Nature Chose Me

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Nature Chose Me

By: Polar Muttaqin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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It's been two years since Staas first remember opening his eyes. He found himself surrounded by nature and a bunch of girls with the color of the ash tree. Nothing came to his mind about his past, where he is, or who they are. All he knew is that he’s different, and so does his body capability which those girls called beyond mortal capacity. One day he learns about his origin, which was connected to the creation of this world. Nature chose him. But to uncover the truth and retrieve his memories, he needs to recover things that have been lost, and unite them back onto him.


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62 chapters
The Rise of a New Dawn
Far deep in the forest, in the year 1612, there was a tiny cozy house, in which a boy sleep inside its only room, above a single bed, covered by the moonlight coming from the bedside window. *Slam!* Yet silence suddenly broke away. The door was violently opened by a girl in a white dress, using nothing but her foot. “Hey, Staas! Wake up! You promised to accompany me.” The sweet sound of her grumpy voice loudly called and took the boy away from his dreamland. “Eh…? Promised?” He raised his body from under his blanket, glaring at her with his sleepy eyes, after rubbing it clean with his index fingers. “To gather the dawn herbs, remember?” The girl walked closer and with a change of a warm smile, she answered. Her twilight green eyes gazed at him brightly, while her long brown hair with the color of tree bark was blown away by the passing wind, which came uninvited from the wide-opened door of this room. Hearing her words Staas tu
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Cold Wind From the West
As the dawn came, Staas and Gytha began collecting the herbs according to the list written on her note. They're supposed to be on a race against the hungry rabbits, but somehow those creatures went missing after just a couple of minutes. "Hmm… do rabbits have a low appetite? Or their lungs are just… tiny?" Even for Gytha who've been on the hunt for herbs for years, this occurrence is somewhat bizarre. "By the way Gytha, you never told me the use of the ones we're collecting…" Now that there's no rush in their endeavor, Staas can calmly initiate a chatter with the girl. "Oh, is that so? Hehe, my deepest apology, Staas." She answered in a mocking sarcastic manner. Although the boy didn't seem to be bothered by it. "Last night, before I came to you with this request, a stag was found wounded near the village trees (wall) by the dryads." She began dictating the answer he sought. "An infection occurs in one of his limbs, that's why we need
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The Gate of Nature
A scream broke, piercing the air with its screech and pressure. It was a desperate warcry. The knight came running towards Staas, but with all the loud noises and burdens in his mind, the boy was still stricken in shock, unmoved while his whole body trembled in disbelief. Yet all of the sudden, the number of footsteps grows. There's another one that came rushing towards him. It was Gytha, and hastily she grabbed the absently Staas, pulling him away from the knight as fast as she capably could. But it's all too late, she must use a desperate means to protect the boy from that icy blade. In such critical moment, she turned Staas’ body, putting herself between him and the knight, covering him as a meat shield from the incoming attack. *Slash!* And the knight struck his sword, cutting deeply into Gytha's back, immediately taking away her consciousness from the tremendous pain he caused her. The wounded girl brought Staas back to reality. A
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Even though his eyes profusely glowed, Staas didn't use any of his newfound power to help him with this one strike. All the sheer force accumulated on his foot was from his strength alone. *Smack!* Full-on rage, he kicked the knight right on his chest. The sound it made was so loud, it could be heard through the entirety of the Fatherwood Forest. Even animals started running away, fearing they might get caught in his wrath. "Ack—" The impact was beyond powerful, blood puked out of the knight's mouth. It was enough to fill his helmet till no air was able to reside. His body was thrown far away at a speed faster than the wind itself. All the trees on his trajectory bend their trunk to let the knight fly through beyond them, and they moved as elastic as a wiggling rubber. His body was lost from sight, no one knows how far he went from just a single kick. At the same time, his horse was still standing straight beside Staas, although it was
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Garden of Time
After a long walk through the forest, the boy finally arrived at his destination. He carried Gytha right below his chest while strapping a vine of a plant he grew with his newfound power to his back, and a spear he stole from the knights was attached to it. In front of him stood tall a lone gate, covered in plants, shrooms, and mosses. From a naked eye, the gate leads to nothing. It just remained there in the middle of the forest resembling some abandoned stuff that humans left. But for the nymphs and Staas, that gate will guide them to the keepers of this forest, entities that have outlived many lives for hundreds of years, some even more than a thousand. “I stand before the greatest judge! The law of existence itself!” As he shouted the spell, the gate began to tremble. Then clack! The sound of a lock being unlocked. The gate opened its door, and from it crawl out bright light, along with white mist which slowly creeping through the air. What can be
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Who I Was
Long long ago, when this planet was nothing but a giant empty sphere, the Goddess came step foot and created nine elements as the fundamentals of magic and energy. It was honestly a good start for the Earth, sadly that was everything the Goddess ever gave to her. As silent and lonely as it was, the Goddess decided to humor Herself with a presence of a man and created an entity based on Herself as a reference. Like how he was intended to be, the man fulfilled his duty to accompany her here on the giant empty planet. But, with how handsome She made him, even She grow distracted and forgot about the sole reason why She’s here in the first place. As time went on, the Goddess become too lazy to do anything and just let the man spoil Her every single day. Therefore to help him serve her better, She blessed gave the power of creation and creativity. With this blessing, he painted all kinds of stuff on this blank earth in order to satisfy the needs of his God
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An Empty Vessel
". . ." Gytha found herself awake with her head lying to a solid bed at the center tree of the Spirit Grove. Before her, he saw Nymfrik's body lying down motionless above it, falling in his deep slumber. "Ah... of course." The girl let out a weak smile filled with sadness. "Oh All-father, I just had the sweetest dream a girl could ask." She stood with her arms raised high, going all excited. "It felt so real! you were awake and we spend so much time together! learning... playing..." "I should've known better..." She sat next to him on his bed, glumly looking at his face. "I wish... we could meet soon..." Tears started dripping down. "I miss you... I wanna play with you just like how we did in my dream!" She can contain herself no longer, her face was wetter than rainy days. Then in her sobs, a warm hand suddenly wiped the tear away from her eyes. "Huh...!?" He saw Nymfrik warmly smile at her while gently caressing her red cheek. <
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The Town of Fae pt. 1
"So… mister All-Father the Mighty King of Nymph, how are we gonna go to Songmire?" Asked Gytha as soon as the both of them left the Garden of Time through the ever so mysterious covered in vines gate. "We are not going to Songmire yet," Staas replied, walking his way to Northwest just like Isergia suggested. "Eh!? Then to where first?" The girl was suddenly struck with confusion. "The place where they plant thingy." From the gate, it took a couple of hours for them until the sight of where they were headed finally appear since Staas chose to walk instead of just running like the wind while carrying his nymph. On the way, Staas kept playing with vines and branches created by his magic. They were small compared to all the trunks and roots he used against the knights. He even did so while he was talking with Gytha. Then since she felt as if she was being ignored with how Staas eyes never went to her face, the girl proceeded to ask, "What
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The Town of Fae pt. 2
From the very front of the entrance, the chief brought the two into the center of the hall. There lay a giant round table with nothing on top of it, not even a tablecloth. “Right here, Your Grace, we’ll be planning on handling the matter at hand with the invading humans.” Said the chief from the top side of the table, while Staas and Gytha stood right across him. Gytha realized what they were about to do or discuss. She quickly walked to the chief to tell him a couple of advice. “Mr. Chief, I know this is a strategy meeting… but can you please make your words easier to understand? Staas isn’t fully recovered yet, and he has as much vocabulary as a child. Although his understanding is somewhat amazing.” She said with a low voice so Staas won’t hear it and get offended. He probably won’t. “Understood, I’ll try to not make it complicated.” Replied Nightfall as he grasp the situation. “Thank you~” The girl then went back to Staas’ side with a smil
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Icy Ground for Tree to Grow
“Your Grace! Your Grace!” Along with a couple of aggressive pounding at the door, a sound of a panicked man shouting from the outside.“Ugh... why do people always wake me up early…” Fully uneager, Staas stood from his bed, quickly grabbed the top piece of his adventurer clothing on top of his bedside drawer. “Coming!”The boy walked toward the door, leaving Gytha who was still lying on his bed like a log. With sleepy eyes, he opened that very door, and there he found a fae, pale as a ghost, grasping heavily to air around him.“The humans… they’ve arrived!”Hearing that exhausted words Staas' eyes turned open wide. He immediately ran to have Gytha awake from her slumber then dressed fully to meet the chief that might already be waiting for his arrival. He also did not forget to bring the stolen spear along with him.The thing with Staas... he doesn’t really follow the basic r
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