Lionel's Descendant

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Lionel's Descendant

By: Tobiloba Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Roberto was a man without a father's name. He got married into the Parks family and all he ever wanted was to be treated like a human being and loved by his wife but the Parks always do a great job in humilating and embarrassing him at any given opportunity. Even the maids and security doesn't waste an opportunity. He soon finds out he was a Descendant of the Lionel,first class citizens in America after a heartwarming reunion. Roberto Lionel,the great lion of America swore to make those who have humiliated him come to and beg on their kneels for mercy.


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Chapter One
I was sitting on the dinning table when my mother in law carried a cooler to the table and hit my head with it.I looked at her expecting a sorry but she just walked past like nothing happened. I should have gotten used to this but there was this hope,hope I was clinging on thinking she'll like me someday but that day would never come if things kept going this way.She served herself and didn't serve mine. I dropped my phone and stretched to serve myself. She hit the back of my hand with her spoon and I winced in pain."Ouch!" I rubbed the back of my palm."How dare you touch my plate? How dare you,you lowlife?" She yelled."I just want some caserole." I answered."Did you contribute to buying foodstuffs in this house? Have you ever gotten me anything before?" She yelled again and I was quiet.A year ago,I met Rosaline Parks. She was a beautiful damsel every man would love to have. She had the perfect hazel eyes with long blonde hair which she curled most of the time and straightened
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Chapter Two
"Hello Mom. How are you.""Roberto! Mom is dying." I heard my little brother's voice, Diego "What? What's wrong with Mom?" I stood up from the bed immediately. "Mom's intestines is ruptured and the doctor said we need two million dollars for her to be operated on or she'll die." He announced as he weeped over the phone. Tears began to drop off my eyes. "Where am I going to get two million dollar from? I've never made or touched such an amount my whole life." I said to myself. "Who can I ask? Mother in law? Father in law? Wife?" I pondered. Rosa came out of the bathroom wrapped in her white towel. I watched as water dripped from her hair down to her body."What's wrong? Your mood has changed."She said. "Nothing is wrong with me babe." I concealed my sadness with a smile.She dried her body and changed into her pyjamas. She hopped on the bed and placed her laptop on her laps as usual and I watched her battled with the loads on files beside her. I didn't have the mind to ask he
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Chapter three
Five hours later,my mom was brought out of the operation theatre. I held the doctors arm aggressively. I've been trying to get some information for the last five hours from the nurses but they ignored me. This time I must get something,that's why I held her arm."How is my mom? How is she?" I asked."She's out of danger now." She announced."Thank God. Can I see her now?" I asked."Yes,but she's sleeping. Make sure you don't wake her up." She said.We went into the ward and the man followed us. At first I was confused. "Did he do it for charity? Or does Mom know him?"We went in and my mom was fast asleep."Thank you so much sir. Thank you." I said to him again and this time he stretched his hand and I shock them.We all sat down except my brother,staring at my mother as she slept. The man still waited. Something was wrong,I felt attached and it was strange. I thought he should be on his way by now but it seems he had other motives. Maybe he wanted to talk to my mom.After a while,my
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Chapter Four
I drove in and met my mother in law about to enter her car. She came down and came to me. " What are you doing in my daughter's car? She asked."I'm coming from my mother's house. She just got discharged." I answered."I didn't ask for all that. I said what are you doing with my daughter's car?" She asked again. I was now confused."Well. I was driving it." I answered and she slapped me."Is that a way to answer someone who is more older than you?" She yelled. "Give me the car keys. Give me now." She ordered.I handed the keys back to her and she screamed. "Lowlife." I wanted to tell her I was no longer a low life,I wanted to tell her I was a Lionel's descendant. The Lionel's name which everyone bowed to. The name everyone feared and respected. Even my mother inlaw had mentioned the name several times to my hearing. She once said she was pursing a contract in one of the Lionel's company and it was rejected. This was the sixth time. She doesn't want to give up because when she gets
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Chapter Five
I went in and saw my father in law watching me as I walked inside from the balcony."Where are you coming from and who dropped you?" He asked.I walked inside and I met him walking downstairs to the sitting room."That's my boss sir. I'm just coming from work." I answered and bowed. I dared not look into his eyes when talking to him."You are cheating on my daughter." He concluded."What? My boss dropped me off sir." I explained."So because we didn't give you the two million dollars you decided to go get married into another family." He yelled."What are you saying sir? I didn't do such a thing." I said."Out of my house. Now." He said."Sir please try to understand. it wasn't a woman who brought me home it was my boss." I tried to explain but he pushed me out. He took me to the backyard and I was locked up in the dog cage."Sir. Please listen." I begged holding the cold steel bar as I knelt inside the cage.He hissed and left. "That's what low life's like you deserve. "Listen pleas
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Chapter Six
The taxi dropped me off at the Lionel's mansion. It looked like a city on it own. There were two bodyguards in suit waiting outside. "You're welcome sir. Please follow me." One said as he led the way.I walked in through the gate and what I saw surprised me. There was a white gigantic building sitting in the compund then little houses which were seperated from it. One could know that the big white house was the main building. We walked into the house and I was greeted by the sweet scents and beautiful artworks that hung side by side on the wall. We walked further and I saw myself in a large living room. It was really big and a part of it was the dinning room. The dinning table was long and had five chairs arranged parallel to each other. There were huge chandeliers which brightened up the room. Five big leather chairs and a center table was in the living room. A large tv hung on the wall and a portrait of my dad sitting on a chair with his legs crossed hung in the wall beside the tel
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Chapter Seven
"It's okay mom. I'm fine." I said."Diego! I promise,you'll live a good life." She said.We released the hug and she took my hand and placed it in my dad's hand."Nothing must happen to my son. Audrey must not harm him or else?" My mom threatened and honestly I was scared at the way she glared at him."I promise. Nothing would happen to him." He said."Who's Audrey? Step sister?" Diego asked."Step mother." My dad answered."Oh Brother Roberto. I heard step moms are dangerous. Be careful. Don't eat her food,don't cross her path, don't follow her anywhere." He said and he marked each point with his fingers."I'll be careful. Mom! Would you accept dad's money now?" I asked and she nodded slowly.My dad handed the black card over to me. "I'm sorry Grace. I promise I'll make it up to you." My dad said and my mom nodded again."I have to go back home now." I said and my mom hugged me tightly. "Be careful son." She whispered in my ear.After convincing my dad not to drop me home,I got home
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Chapter Eight
I heaved a sigh. "That's it." I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My nose and lips had injury and I looked hideous."There's no way I can present myself to my dad's board of members like this." I said to myself.I picked up my phone on the bed and called my dad."Hey Dad. Good morning." I greeted"Good morning son." His voice sounded low,like he just woke up."Did I just wake you up?" I asked,worried."Hmm." He grunted."I'm sorry. I'll call back then." I implied."There's no need for that. Just say whatever you want to." He said,his voice sounded better as he spoke."I won't be able to come to sign today dad." I said and he didn't speak."Dad! Dad!! Can you hear me?" I asked but I heard nothing. I removed the phone against my ear to check if the call was still ongoing but it was."It's okay." He said in a very low tone that I couldn't have heard if I wasn't paying attention."Dad!Please try to understand I just..." I couldn't finish my statement when I heard my phone beep.
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Chapter Nine
They all arrived and the room was filled to the brim. I started sweating profusely even when all the air conditioners were turned on. My legs were shaking. My dad held my leg firmly and nodded his head. It seemed to have a little effect on me. My dad tried to stand up but I stood up before him and made him sit down back comfortably. "You can't stand now." I whispered in his ear. He cleared his throat before starting."I Raymond Lionel would be stepping down from my position as the CEO of Lionel corporation. Of all my thirty three branches worldwide would now be controlled by my son,Roberto Lionel." He tapped my shoulder.Everybody was shocked."Your son. I thought you never had a child." A woman with well polished nails said abruptly as she pushed her hair backward with her left hand."This is absurd. Did you just pick a child on the street to put as a CEO?" A fat man asked. His voice was very deep and he was bald and pale."That's nonsense." My dad hit the table and stood up. He fel
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Chapter Ten
"Take the cups to the kitchen." I heard my mother in law voice and I pushed Grachi away gently."Didn't he answer when you called him?" My mother asked,ready to hit me again."He didn't answer ma. I've been arguing with him since. He even went to bath." She lied."Imagine. You are lazy and poor. How do you want to make it in life? I wonder what my Rosa saw in you." She yelled."I'm not a low life ma." I said and scoffed."Then what are you? A poverty striken person.I walked away from where she was standing to my wardrobe "Come downstairs when you're done. We have some visitors and you have work to do." She ordered and left with Grachi.I hissed when they left. I dressed casually and walked downstairs."Come here." My mother in law yelled as she spotted me coming down the stairs. There were some people in the sitting room. Two old people of the opposite gender and some kids. "I'm here ma." I said."Is that Rosa husband?" The old woman asked."Yes ma. I'm Roberto. Her husband." I an
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