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Mike Carson, a twenty-three-year-old man, and the proud owner of a gaming corporation. He launches the first ever VR game named, “Nexus Online”. He was an ordinary man, living a normal life until in a twist of fate he loses the people he loved. Sometime later, he was floating, watching his own funeral, and in the next moment, he was standing at the court of Lord Yama. Bored and in need of entertainment, Lord Yama gives him another life. Mike is now reborn in a new world, quite similar to the game he once created. Now, all he has to do is climb up the ladder of power and survive. Easy right?



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It’s getting dark .A guy is sitting on a log in the park. There are others around him. But he doesn’t notice them staring at him or he doesn’t care.He is busy in listening to his favorite song in his Walkman. Eyes closed. Singing .Not a magnificent voice.But it’s okay.Its dark so his face is not clearly been seen. He sings an unfamiliar song. “ Hello sir, are you Streak? ” says a small voice. Well, to be clear, she is a teeny tiny girl.Our guy continues singing. Maybe he didn’t hear her. Well, people around him notice him because he is not even looking at the girl who called him. “Huh.. Freak jerk” grumbles a man who is one of those people watching him.The guy continues singing. You know what, let’s continue with calling the ‘guy’ a streak.Now the girl realises he didn’t hear her. And she notices his earplugs. Now she touches his arm and says
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“So what are you up to today, Mike” said an angelic voice from beside me. The owner of the voice was Alice McFly. Well, she is my best friend. Our parents have known each other for over 15 years. So by proxy we ended up playing together since we were kids. I turn towards her. She is a beauty. I like her. I guess more than a friend. But I also know that she likes me but as a friend, nothing more than that. And if I ever admitted that, I love her. I might lose her. So I never tried. I felt it for the first time on the prom night. Well, it turned out that she was going with James Carter. He is everything a girl might want, I guess. He was good looking, rich.It’s not that I’m poor. My mom and dad formed CARSON ENTERPRISES. It’s a software industry. One of the top 20 in the world. It’s not that I’m not good looking. But compared to Carter.....yeah.“What are you looking at, jerk ? “ Al
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Well, everything is running smoothly. It’s been 2 months since the day Alice and I kissed.We are still a thing. Yeah. James still tries to belittle me and Alice in front of our classmates.But everyone knows he is a sore loser. And a bitchy person. Well, good news.. No One Cares..Oh..And my company has released a new game . It’s called NEXUS ONLINE.AUTHOR’S NOTE: NEXUS ONLINE MENTIONED HERE IS BASICALLY A VR GAME . THIS GAME IS MAINLY FOR THE USERS TO EXPERIENCE A GAME PLAY IN FANTASY AND MEDIEVAL TIME PERIOD. STRICTLY SPEAKING, IF YOU DON’T LIKE FANTASY GENRE THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. AND IF YOU LIKE, THEN READ WELL.I don’t know about games. Coz I’m not a gaming fan. So yeah. But not Alice. She loves gaming, and she was the one who made me buy the pod. She said, “You should also play with me. What will happen to me? If you are not with me. &
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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||PLAYER NAME REQUIRED, FOR SUCCESSFUL ACCOUNT CREATION|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||I ENTERED, “PLAYER ONE”You know, the advantages of playing such games before anyone else, has a benefit. It is the benefit of giving my character any name I want to. If this game was already released, then my name would have flagged an error. Because usernames are case sensitive. And no two users can have same usernames.It was like; I was dropped in a ravine, and my speed increased with every passing second. My body felt like it was going to be torn into shreds.Soon, the pain left my body. Not that intense, but yeah, you could still feel hurt.I opened my eyes. My world exploded in a variety of colours. Damn, so real.I touched my body. My hands
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 I opened the door of the room and exited the testing area. I saw Alice. She was sitting on a bench near the testing area. Seeing that I was out of the testing area, she stood up and smiled while walking towards me. Although I don’t want to kill you single dogs. Yeah, I am talking to you. What can I say? Obviously, I have an ability to break out of the fourth dimension. I will see you now. I looked at Alice’s smile. Damn, while I saw her, I thanked myself. It was the best decision to take the chance or else I would have missed the chance to be with this beautiful, talented, and sweet girl. I hugged her. Obviously, she hugged me back. I asked her, while hugging her, “You haven’t tested the game yet, have you? “ She shook her head and continued resting her head on my chest. I looked at her. She was acting kinda weird. This made me feel weird. So I asked, “What’s wrong Alie? “ She sighed and said, &ldqu
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 The next morning, I woke up early. I felt a weight on my chest. It was none other than Alice. She had a cute frown on her face , then she suddenly smiled. ‘She seems to be in a dream. ‘ , I thought. I slowly got out of the bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. There were sounds coming from the living room. It was early in the morning, so I frowned and walked towards the living room. Only to find Sarah there, sitting on the couch, watching cartoons. I sighed and said, “Sarah, are you still a kid? Watching cartoons early in the morning. “She jumped off the couch in fright. She had one hand on her chest. Glaring at me, she said, “Damn.. When did you become so sneaky? Did you get some teleportation powers? “ I shook my head at her imagination. “It ain’t possible to get a super power. What is this, a novel?”, I said, rubbing my forehead. She narrowed her eyes and said," Who said superpo
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 The hackers in Genesis have their own group specialised for them, with the highest grade systems. I stood at the center of the room. Surrounding me were the cabins of our hackers, in a circle. When I stood at the center, their attention was directly on me. These people were grateful to me and would remain loyal, because if they betrayed me, they would break their own rule. I said in a loud voice, “Our rival companies are trying to replicate the game we all have worked hard for. “ Obviously, even the hackers are important for game creation. I won’t go further into the details.Our Hackers started their attack on the U. S. share values. We have power to eliminate a company by reducing the value of its share. But I won’t do that, since I don’t want to be caught by the government. But I can afford to deal with Carter’s. Because I can cover up my actions easier than playing with the entire share market. Price
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 Few days later, finally it is the time for the launch of our game, Nexus Online. My company had used every way to promote this game. I even used my identity as a Carson for this. We would launch the game this evening. I invited about a thousand guests to attend the banquet, where we would announce our game. Many people have some idea that my company, the Genesis Corporation, is working on Virtual Reality, that can change the world. What they didn’t know was, Genesis Corporation would launch a Virtual Reality game. Everything is possible in this game. It’s possible to live your second life here. You can be anyone you want, a burglar, pirate, king, magician.. Whatever is your fantasy, it would become your reality here. By the way, this is also the motto of our company. Make your fantasies into reality.For the banquet, we have booked out a museum. Yeah, we could buy everything. If you can’t, just increase the price. After t
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 Sitting on the couch in the living room, I am watching the news. Scrolling down the website to check the news. I sighed when I saw the first news. It was about the hacking incident. Yeah, the same one when my hacker team hacked the shares. It’s been weeks, but the news was still hot. Many news channels showed the incident in repeat. The second news was about US presidential elections. It seems, election is like always, full of controversy. Sighing, I scrolled down and looked at the next news. It was about some prophecy of an asteroid hitting the earth and would cause destruction, blah, blah, blah.. I scrolled down.The next news made my brows furrow. I clicked on the news. It had three million views, well since it is a famous news channel website. The title of the news was, ‘Virtual Reality : Product of Theft. ‘ This made me frown. I read the news. “This.. “ The news said about the announcement of Genesis Corp
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I sighed, drinking the wine from the glass in my hands. It has been a day since the press conference. There was no news from Jack about the evidence till now. Alice had gone to her parents’ house. So I and Sarah were alone in the house since yesterday. Sarah had already gone to the company to work. Since there was nothing for me to do, I had nothing to do, so I am ‘relaxing’ in the house. My phone rang. I saw the name of the person who called me. It turned out to be the lawyer. I picked it up and said, “What is it? “ The lawyer’s voice was awkward. After a few minutes of talk, I understood what was going on. It turned out that Carson Enterprises had sued us, the Genesis Corporation, for stealing their core projects. Gritting my teeth, I called Jack. The phone connected. When I asked him about the progress of evidence hunting, he said, “We are too close. Just a few more hours. We can defi
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