History's Strongest Tour Guide

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History's Strongest Tour Guide

By: LUM CHE OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In the parallel world called Blue Sphere, rumors of a certain service store that specializes in tours [The Mysterious Adventure Guide] Such a name was already famous across the world. Yet it had no fixed location. However, every trip was so jaw-dropping that even the top wealthy people in society wanted to squeeze in for the trip. One by one, the mysteries of the Blue Sphere were unearthed. The world was going crazy, and many had regarded the owner of this shop as a legend! . Glen Chu woke up to find himself in a strange world with an adventure system and an additional sister.  What? You say being a tour guide is boring? Heh.  Glen Chu rolled up his sleeves and went to work.  With the system by his side, he would be history's strongest Tour Guide!


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Alive Again!
In a small apartment, Glen Chu stared at his surroundings in a daze. 'Where am I?'Glen Chu was about to explore his situation when suddenly, countless memories forcefully flooded his brain. F***! Did he transmigrate?Judging from the familiar yet unfamiliar memories in his head, he knew it was likely. Even more shocking was that the original owner also had the same name as him. They were both Glen Chu. But while he was an orphan in his past life, this Glen Chu had a younger sister.Their parents had long died, leaving the siblings to themselves.
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First Mission
Success! Glen Chu did a celebratory dance while laughing and kissing the documents in his hand.  He swung his papers and faced around his living room as though there was a bonfire lit up at the center.  Hahahahaha~ Glen Chu kissed the documents in the brown envelope, treating them like babies.  At 17, he was still a minor. And things like starting up a business required an adult's approval, be it from his parents or other relatives. But as an orphaned person who didn't know his parent's family, where would he get relatives to co-sign for approval? Lucky for Glen Chu, the original owner was a kind person similar to
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First Customer
The moment Glen Chu picked up the call, a boisterous voice echoed out. [Buddy! I'm finally back in the country! Ah!~~... There's nothing better than home. Hey buddy, I brought you some souvenirs!]The youth on the other side of the phone was too excited, wanting to share every little thing that happened during his trip.Hehhehe~Glen's lip raised high up. This guy was the traitor who stabbed him, but another of his friends called Han Ming. Han Ming was quite the character. He and the original owners became friends after being teammates for quite some time.As for Han Ming, he came from a wealthy middle-class family an
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