Rise Of The System Trillionaire

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Rise Of The System Trillionaire

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Jilted at the altar by his wife on his wedding day, mocked by friends and family, and scorned by the media, 30 years old Arnold Stone thought all was lost when he was then attacked by mobs and hit by a truck on that same unfortunate day. Mysteriously he survived the accident unhurt and unscathed without bruises, and wakes up a changed man, who’d also become the host of a dark super lavish system called the Nexus. Binded to the instructions of this system, he is asked to accomplish various tasks, and quests in order to unlock points and embark on a journey of vengeance on those who hurt and ridiculed him. Also, he is no longer Arnold Stone, the poor grocery owner who barely had a dime to his name. Now he is the host of a system worth trillions of dollars. King of the underworld and a rising Trillionaire!


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I Do, I Do
Arnold glanced around the office of a justice of the peace and smiled widely. The day had finally come for him to marry Vera, his girlfriend, since they were teenagers. He had worked so hard to finally see the day come and he was ecstatic.He noticed that some of her relatives were present at the wedding, and his smile gently faded because none of his had come. He was an orphan and had no relatives that could attend his wedding. However, his co-workers had come, and that made him feel a little better. The court room was packed with people who had come to witness their wedding.“And do you, Arnold Stone, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as you both shall live?” The officiant asked, staring at the couple."Yes, I do." He replied firmly. He glanced at Vera and noticed that she wasn't as excited as he expected. In fact, she looked very unhappy.“And do you, Vera Wang, take this man to be your law
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Jilted At The Altar
"You have no idea how foolish you have made yourself look," Lucas said, inches away from Arnold. Arnold's eyes widened as he stared at his best friend speaking to him that way. He couldn't believe that someone he trusted with his heart would ever treat him like that. "Why?" He asked Lucas slowly. "Why would you do this to me?"Lucas threw his head back and laughed. "Vera was never yours. Do you know how long I have been sleeping with her? Do you know how long I have been taking care of her and paying her bills? Well, I guess you are too slow to notice things. That's exactly why you think she would settle for you. You wretched low-class trader." Arnold shook his head. Lucas's words pierced his heart like a knife. "Is that why you refused to help me all this time? Is that why you won't help me with money to promote my business? Because you were sleeping with my girlfriend?"Lucas grinned. "Finally, you're beginning to catch on. Well, that was part of the reason. I'm shocked you're not
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Broken Hearts, Fragile Egos
Arnold stumbled through the dark streets, fully drunk and confused. He had been drinking for hours, trying to drown his sorrow with the alcohol. Right after he left the courtroom, he went to a bar. It was the only place he could go to forget his pain. He had downed several bottles of alcohol and finally left when he was intoxicated. As he walked through the blackened street only illuminated by streetlights and shops displaying the usual open sign, he muttered bitterly. He occasionally stopped and chuckled, which caught the attention of people. Many people stared at him like he had lost his sanity, but he didn't care. He was too lost in his heartbreak to care about the people watching him. He staggered, almost falling to the ground but managed to hold himself back. Then he let out another laugh, this one longer and creepier than the last. "She left me." The words tasted like bile on his lips. He took out his phone and scrolled to the message icon to read his messages with Vera. His
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‘Nexus’ The Dark System
The cool whiff of the evening breeze, whipped past fleetingly, and with a gasp, Arnold’s eyes shot open albeit painstakingly.At the same time, he felt a splitting ache in his skull, and blinking through his blurred vision, he closed his eyes again, and tried to remember where he was.He could hear voices nearby, the faint sounds of ambulance sirens wailing loudly, and he groaned as a wave of nausea swept over him."What was happening to him? Where was he?" He wondered, as he tried to move his stiff body ,but unfortunately, he couldn’t. And then it slammed into him all at once, like a ton of bricks and suddenly everything that’d happened came flooding back to him.The disgraceful wedding scene. Him getting drunk afterward and attacked by a group of vile men who had beaten him to a pulp and robbed him. Then……… the accident.“No…” The words tore out of his lips in a rush, and just as he tried again to get up from the hard bricked floor he heard a voice in his head.‘Of course, Not. Yo
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King Of The Underworld
Looking around him, Arnold found himself surrounded by what seemed to be tens of people, most of them looking shocked.Some looked frightened, others looked worried and they were pointing fingers at him.“He’s alive.” Someone close by said.“He doesn’t look hurt. What do you think will happen now?” Another added.He blinked his eyes again, and took in his surroundings.He was in the middle of the road, and from what he could deduce, there were ambulances and sirens everywhere.Everything looked like a nightmare scene out of a movie— where everything had been quiet or peaceful just a moment ago, but now chaos reigned once more.A few feet away from him, Arnold saw what looked like a tumbled over truck, and he could see blood dripping off of it.Not his blood. He noted, because he looked strong and fine.A figure lay prone on the ground, motionless and seemingly lifeless and also covered in white sheet.Probably the driver of the truck- Arnold mused to himself.“Hello there.” A strange
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Mockery & Scorns
Arnold still couldn't wrap his head around it. Maybe it was the misfortune all his life speaking but it all felt like a dream he would just suddenly wake up from."Ow!" He hissed, and head held high, Arnold began to walk the streets, going straight to his apartment building, and in no time he arrived.Black soot coated the walls of the apartment complex. The once bright red hue was no longer it's original color. Instead it had patches of sickly green all over. It looked like it could pass for a work of art but it wasn't. It was a dumpster all in all. A soft wind blew by and a creak accompanied it. It was late at night and everywhere was eerily quiet, so even the faintest sound reached Arnold's ears. It was his window.The sill was broken and the glass was cracked. The sun's rays bounced off it and Arnold discovered a not so tiny hole.So that's where the rats and geckos were coming in from. Honestly, Arnold couldn't even remember what condition it was when he moved in."What the?" A
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Shocking Humans
Arnold didn't know if it was the chill night air, or the fact that he'd completed his first task successfully that made the car ride enjoyable.All he knew was that the bubbling feeling he felt inside wasn't one he'd felt in a long time. As the taxi zoomed on, his hand slid into his pockets.A groan slid past his lips as he replayed the painful memory of the night’s event in his head. Recollecting the punches he'd gotten, he winced involuntarily even though they no longer hurt. The appearance of high-rise buildings momentarily wowed Arnold. They'd gotten to the more developed urban part of the city and Arnold was speechless. He'd never been to this area because, to be honest, what would the old Arnold possibly be doing here? He definitely didn't fit in with these caliber of people."Are we almost there?" Arnold asked the cab driver, who was happily whistling away to a tune on the radio."At the phone store?”“Yes.” Arnold said and peered onto the road. Far ahead were curves he'd only
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The First Quest
Arnold woke up to the heady scent of luxury. For the first time in his entire life, he had slept without any form of discomfort. All he could feel was the fluffy beddings and the pillows that felt like tufts of cloud.After the incident with the hotel staff, they had apologized to him profusely and provided everything he needed immediately. Fueled by the doors his money opened for him and the endless privileges, he had entered cloud nine from yesterday until today.He opened his eyes and all he could see was white. If he didn't know any better, he would have simply assumed that he must be in heaven.He stood abruptly, letting the soft, white duvet slide off his bare skin and walked into the adjourning bathroom in his birthday suit. After showering, he laid out the brand new designer clothes he'd ordered on the bed, sniffing it like a savage before proceeding to put it on — with the tags still intact, of course.As he put on the gray suit trouser, he heard a light buzz coming from his d
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The Business Man Quest
Arnold went to answer the knock on the door with apprehension. His arms were suddenly stiff and his neck felt like it had twisted in one direction and couldn't straighten any longer.Still, he led his body toward the door and asked, "Who's there?""I'm the maid assign—"Before she could finish speaking, he opened the door. Relief washed over him as he stared at the smallish woman in her cleaning uniform in front of him.For a moment there, he had thought it was someone related to his first quest. The Nexus had not yet told him the details of the quest and he was feeling queasy already. What would this quest be? It seemed the Nexus liked to keep his on his toes."Can I come in?" the woman asked.He looked down at her and moved aside as she rolled her cleaning trolley into his hotel room. He'd been so consumed in his thoughts that he hadn't remembered to let her in.He wanted to say sorry but he decided against it. The old him would have blurted out sorry at the speed of light. Then agai
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Humiliating Encounters
Mr Larry watched Arnold speak. He watched him try to articulate his words very well. He puffed out smoke from his cigar repeatedly. Sometimes, he did it so close to Arnold’s face that he could see the visible disgust on the man's face. It gave him some sort of sick pleasure.“Hold on.”Arnold looked up at Larry, wondering why he suddenly told him to hold on.“Yes?” Arnold asked, now looking at Larry intently, his eyes examining the man’s face. From his examination, he made a finding: Mr Larry's lips didn’t resemble that of a smoker. It was surprisingly clean and fresh-looking.“Why?”Arnold was beginning to wonder. He shook his head to stop his distracting train of thought. “Why what?”“Why the fuck should I invest in your business? Let’s say, okay, I’m interested in this business idea you’re pitching to me, why do you think I should invest in it?” Larry laughed — a dark, long laugh. He reached out and put out his cigarette on the ashtray beside him. “From what you’ve said so far, it
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