I Became A Vampire Demon

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I Became A Vampire Demon

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Humans were living peacefully on Earth for millions and millions of years until the day unknown monsters who called themselves Sulckers, invaded them from beyond space. They were fast, ruthless, and cruel monsters ready to claim earth realm for themselves. Humans were being slaughtered mercilessly by the seconds and civilization came crumbling in the face of the invaders. However, just when humans were on the verge of going extinct and nonexistent, a heaven-sent phenomenon occurred. A small group of humans with awoken special abilities came to light and shared their abilities to the world. Teleportation, fire manipulation, water manipulation, monstrous strength that could move mountains; humans had finally gained the power to fight back. With the combined effort of the small group of humans, the Sulckers were pushed back to their planet, and humanity once again regained control over their planet. Though the battle ended there, the war was not. This war had created many orphans, and among them, Erix had lost everything, even his parents at a tender age. And the only thing he had received from their death was a pale-looking necklace. He was bullied every day at school because of how weak and abilityless he was. However, once the necklace was finally activated, Erix was granted a system, and his whole life was turned around. He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a weird quest he wasn’t sure he could complete. [New quest received] [Control your uncontrollable thirst for human blood. Abstain from human blood, but during this time your HP would keep decreasing by -1HP/1 hour. Quest will be marked complete once you have lost all your HP]


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147 chapters
A pale looking necklace.
More than 5 years had passed since the war with the Sulckers. Every adult was conscripted in order to stand a chance at winning against the monsters that had invaded Earth from outer space. Unfortunately, approximately a trillion people perished during the war. Roughly 40% of the world's population had died.The war resulted in numerous children becoming orphans. To help these children, the government decided to pay for the living expenses of those whose parents contributed greatly in the war.The government provided them with the bare minimum of food expenses, and a 10-meter by 10-meter apartment.Erix Miller was an orphan living alone in the apartment provided by the government. When the war started 9 years ago, his parents were conscripted and never returned.4 years into the war, a government official told him that both of his parents died on the battlefield.At that moment, Erix's eyes turned sad and lifeless. Written all over his face was the sorrow of the tragedy caused by th
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Demon System.
Unknowingly for Erix, he slept the whole day. He had come home yesterday by 4:30 and had slept till 9:00 am. He was so tired and worn out that he didn't even recall what happened yesterday. "Why does my head hurt so much?" Eric winced in pain, while holding his aching head. He was feeling sick, probably because he had caught a cold from the boy's water ability and the heavy wind outside, but he didn't have anything now. It was as if what happened yesterday was a lie and that today was the start of a totally new life. However, to start his life in a new way as he thought, he decided to take a shower. It was 9 am already and the military was supposed to come pick him up by 10 am. So he had only an hour to prepare before their arrival. He didn't have to take his luggage with him since the military will be providing them everything, and since they would be in uniform there, they didn't need clothes either. Quickly entering the small bathroom, he didn't take shower at once. He first t
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No, not again.
As the both of them walked towards the military vehicle, Erix noticed there was a huge height difference between them. He was only 1.65 meters, and so was quite small for a seventeen years old boy. As for the military man, he was probably 1.96 meters in height or more.Erix was quite stressed. It was something that was going to happen soon, a totally new life, so he was scared of the unknown. And as usual, he put his hands on the necklace.However, this time, only what he felt was his shirt's collar, not the inheritance from his parents."What! Where is it?!" Erix shouted and was ready to run back even though he knew it was impossible."We don't have time for that kid. Follow me now or you stay here. Your choice.""Si-" Erix wanted to plead further but beholding the overbearing look on the man's face, he reluctantly agreed and continued walking.'This is strange though.' Erix thought while walking.'Now that I think about it, I haven't seen it since this morning. Nor in the bathroom
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Great send back.
After about twenty minutes of waiting, all nervous about how the test would go and at the same time a bit happy that his strength was no longer the same, at least not until he was exposed to sunlight again, he heard an announcement. "All recruits have arrived. Everyone, please head to the test area that corresponds to your group number." During the twenty minutes of waiting, each line was appointed as a group. So like this, Erix's group became the 8th group since they were the 8th in line if numbered from the left. Everyone was confused when they heard the announcement. They were currently in a foggy environment, so there was no way they would be able to find their way anywhere around there. Erix also had the same thought. However, they weren't able to linger on the thought for long, because their surroundings suddenly started to change. From the once foggy grey land, it turned into an ash-colored wasteland. The new arena was brightly lit up, unlike the foggy ground. There was
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The test.
Erix paled in nervousness the very moment he heard his name. He started moving towards the test area with Shota tailing him closely, and with two other students behind his back. One was a black-haired boy who looked quite grumpy, and a girl with a cold expression. The girl had long red hair tied up into a ponytail that went down her waist. She wore an expensive-looking black dress with a long nape that covered her back. From her actions and expression, she seemed like the strong, talented, and confident rich type. She was really pretty compared to most girls, which even further boosted her ego. The test they needed to do was in this order; Strength, Agility, and lastly, Reflex. "Okay, you four, follow me," Leo said the moment the group arrived in the test area and the group compiled. He took them a little further into the field, though not away from the whole group. They followed Leo until they were standing not too far from multiple machines. Leo stopped suddenly and did a
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Erix test.
In this type of society, those who didn't have abilities were seen as disposable people. They were at the bottom of the food chain and were frequently bullied by the strong. So when Leo said Erix didn't have any ability, the reaction of the group was mixed. Some had a disgusted look while some showed no visible reaction at all. Erix gulped down his saliva and stepped forward towards the test arena with a slightly lowered face to avoid seeing the look on other people's faces. However, even with his head low, he could still hear sneer sounds coming from the students standing not too far from their group. "Who the hell is this filthy trash?." "I think maybe he is one of those kids that became orphans after the war." "I won't be surprised if he scores below 50 points, haha." Ambry also began to laugh and trash-talk Erix. He was already doing it before, but for fear that he might be someone with strong ability, he managed to hold back. But now that he knew he didn't have any abili
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Going through a teleportal was something strange for someone like Erix. This was the first time he had gone through an actual teleportal. It wasn't like the one he took when he was on the bus. The process wasn't painful, instead, he felt dizzy once he came to the other side. It was as if his body was decomposing and recomposing itself immediately after. The academy was situated at the center of a special city where those in the military could live. Like this, they could be able to do other stuff that wasn't fight-related, other things like running convenience stores and health care operations. The war was quite traumatizing for a lot of people so many wished to have a somewhat peaceful and normal life where they wouldn't have to bother about their safety. Because of this, the city was built to be large to accommodate such people. But before he could admire the futuristic city a little more, Erix needed to catch up with his group. They had already walked a lot when he was dayd
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A noble.
They both left the school and entered the city. It was a lot bigger than Erix's old city. The buildings there were at least 3 times the size of a normal building in his place and the street was a lot more crowded. As they explored the city, Erix noticed Shota was always looking around the place in shock like something he once knew but had changed. 'Wait, he said he knew the city more. How come? Has he been here before?' Erix thought. "Wow, this place has gotten a lot more developed than last time," Shota finally said, eyes still roaming the whole place. "Ehmm, if I may ask, how come you have been here before? I never knew some students managed to come here before now." Erix asked, even though he wasn't sure Shota would reply... Shota didn't answer immediately, he first let out a deep long breath before saying. "Trust me, I really hate babbling about my family's name but I will say they were the reason I was here in the past. My family is one of the powerful low-key Original no
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Having heard the boy, the first thing Erix did was to check his level. His prior worries evolved into fear when he realized the boy was a level 4. The boy had blonde hair that fell past his collarbone. His blue eyes looked completely void with terrible black bags under them. He had a pair of headphones hung around his neck. "Hi, there? Why were you standing out there for so long?...... Anyway, I'm Ronin Shin, but you can call me Rin, and nice to meet you." Rin said as he pulled out his hand for a shake. Erix quickly accepted the handshake. He didn't want to make a bad first impression. Who knows, the boy might bully him more if he does. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry, please enter." Rin apologized as soon as he realized his wrongdoing. He quickly stepped aside to let Erix in. For the second time that day, Erix was shocked beyond measure. He had a mixed reaction. One was surprised and the other was amused. 'What the f**k is wrong with the high levels here? First was Shota and
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A new friend.
"There is no need for that, Rin. I will always be there for him," Shota said with a straight emotionless face. His countenance changed the very moment he realized Rin was from Norxus clan. Why? Nobody knew. Erix was flabbergasted by their strong reaction. He did not expect his story to resonate with them so deeply. "Fine guys, I can take care of myself. You don't have to worry about me," Erix said, trying to calm them down. "If you ever get into a problem, and Shota isn't there, please do let me know. We are roommates now, or maybe friends if you don't mind," Rin said, wiping off invisible tears from his eyes. In Erix's mind, he was thinking the word friends was a huge stretch. He would consider them as on the 'not gonna bite soon' list at most. He'd yet to grasp if they were being truthful or not. For now, he will try to stay on their good side and see how things play out, never letting his guard down a bit. "I once said it, don't worry about him, I will always be there f
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