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By: Zuxian OngoingFantasy

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He is tired of the activities in Heaven - already a Cliché to him. He decides to migrate to earth. First, he visits the sea, fights and wins those who hold positions there, and tames the pious Poseidon. Then, he proceeds to the earth, where he practices all the seven things his master despises. But, he wouldn't live in the world in isolation, which gives him the need of mingling with the sons of men, which exposes him to a woman for whom his heart melt. A lady who's connected to the three realms: heaven, earth and sea. The alpha of his fall.


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       PROVERBS 6 VERSES 16 TO 19Of which Yahuah hates, there are six things, Seven which are an abomination to him:haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that she'd innocent blood, a heart that wicked plans devises,     that make haste to run to evil, of feet,a witness who breathes out lies being falseand a man who sows among brothers, discord.      That which is of rage made no mark.     That which is of peace lured the lark.    That which is of ire ruined the stance.    That which is of pain pored the trance.    That which is of wealth worn out will    That which is of love laced a fill.
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ILike the comet in the sky that appearsAs of a visitor amongst its peersTraveling among the body of clouds, Hung together in suit, with or without It's tail flaming as though wrought from sulphur, Tormenting the peace of all the neighborsOf both the array of entreating cloudsAnd the jury of humans and their hounds, Writhing in the cloud as of aeroplane, Brushing the lips of the earth as of a train, Metamorphosing the mood of the fogs, Fiddling with the temper of the sane world, Threatening the patience of the sea waves, Interfering with orders creator gave, Altering the codes encoded in war, Seducing the infallibility, Perfection and impeccabilityOf what deemed value, faithfulness had bought.IILike the eclipse of the sun, tainted in odds, Tunning the rhythm and jive of the world, Clot
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... Haughty Eyes...
    Before the moon became full  In the east of Ruplex, Duplic, the waves of the sea rise at 21°c in torrent, confusing the coast of which mood it should adopt. The trenches in the heart of the waters were 900 metres deep, harboring the coziness of Titanic shrill of piercing cold. A section in that heart of the sea did recreate disasters as a ritual, taking a form seeming to be a triangle or kite, in the form of an hollow that close and open after every millennium. A path no soul had tread.      That spot for ages, had been where the gods assigned the controls of waters and air took leisure, when done with each task, letting the globe of darkness roll in programmed orders. The spot-waves of the lip of the waters brushed the consciousness of the torrents as it metamorphosed, as the reincarnation of a god who'd failed to ensure the effectiveness of the assigned while he'd first lived. The
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