Magic God Awaken

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Magic God Awaken

By: Eikram OngoingSystem

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"The strength of one man is limited, but the strength of an army is endless." Mo Shen spoke from his throne while billions of soldiers were kneeling in front of him, ready to destroy their foes. "Stop pretending to be a god." A woman wearing a full set of golden armor raised her voice. Mo Shen shook his head and simply smiled. "Pretend to be a god? I'm the smartest and most powerful being in the universe. I never pretended to be a god. All this time, I was pretending to be human. " His eyes illuminated the whole battlefield, and the horns of war signaled the beginning of the end. This is not the story of a hero. This is the story of a true conqueror, a true god.


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34 chapters
An old woman, dressed in a flowing black dress, stood before him and made the entire room feel ominous. The darkness that surrounded her made it difficult to make out her features, but the way she stood sent shivers down his spine. The tattered fabric of her dress clung to her thin frame, and her hair was a wild and tangled mess. He narrowed his eyes and peered into the dark, trying to make out the woman's face. But the room was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere. "Devour Life." The woman spoke with a grating, chilling voice that sent shivers through him. His palms grew slick with sweat as his hands trembled uncontrollably. He took a deep breath, trying to steady himself for the worst. "Devour Death." A cold breath tickled the back of his neck, but the woman in front of him remained still, making the situation unnerving. Then suddenly... "hehehehehehe!!!!" Her crazed laughter filled the room as she ran towards him with wild, crazed eyes. He could feel his heart pounding and ever
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Once Again
The sound of whispers and murmurs echoed through the halls of the school, as students and staff rushed to gather around the nurse's office. They craned their necks, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening.As Mia heard the news, her face lost color, and she felt a pang of guilt in her chest. She wished she had gone with him, but instead, she was left with regret.Meanwhile, some girls who were envious of her took the chance to spread rumors and attack her reputation. They surrounded Mia and taunted her, their voices filled with cruelty and jealousy. "She's so insensitive," one of the delinquent girls sneered, as they huddled together and pointed toward her."I can't believe she let her boyfriend go to the nurse's office all by himself," another chimed in, shaking her head in mock disapproval. "What kind of girlfriend is she?" the third added, making a show of tutting and clicking her tongue.But she simply walked past them with a straight face, unaffected by their insults.
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Highschool Life
As Mo Shen entered the classroom, most of his classmates had already taken their seats. He made his way to his designated seat located in the fourth row, settling in for the day's lessons.He was gone for almost a week when he was hospitalized, so most of his classmates look at him curiously. None of them came and asked him about his condition because they thought that he wanted to be left alone. "Am I not sociable?" Mo Shen realized his classmates were distant and began to reflect on his behavior. He concluded that perhaps it wouldn't hurt to be a bit more sociable from time to time. As he pondered, he understood that his lack of socializing was causing them to keep their distance.'Yeah, I remember that I'm bad at talking before' Mo Shen remembered that he used to struggle with communication, and as he shook his head, he acknowledged his past struggles with socializing."It's lucky that Mia was there to take care of me," Mo Shen thought to himself. He looked up at the blackboard a
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Mo Shen had a busy day at school and was eager to continue his training to strengthen his body and improve his skills. The first thing that came to his mind is Mount Ming. Mount Ming is a dormant volcano between Incheon and Seosan. It's a tall mountain that faced the sea and had a lot of natural resources. Places like this are abundant in natural energy because they have all four major elements.He walked towards the station and boarded the train. His priority is to strengthen his body.Mo Shen sat near the window seat, looking at the old highways that connect the two cities. He could see the vast highway that quickly flew past him. The bundle of flowers and herd of birds on the railings reminded him of his past life.Mo Shen gazed at the ocean in front of him, sighing as he remembered a time when the platform was guarded by hundreds of cultivators. Doo."Next stop, Seosan ." The announcement jolted Mo Shen. He grabbed his black-colored bag, got to his feet, and stood up. Then he he
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One punch
Mo Shen beamed with satisfaction as he felt his newly transformed body. He now had a more muscular physique, with bulging muscles that could be clearly seen through his clothing. This transformation was a significant change from his former average build. It was a good thing he had a spell to reduce his muscle mass. If not, Mia will surely be surprised to see such an abrupt change.After spending a night reinforcing his newly improved physique, Mo Shen went back home. Just as he expected, his body had become more vigorous despite not sleeping. He feels fresh and full of energy. The feeling was something no ordinary human could achieve."The improvement in my body is good enough to fight Martial Warriors. With this strength, I can go forward with my plan to earn more money."He was worried about the interruptions of big sects. They had a covert organization that dealt with individuals who broke their rules of confidentiality or cultivated without authorization. This group was known for
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Dare to mess with me?
It was already 5:30 pm by the time they arrived at the mall; the sun was setting and casting a warm glow over the city. The night lights of the city had started to twinkle, creating a beautiful display. Meanwhile, the mall was bustling with activity, with people coming and going from its stores and restaurants. "Mo Shen... "Thank you for saving me back then." She tried her best, but she still mumbled some words. She was too self-conscious and did not know what to say."It's ok, it's nothing." he calmly replies while checking the menu. He never considered that incident a big deal after all. "What will happen now?" Mia's voice was still shaky from being overwhelmed. She realized the consequences of their actions."What do you mean?" Mo Shen continues to read the menu, he wants to taste some sushi. He was craving some Gunkan Maki, Sasazushi, and Nigiri paired with some cold ginger ale"That guy, Nathan, he's the son of a very wealthy family; he might do something underhanded."Mia's co
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Paying a visit
A series of muffled sounds can be heard over the roofs of multiple buildings. His body flickered while the darkness of the night covered him. His movements were so swift, so elegant, yet so deadly. It was like seeing death descend on earth. That's what he thought an overpowered main character in a novel would do, but Mo Shen was different; he would not do something so stupid and unnecessary. He took a cab and went to Nathan's house like an ordinary boy with a normal working mind. Power is everything in this world. And regardless of how much knowledge he had, it will be useless if he doesn't reach his full potential. He can't be complacent just because he had an arsenal of spells at his disposal. He was like a nuclear reactor without enough uranium to work properly. "Oh, so this is his house?" Mo Shen smiled the moment he saw the mansion. His eyes shine as if he had discovered a gold mine. As he approached the massive gate, he took note of the intricate details that adorned it. Th
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Mo Shen rested in bed, his gaze fixed on the phone screen as he scoured the internet for information about an antique auction. While scanning the posts, he stumbled upon an advertisement for an auction being held the next day, Saturday, at the Incheon Golden Auction House. There was a multitude of items for sale, including a blurry picture of an ancient sword that dates back to 1000 AC. "If my calculations are correct, the money should be available tomorrow," he looked at the time and put down his phone. Mo Shen whispered a spell to himself, "Hex: Sleep." He closed his eyes and felt the magic of the spell wash over him, easing him into slumber. ***The soft glow of the sunrise creeps through the window, illuminating the desk with a warm, yellow light. Mo Shen inhales deeply, feeling the comforting embrace of the morning's warmth envelop him. After breakfast, he changed into his daily clothing. He wore a white jacket that has a print that resembles a Sakura tree on its left side
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At dusk, more than a dozen luxury cars were parked in front of a large, traditional Chinese-style building. The building is a grand, traditional-style structure with four levels. Its architecture is adorned with classic elements, imbuing it with an elegant, timeless appearance. Mo Shen, wanting to blend in with the wealthy crowd at the event, made the conscious decision to hire a black limousine for the day. He knew that arriving by taxi would have drawn unwanted attention and made him stand out. The driver opened the car door for Mo Shen, who stepped out of the limousine with grace. His every movement was imbued with elegance and commanded respect. No one would question his presence, as his aura alone conveyed confidence and power. In fact, many of the ladies present were drawn to him, subconsciously attracted to his charm. He ignored the women's gazes and continued walking toward the entrance. He deemed them unworthy of his attention and was more focused on the presence of four
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Auction 2
Inside the auction room, a handsome young man and a stunningly beautiful woman were locked in a gaze.Mo Shen remained composed, studying the beautiful woman's words for any hidden meaning. His thoughts spun with possibilities, each with its own motivations, but he held back, waiting for her response.She smirked, "Relax, I'm just curious about your demeanor. It's intriguing."Mo Shen's tone sharpened, "Can you be more straightforward? The word 'interesting' is getting old."Her smile never wavered in the face of Mo Shen's harsh words, showing that she was not easily perturbed by his rude behavior."Please, let me introduce myself first," Bao Chin said, extending her hand with a smile that lit up the room. Her allure was undeniable, but Mo Shen remained unaffected. "I'm Mo Tan," he replied, giving her a false name as he took her hand in a handshake. "Bao means 'treasure' in Ancient Chinese. Your Chinese heritage is apparent, but your Korean proficiency is remarkable."Mo Shen comment
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