Evolvers dawn of invasion

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Evolvers dawn of invasion

By: Oyeezarh OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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"Crackle, crackle, crackle!" "pah, pah, pah" "Hello, do you copy?" "Hello, do you copy, this is Major Skibrusky asking for backup, do you copy?" A blond middle-aged man with a curled mustache and full modern military garb chatted into his walky talky. Apart from five other troops who continued to shoot bullets into the horizon in front of them, all the other hundreds of bodies visible in various postures and locations were lifeless corpses. This devastating scene isn't just happening in this city alone, it is happening all round the world in every continent. How did the world come to be this way? , against whom were they fighting? … All of this devastation was caused by a very familiar occurrence known as alien invasion, a concept that we play with, write novels about, and even film about.


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Prologue Earth; in a completely damaged city, numerous devastated elevated structures filled the picture. Below these lofty buildings, the entire atmosphere was hidden by a thick smokescreen that enveloped the entire surrounding area. However, in the midst of the smockscreen, a couple of very loud sounds that explain the situation in the environment can be heard. "Crackle, crackle, crackle!" pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, The sound of gone shattering was followed by an unending barrage of firing, bullets rained like rain, and blood gushed. "Hello, do you copy?" "Hello, do you copy, this is Major Skibrusky asking for backup, do you copy?""I repeat, Major Skibrusky is requesting reinforcements; the adversary is too formidable; we require rapid reinforcements." A blond middle-aged man with a curled mustache and full modern military garb chatted into his walky talky. Apart from five other troops who continued to sho
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chapter1: escape (1)
Chapter1 Escape(1) The sky was cloudy and stormy, and there was a heavy thunder cloud hanging in the gloomy environment. Lightning would flash every so often, and there was a constant background of crackling sounds. Raindrops began to fall from the clouds and eventually fell into a vast ocean of churning water that gave the impression that it was boundless.A small boat was seen moving forward in the rough water current in the general direction that had been indicated, and only a few meters in front of the boat was, to everyone's surprise, the coastline of an island that was occupied by a monstrous structure. At first look, the building appeared to be some kind of factory; yet, following closer study, it was discovered to be a hidden research lab that was being used in the process of generating one-of-a-kind special humans with superpowers. They were called the evovers. The word [base F3] is carved onto the wall of the research facility in big letters. This same r
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chapter 2: Escape (2)
Chapter 2 : Escape (2) The evolvers all emerged on an open field of land outside base F3 and continued to trot in the direction of three raws of ships that were stationed at the beaches of the island. This was their final opportunity to escape the island and avoid becoming a weapon under the control of "the force". After the ships were brought into position as rapidly as possible, they immediately borded it made sail in the opposite direction of the island. The typical kids in the neighborhood would not have been able to pilot the sophisticated ships successfully, however, the evolvers are not like other children in any way; they have access to a vast technological and scientific information which enables them to carry out tasks that no other person in their age is able to do. As they set sail, the kids were pleased beyond measure, and they cheered with joy. They have been held captive at base F3 since the day they were kidnapped, and ever since that day, they have had a d
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chapter 3: the unconscious little girl
Chapter3 the unconscious little girl The body of the Zero had been thought to be deceased would be discovered along the shoreline, limp and unresponsive... On the other hand, there was a situation that took place about an hour before the girl was found that was really peaceful. The water at the beach is an aquamarine color, the sand is a light yellow color, and the sun is a scorching, flaming yellow color. The sky is a gorgeous bright blue color, and there are enormous clouds that are white and fluffy in appearance. A man named Mr. Jonah Parker, who was in his early forties at the time, was seen donning short pants and a white shirt. Mr. Parker had a pleasant demeanor and was in the prime of his life. he threw a frisbee at his wife and smiled at her at the same time. Mrs. Sarah Parker is a beautiful woman who has dark brown hair that is very long. She was in her late forties and was sporting a white linen tank top over her bikini top. Her hair was flowing in all various
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chapter 4: Demons coming back from the past
Chapter4 demons coming back from the past. As the couple left the hospital and got on with their lives, a week after, the couple received a call from the blond doctor, informing them that no one had showed up to pick up the little girl. She further informed them that the hospital had commence preparation to take the little girl to a child care management where she can be adopted. The couple immediately rushed towards the hospital upon hearing the news, when they got to the hospital, the informed the blond doctor on their intentions to adopt zero. After having a serous discussion with the blond doctor, the couple took the zero to the child care agency and registered her as their adopted daughter. Since she doesn't have a name, Sara named her Evelin and so from this day forth, the evolver labeled as Zero became Evelin Parker. Evelin became a part of the Parker families and lived happily with them, her parents were loving and caring and were always
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