling fell on Betty's deaf ears, I became annoyed at her, opened my mouth wide and burst into a loud cry."Shh!" Betty put her wide palm over my mouth to hush my hysterical cry. She shakes her head in anger, frowns and lets out, "you are evil for trying to wake all the babies with your stupid cries."I ignored Betty's insult, inhale deeply and cried louder as Alicia's footsteps stepped closer to my cot."Ugly face hasn't slept yet, has he?""No, Alicia. He is crying like a banshee and trying to wake everyone up... What can I do to make him sleep?""He is pulling your face towards him with your ponytail. I think he wants you to kiss him.""Yes, Betty. That's exactly what I want," I mumbled and immediately stop my insane cry."Hmm... Did you think he will sleep if I kiss him?" Betty asked with her usual angry look."Yeah, Betty. Kiss me and I will fall asleep instantly. Otherwise-.""I am not talking to you, Ugly-face," Betty cut into my babbling, sighed when Alicia shru
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I was as sad as doom after hearing that I will soon be adopted, and the thought of death and everlasting hellfire made me miserable throughout the day. "What's wrong with Ugly-face? He seemed unhappy since you took him to see Madam Maggie," Betty who seemed to notice my grief asked Alice. "I have no idea. Maybe he is sick due to his golden pupils," Alice responded, shrugged and glanced at me. "Mother Maggie said he may be adopted anytime from now." "Really? That's good news. At least we will be rid of his ugly face." "That's cruel. Don't tell me you won't miss him." Betty batted her eyes, hissed and let out, "no, I won't. Why will I miss Ugly-face?" Alice glanced at me and muttered, "he is a kind-hearted baby, and just unfortunate to be born ugly. I have grown some kind of likeness for him." "Why won't you? When you don't have a boyfriend." "Ahh!" Alice exclaimed, stepped closer to Betty and asked, "have you forgotten that we are nuns, and under the oat of celibacy and chas
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My mind was busy with plans on how to suck Mother Maggie's nipple, and this seemed to rob me of my well-deserved sleep. Poor me, I tossed from one edge of my cot to the other edge through the night, and it was when the day was almost breaking that sleep finally take hold of me. My dream was filled with fire, thunderstorms and lightning. And I was soaked with sweat, despite the chilly atmosphere that is always common during this time of the year. Because I slept late, my eyes were red and still heavy with slumber when Alice picked me up and carried me into the washroom, and I nodded off as she removed my soaked clothes and pampers, and then pour hot water on my body and washed me with sponge and soap.The cries and moaning of babies boomed louder inside our orphanage hall, and this made me sigh with annoyance at their unnecessary whimpers. 'I need a silent place to brood on my task. But it seemed this baby won't allow me to enjoy the peace I so much desire,' I whimpered to myself a
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