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Ian is just a poor but hardworking man to give everything that Sharmaine, his girlfriend wants. But it changed when he was on his way home, he found many people crowded on the road, he was curious and was surprised to see Sharmaine had a new boyfriend. He got mad and confronted them, but they just humiliated him in front of everyone but what he doesn’t know was that he’s a lost heir.


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92 chapters
1. Betrayed and humiliated
“Ugh! I am so tired.” Ian groaned while stretching his body. Ian Laude is just a simple guy. He just finished his part-time job and worked as a delivery man. He decided to rest and drink water for a while before going home. “No need to complain if I am doing everything for us.” He can’t stop smiling while looking at his picture together with Sharmaine. Sharmaine is his girlfriend, and she was the most beautiful woman in his college. Ian admits that he was working part-time to spend his money on Sharmaine, because he wants to be the best boyfriend. “After getting my salary, I am going to take you out for dinner to an expensive restaurant.” he smirked and kissed Sharmaine's face. Ian slowly stood up and took a deep breath. He was so excited to go home back to his dormitory to rest and contact Sharmaine. “Gosh! He's so handsome!” someone freaked out. Ian suddenly stopped walking when he saw people around. He looked around. “Wait, what’s happening here?” he got confused.
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2.Denied and embarrassed
Ian just groaned and at the same time was very embarrassed, not just in front of everyone but also to those people who are watching the live and sharing them. “Party’s over!” someone yelled. Ian saw Sharmaine hurriedly getting inside the Ferrari. Before he rushed toward them, they had already left. He knows she was trying to run from him. “F*ck!” he groaned while getting mad at himself. “He’s weird.” “I think that guy was insane.” “I know right, and I think he is one of the pretty woman’s suitors.” Those are the words he was hearing from them while they were leaving. As they all left, Ian sadly sat down and lonely. He couldn’t believe what had just happened to him. When he remembered her, he hurriedly took out his phone from his bag and dialed her number. “The number you have dialed..... Sh*t!!” Ian just shouted. Sharmaine wasn’t answering his calls that made him very upset. He was so clueless about where they were heading right now. Until he remembered that they we
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3. Hurt and jailed
“You’re going to pay for this!” he shouted at them. Sharmaine wipes the blood from Chris’ face with her hand and looks so worried. Ian’s heart was hurt again. Like a sharp knife has been stabbed. He was so jealous. “Sharmaine, why do you have to do this to me?” Ian softly asked her. He wants some answer from her. Sharmaine just looked at him and rolled her eyes. She was so tired of him already. “Really? Are you really asking me that right now?” She mocked him. Sharmaine had already told Chris the truth. That Ian was really her boyfriend. Chris just doesn’t care, because he doesn’t have to worry. “Come on, honey. Tell this idiot why.” Chris smirked. Ian growled and angrily looked at him. “In that case, maybe he is going to stop hallucinating.” Christopher told her. And both of them keep on laughing while Ian can’t say anything. He has been betrayed by the woman he thought who true loves and accepts for who he was. “Fine! Why did I do this? Of course, because you are
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4. His lawyer
Ian’s eyes grew wider and wider. He can’t stop looking at the beautiful woman in front of them. The police looked very shocked as well. “Wh-at? His lawyer?” one of them asked. The lawyer just nodded with a firm and serious straight expression. After a while, the police couldn’t stop laughing. The lawyer seemed moved and very confused. “What are you laughing at? I didn’t say anything funny.” she mumbled. They stopped laughing and both cleared their throats. “Wait, I think you got the wrong person. This man? He has a lawyer? Come on, looks like he doesn’t even afford to buy himself a new sneaker.” the other police said. Now, they continued laughing again. The lawyer shook her head. Ian was being humiliated making the lawyer slap her hand on the table. The police and everyone inside the station were all freaked out. “I am not kidding around here, people. I am going to get him out of here no matter what and I can even sue you for bullying him.” the lawyer said madly. Ian w
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5. He's an heir
Ian’s surprised face went funny. He scoffed and started laughing. He would never think that was the funniest joke or prank he had ever heard from a stranger. “Is this some kind of a prank?” he asked her and couldn’t stop laughing. She just didn’t say anything and shook her head. “It wasn’t funny after all, and I am not pranking you.” she said. She knows it wasn’t just easy for him to believe that he was going to be rich sooner. Ian couldn’t believe that he would be rich for he was so poor. “Fine, I know it’s hard to believe what I am saying, but this is the truth. You have to believe me. I have a proof that I am not pranking you. ” she firmly said. When Ian saw how serious her expression was, and he could see that she wasn’t just pranking him, he just went calm and stopped laughing. He took a deep sigh and looked at her. “Then, how can I believe you then and where’s your proof?” he asked her. The lawyer smiled like that wasn’t a problem for her to do so. At first, Ian
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6. Fired
Ian went very speechless without moving. The lawyer looked at him and she knows that he was merely thinking about it. He needs to decide very well about it or else, he's going to lose himself. "So, are you done thinking about it?" she asked him. Ian swallowed hard and shook his head. "Not yet. Can you give me a minute?" he asked. "Sure." she just giggled and nodded. He never thought it was that hard to decide about something. He just groaned and took a deep breath. "It's up to you, Mr. Laude. This is your only chance to move on from your life. Your life would change if you're going to accept this." she added. With that, Ian slowly thinks about it. He knows she was right and it's his only chance and opportunity. He can do everything he wants to and he could buy anything he wanted to as well. He can get his revenge on Sharmaine and Chris that hurt him. "If I am going to accept this mission, I can do everything I want to. I can avenge what they did to me." he said inside him. Th
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7. Wish granted
Ian left the company with a mad look and hurriedly picked up his phone "Damn him!" he groaned and stomped his feet. Ian knew inside him what merely happened. He was so hurt that he was just fired. He stared at his phone and stared at the lawyer's number and dialed it. "Hmmm, what happened? I thought he was going to work." the lawyer was shocked that Ian suddenly called her. He couldn't accept that his manager just fired him just like that. He was just late one time and fired him all the way. "Hey, Ian, you called, what happened?" the lawyer worriedly asked him. Ian groaned and took a deep breath. As much as he wanted to tell her what happened to him, he doesn't want to. "Nothing, nothing happened." he said. "Okay? then, why did you call?" she asked. He wanted to ask something from her that she might help. "Ye-ah, I'm sorry but can I ask you about something." he favored. The lawyer on the other hand was very shocked. She never thought he was going to need her help already th
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8. Surprise
As much as Ian wanted to punch him right now, he just smiled genuinely at him. "Nothing, I just want to sit here because there would be such a great drama going to happen." he smilingly said. All of them were shocked and became unhappy, especially the president. The president groaned and glared at him but Ian just smiled at him. "What are you still doing?!" the president asked and shouted at the manager. The manager hurriedly faced him. "Kick him out of here before the new owner of the company is going to come. I don't want him to see this crazy and insane man right here. I don't want to disappoint him." the president told his manager. The manager shivered in fear and faced the president. "I am sorry, sir. I am going to take care of him." he said. The president just nodded and allowed him to. After a while, the manager walked toward Ian and faced Ian with a despised look. Ian just went calm. "You heard the president! Leave before the new owner arrives sooner. You're just bloc
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9. Exciting part
"Huh? where?" the president and the others were all curious and shocked. The lawyer and Ian were just both standing and waiting for them to see him and process into their minds that he was the one the lawyer was referring to. "Boss, no one's here except for us and him." the manager told the president. The president groaned as he saw Ian sitting on the ground while looking at them. Ian even waved his hand at them. "He's nuts." the manager said. "Nah, it's impossible it's him." the president even said and shook his head as he looked at Ian. Ian just sighed and shook his head. He wanted to laugh because they look very crazy looking for the new boss which they don't know it was really him. "They're nuts. They don't get that it's just me." he mumbled. The lawyer just chuckled a bit as she saw they were all getting chaotic looking around who was the new boss and owner of the company. As much as she wanted to tell them that it was Ian, she doesn't want to ruin the moment and her role
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10.Fired and new manager
The president just took a deep breath and fixed himself after realizing everything. He even wiped his hands on his suit and extended to Ian. "I'm so sorry for what I said and did earlier. I just don't know what to say..." he apologized and even bowed his head while waiting for Ian to shake his hand with him. Ian and the lawyer just looked at each other and smirked. The president knew that his company was just a top 10 company in their town but he merely knew that the lawyer is very famous and powerful and that she works with the biggest consortium in the world. But he was still shocked that Ian was the new owner of the company which he was once just their delivery. "Okay, apology accepted." Ian said and shake his hand with the president. The president was so happy and looked at Ian with a respectful facial expression. The lawyer nodded and even winked at him. "What can I do for you, Mr...?" the president asked Ian. He doesn't know what to call Ian. The lawyer and Ian just both c
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