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By: CINDY OngoingMystery/Thriller

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He was referred to as George, after the world's most feared assassin.He has no identity or place of origin.up to now.George was his name, which in ancient Greek literature meant "apparition," "phantom," or "ghost."The most feared killer in the world goes by this name.Who he is, where he comes from, what he looks like, or even how to get in touch with him are all unknown. up to now. Fagin Ruler has lived in the shadows for 10 years.He has no past, so no one can find him.Certainly not one that could be located.He chose to live his life as a normal person.There was no military or government background to discover.He chose his own targets and remained invisible at all times.He was a nobody with a very special set of skills.He became known as George as a result. He was nothing. However, everything has changed now. George is wanted by someone. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people want him to die, but someone has found him, and the hunter has become the hunted. The lonely person is suddenly no longer alone.He must rely on assistance from others.He has a woman he is now responsible for, and his barriers are threatened by feelings for her.The shifts have left him speechless.He is no longer in charge, and people are out to kill him wherever he goes in order to get the $10 million ransom that is now on his head.


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Chapter 1
The target's torso was in the exact center of the reticle.Although this wasn't exactly where I would aim when I fired the shot, it served as a useful point of reference until I was ready.Using the mil dots on the reticle, I had calculated the distance.It wasn't necessary because I had used the range finder to choose this location, and the scope was set to the six hundred meter range. However, I always liked to use both methods just in case something happened.Cut only once, measure twice.Since the sight had dialed in the range, I didn't have to change my vertical aiming position.I only needed to think about the wind.With a flick of my eye to the left, I could see the small flag I had put on top of a nearby building.I estimated the wind's direction from left to right at 8 mph from the silk's slight ripple.I knew it was equivalent to four MOA, or minutes of angle, at this level and range.I shifted my aiming point just over a mil to the left to accommodate the 3.375 MOA in a mil on the re
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Chapter 2
She replied, "Just thought I'd check."No one can say for sure.I mean, I really don't know if you are who I think you are."It's clear that I am not, so you should just let me go right now."That might be a little risky for me, then.Additionally, I have not yet fulfilled my contract.“I see.Is this my contract?"Somebody is.""There is no one else in the vicinity that is within the range of that pistol, is there not?She smiled as she took a look at the gun.Yes, that exists.I seized the chance to slowly stand up.In order to ensure that I could not reach her, she stood and cautiously stepped back.I thought that was very wise, but my shift of position had covered the draw of my own pistol, which was now pointed at her."So, now what?"For the third time, I asked."I knew that button shit was a ruse," she said."You would have shot me if you had done that.""No, no, I still haven't decided if I'm going to."She had not once responded to my gun.She was talking like it wasn't there.It was cl
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Chapter 3
The interesting thing is that I was unable to locate anything.Although there is nothing to track, I am able to guess which hits are yours.Offering the agreements, instead of ready to be reached is extremely shrewd.I never had time to find you because of this.If someone can get in touch with you, they can find you if they work hard enough, no matter how much security you use.However, no one can reach you.It's a great idea.""So, assuming I'm George, what do you expect from me?"George is not a nickname; rather, it is a title.Because it refers to an apparition or phantom, I understand why it is used.Because you are a ghost, it is clever.But it's just a name.Can't I refer to you by name?I can come up with one or you can give me one."Make one up, and let's keep the theme going."I smiled once more to encourage her.I didn't want to give anything away.Let's call you Fagin then, okay?Thus, you have a variety of skills.There is no pattern to your hits that I believe to be hand, guns
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Chapter 4
In shock, my mother sat there with her mouth open.She did not yell.She simply sat there and alternated between me and her deceased husband.Her hands were all over.I focused on her.He was due this.He has raped me in my room weekly for the past six years.He then slapped me around because he was putting the blame on me and wanted to feel better.You were aware of the situation.You said you didn't believe me when I told you, but you knew.I'm sure you knew.She gave a violent head shake, but it wasn't a denial.I just knew, I don't know how I knew that."For what you allowed to happen, you deserve to die.He deserved it for what he did to me, so I killed him to stop him from doing it to anyone else.Living with it is your punishment.You can take your own life if you are a coward.I'm unconcerned.The only thing I require of you is that you notify me at least 24 hours in advance of reporting this.You will never see me again because I am leaving.I need some time to escape.You owe me this for all t
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Chapter 5
The biggest smile she had so far was hers.But you wouldn't take it, wouldn't you?Remember, I saved your life."You've mentioned that once or twice, but that does not provide an answer to the question."It's possible, but highly unlikely.They are not in danger from me.She gave me a brief stare.What's the point?I gave it some thought.That was a question I frequently asked myself.When I was younger, I would respond to myself with idealistic notions of justice, world peace, and the like.I no longer had a reason to lie to her or myself.It wouldn't reveal anything about me to her.It pleases me.“Seriously?Is that it?Not even money? No purpose, no major motivation.The first time I hadn't lied to her or challenged me.All was well with this.Obviously, there was more to my motivation than that.My father and the priest were the ones who started it.At the Kung Fu camp, I had some time to consider my options and decided to become a vigilante.I wanted to assist others.But I decided to do somethin
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Chapter 6
I closed my eyes and let the hotel's natural sounds and rhythm relax me as I imagined the various international security agencies.What had changed about each of them to the point where I could cause them embarrassment or difficulty?I would, of course, be embarrassed if my activities were revealed for the majority of them, but that had been the case for years.Not only did I protect myself, but also the organizations for which I worked.I couldn't shame them if I didn't exist.I was a legend.However, Simbine's activation had been triggered by something, so something specific must have occurred.In the worst case, I would have to go through all of my primary contacts one by one.Time would be required.I had been cultivating them for years.Naturally, they were unaware of my identity.Although simple, it had not been easy.As a civil servant, get a low-level, part-time job at a government agency.I would use my credentials to gain access to a more secure location and then just act like I worked
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Chapter 7
"Listen, I don't have time for trivial matters.The general public is unaware of this rogue.The Yanks are looking for him, but it doesn't matter what they do.They are not at all subtle.versus me.They blew it right away and sent someone after him."How exactly?"was unable to approach him.Not in the slightest.They are now terrified, though.Had to keep this person out of George's sight in case he tried to find him.“George?”“George.Whoo-oooo-oooo.A terrifying figure."Hastings waved his arms around like a child playing ghost.The Uncertain"He shaken his head.They are concerned that he will locate them.Why are they so afraid of him?"The fool is aware.They need to make a pair and send someone decent after him rather than a jarhead.Because they are so afraid that Sing Sing will discover the person they sent after him, they stuck the liar in Sing Sing to keep him hidden.In real life, I would have put him to death to punish the thief.Hastings was beginning to stumble in his speech.After the
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