Dreaming a Music Mystery

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Dreaming a Music Mystery

By: Yasmine Jameson OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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About a group of friends whose life is turned upside down by the theft of a soon-to-be-released track on their new album.


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8 chapters
It was late, around nine in the evening Louis, Darnell, Marquis, Marcus, and John better known as Dreaming, were all in the studio listening to a playback of the last recording of their newest single, “Remembrance.” Outside in the hallway, next to the studio, the group's manager, Mark, and the label owner, Joe was having a heated discussion about the cover for the new CD disc. The two had this very same discussion before. Both of their visions on how to market the group differed in ideal and style. The members of the group came from all different backgrounds. Two members came from money; one comes from suburbia and two from the projects. Each brought their own brand of style. “The members should present themselves as one,” said Joe. “No,” said Mark, “Each of the members has their own unique brand. We should showcase that.” “Marcus and Marquis hail from the projects. Their mother shopped with food stamps, was on welfare until they were ten, and worked two
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By the time the group got there, the police had already cordoned off the area with yellow tape. In fact, the whole street was blocked off. There were about ten black and whites there plus the lead detective. The first officers on the scene, Officers Jason and Park quickly took pictures of the scene and the outside surrounding area. This was done after the two had completed a walk around the area to see if anyone or perhaps the assailant was around.The ambulance had been called upon the officers finding out Mark was still breathing, although faintly. It had come and gone by the time the group had arrived, to talk with the police.Upon their arrival, the band learned of Mark being hurt when Officer Peluso came outside of the building and started talking to Louis.“We found him lying passed out in the studio. He had a pretty nasty wound. Looked like someone sliced him open. Papers were everywhere. After we searched the studio, we noticed the board was playin
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The cat was Marcus. He happened to make his way behind the yellow tape. In fact, he actually looked like a cat today. He was dressed all in black, black jeans, a black turtleneck, and black shoes. He was light-skinned with wavy close-shaven hair with light brown eyes. His voice was a deep baritone, with a husky tone that came from smoking.Marcus had managed to get into the building. As he was walking down the hall, he heard footsteps echoing behind him. When he stopped the footsteps stopped. When he walked, they walked? Checking it out he started walking and stopped, listening as he did so.  Sure enough, they were mimicking him.Turning around to see who it was he saw no one.  Shaking off the feeling, he kept walking towards the studio.  All of a sudden, he heard running feet and Officer Peluso shouting, “Stop, you can’t be back here until after the investigation is complete.”  Continuing in a softer and quieter tone, Peluso said,
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Later that night…The band met up at the hospital to see Mark. As they walked into the quiet, sanitary-smelling soulless hospital each remembered the last time they were there. A friend had been shot down by the police. He was mistaken for a notorious drug dealer wanted on multiple counts of possession, with the intent to distribute. The friend had tried to explain to the officers they were making a mistake, but they didn't listen. In fact, they told him he was worthless, should off himself to make their job easier. When he reached in his pocket for identification, they all opened fire. The first bullet alone would have killed him, but they shot him 15 times. When they got to the hospital, his mother was not even weeping. She was just staring, with an empty glazed look in her eyes.The band shook off the memories as they wandered into the hospital near the front desk. They asked which room Mark was in and on what floor. They were informed he was still in intensi
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Next evening:The next evening, Dreaming was in the studio. They were supposed to be working but all they were doing was sitting in silence.Louis and Darnell were actually in the studio, sitting on stools with their headphones slung around their necks. Fingers were tapping against the music stand. Staring at the floor, motionless. The music was playing through the headphones. Neither Louis nor Darnell cared. Their fists were clenched against their knees, nails digging into their palms.Marcus was standing outside the studio in the cold with no jacket on. But he seemed impervious to the wind. The passing cars went by unnoticed. They were invisible to him. Marcus was thinking about the death of his father. It was on November 7, 1993, the police came knocking at his door. He's run to the door because his father was later but when he opened the door, Marcus knew.Officer Peluso called up Louis on the telephone. He had thought long and hard, but he knew that
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The group gathered at the restaurant at 6:00 p.m. Tonight Louis was going to introduce Darwin, the private investigator to them. If they remember right, she helped catch the Black Dahlia last year, which had hit all the newspapers from the moment they walked her in handcuffs to the courtroom.Montmartre was a French name, but it served strictly American cuisine. The walls were covered in pictures of the previous owners dating back to 1935. The interior décor had been changed over the years. The tables and booths were placed haphazardly throughout the restaurant. The carpet was muddy brown, with white speckles scattered. The walls were the same muddy brown as the carpet. The space wasn't the place where the up-and-coming holdout, but it served great food.Darwin was the first to arrive as was her way.  She has dressed in a pinstripe black and white tailored pantsuit, with five-inch black heels and her afro was on point. Her makeup was sedate and not overstat
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Darwin walked into the building and stopped just inside the entrance. She stood listening to the sounds of the building. Footsteps on the floor above, the closing of a door down the hall, and the muffled sounds of music in the other room mixed with muffled voices from the next room and a key turning in the lock. She slowly started walking and she caught the sounds of footsteps echoing behind her. As she turned around, she saw Louis out of the corner of her eye. He was dressed all in black, with the hint of Perry Ellis in the air. When she turned fully around, he stood there staring at her. “See anything, Darwin?” Louis asked. “No, Louis, just listening.” “For what?” he asked walking towards her. “Anything, everything. You see the sounds in a building should be the same every day. When a sound comes that's different you should take note. This could be a robbery; a murder, anything happening, and you would have missed it. Come here, stand right
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The group had been waiting to hear news from the hospital for a couple of weeks now. He had slipped into a coma-like state and had been that way since the actual stabbing. Mark had not responded to anyone who tried to talk to him, not even his wife. So, the doctors had told them to wait. Night after night, the group waited in the sterile hospital room. The walls were white. The sheets were white. It had that antiseptic smell. The smell they could not get over.The boys were worried. He was their rock. Throughout all of the bad times, the boys could always count on Mark. When the group appeared to be headed towards the shelf because of the fight they had with their previous member, Abdul, over rights to a song and lyrics. Mark was there. He helped them see that the differences would not be gotten over until they could come to an agreement. The hardest thing to do was to tell Abdul that he was no longer part of the group. The very first gig they sang at as the group “Drea
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