Realms Traversing Mansion

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Realms Traversing Mansion

By: OmnipotentDad OngoingHarem

Language: English

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Currently, year 2124, Tesular West Federation. It's a world where only 0.09% of the population is extremely rich, 4.9% are people that's above average, 8% are average, and the rest are either living day by day or poor. A 24-year-old man named Charles Rade is one of those people that you could call "poor", his only family left is his younger sister, Cherry Rade, and his grandmother, Grandma Mae. They are a family of people that would need to work really hard just to have something to eat. But right now, Charles Rade is currently in shock at what he's seeing. "What the heck is this door?" As soon as he opened the door, he could see something else, it was like another world. He couldn't help but be shock, stupified, and speechless. But as he was currently dazed, four old men approached him. "Young master, we've been waiting for your arrival!" "We warmly welcome you to your mansion."

1 chapters
Chapter 1: Let's Break Up
Shining Future University. A young man is currently standing in front of 3,000 university students, he's about to end his speech. His name is Charles Rade, a 20-year-old young man. "To all my fellow students that will graduate today, to a brighter future of the Federation." "I hope that we all will succeed and contribute much more to the development of our country." He's the number one university student, receiving 100% scholarships and a monthly allowance of 2,000 white credits. 2,000 white credits is usually an average worker's monthly salary, but he's receiving it as an allowance from the university. "To bring honor for our family, our university, our country." "To bring honor to ourselves, I hope that all, and each of us become successful!" At this time, he threw his hat up. "Yeah!" "Yehey!" All of the graduates also threw their own hats. After six years of struggling, they had finally finished their studies and were about to enter the real world. As soon as he wen
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