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Nathan Dawson is a 25 years old handsome young man, struggling to find a decent job to fend for his family. Every attempt led to nothing. In an attempt to save his house from being demolished by someone powerful Nathan encountered 40 years old Laura Larson, a beautiful, multi-billionaire CEO widow. A woman who ruled with an iron fist., proposed marriage to him in exchange for getting him out of prison Left with no choice, Nathan agreed to the proposal, however, the new entry to the Larson family was disliked when secrets lurking in the shadows threatened to resurface.


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A violent man
The restaurant was nearly filled. The tables were nicely arranged. The atmosphere was pleasantly delightful. People dine in groups and couples. The soft classical music playing in the background gave a serene feelingMost star five restaurants had that uniqueness. From the food. To the setup and the serviceGlancing around. Nathan knew such high places didn't suit him. He wasn't bothered by fancy things. He spotted a court at a far corner having a quiet meal. It was nearing the end of the week."So Mr Dawson…such a clean record you have here" a familiar voice jerked him back to reality. Turning back to look at the two old men sitting with him. Nathan gave a half smile. His fingers circled the crystal stem filled with wine and raised it to his lips. "Isn't it…what you are looking for?"Nathan said, his voice deep and relaxed. A proud smile crept at the corners of his lips knowing Carter and his friend Harris were shrewd old men. Carter was a chairman at a well-known construction compan
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Bought his house
A blue and white car stopped outside a house. The door opened forcefully. Of course, it was another day. The sun shone brightly. The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds that drifted lazily in the gentle breeze.Specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of afternoon sunlight that slanted through the window.Nathan got out of the police car and adjusted his jacket"Look here Bobby"Nathan said leaning down the car window and peeking inside to look at the cop, who dared lay his hands on him"Before you say any shitty thing…quit wasting your time getting into fights," the policeman said, cutting Nathan off. With a scoff, Nathan smirked"Whatever Bobby…next time stay the hell out of my business" he hated it when people interfered in his affairs. Especially the cops"For the last time, it's James…Carl James" the policeman snapped feeling irritated and Nathan chuckle helplessly."Stay out of my affairs Carl…we don't want you losing a bone or two, "Nathan said coldly, he respected t
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Thirst for success
Whenever something happened in the Larson family. The first person who called a meeting was the lady of the houseThe woman who ruled with an iron fist. No one dared to defy her rules. Whenever she got angry everyone got burned"Why aren't they vacating the building""W-well…lady Laura…we tried..we gave out notices to everyone, "the man sitting opposite his boss said nervously. His heart thumped painfully as he tried to keep calm. Peeking up, his knees turned weak at the sight of his boss. For a 40 years old women. She didn't look her age. Beauty with brains and a thirst for success. A perfect blend for a troublesome womanDressed in a white suit, a skirt reaching above her knees, and a coat with a white shirt inside. Rob had to say. His boss was extremely beautiful. Despite her angry resting face. She was a goddess. A gorgeous heart shaped the face of a model despite her age. Her voice was low and calm. She was every man's dream. Those beautiful hazel eyes drew everyone in. To the p
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"Mom…you don't have to worry…I'll fix this"Nathan coaxed his mother, he didn't have to hide such a thing from her. It turned out she knew about this"Son…we can't do anything…sooner or later we have to leave from here," his mom said calmly, and Nathan went silent. He very well knew how much the house meant to his momShe raised her children in the very same house. So much happened and now she was being forced to leave,"Please Nate…don't go out causing trouble" she added, placing her hand on his shoulder. Nathan had his back turned away however he felt his mother's warmth. Turning around, Nathan took his mom's hand. She smiled at him. Of course, she was good at hiding her emotions no matter how hurt she was"Mom…we can't just leave…even if others give in…I won't," he said, giving nothing away. This was important. After the incident with his father. His mom had been like this, calm. Someone would say way too calmly. She never showed any weakness which hurt him."She's powerful…as it is
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Uses money and power
Laura Had never seen such aggression from a man. Certainly not in her presence. Such disrespect from a random good-for-nothing little boy"Stop him now!"The d men around who couldn't fight him off shouted for the countless security guards who rushed in to stop the man"You think I'm scared of a witch like you!"The man growled snapping the dangerous whip in his hand like it were nothing..Laura retreated to a corner, shielding her face with her hands "Today. I show you not to toy with people!"Nathan snarled, striking the flexible line on the table hard. The men and women scattered. The black hunting whip combined had a stock with a firm flexible lash. Deadly at best. With each stroke on the table, the men shivered. was he crazy as to beat a woman?How crazy!The monstrous young man taking predatory steps toward their boss"We'll see bitch…how dare you try to take our homes!"Nathan roared. His body hitched muscularly. Laura swallowed hard. Her back connected with the cold wall, and a s
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Run his mouth
Nathan's eyes narrowed, and his expression darkened. He presumed it was another dayUnlike most times. Carl didn't dare release him. He stayed in the cell the entire night. Who knew what his family was going through in his absenceHe didn't trust those people one bit"T-tell me…how is Mom…did something happen…tell me, "Nathan said calmly, gripping the metal bars tightly. He was desperate to know. Carl was hesitant to say anything which bothered him greatly"You should ask forgiveness the minute lady Laura steps her feet here, "Carl remarked, glancing up at Nathan. The only way for him to know if his family was okay… was by getting out"That's not my concern damn it…how is Mom…my sisters …did…"Nathan was desperate to know how his mom was doing."She's not well… your mom and your sisters…came last night," Carl said lowering his gaze, Nathan's eyes widened. His heart raced"Then does…""It's all over the news okay…I warned you to mind whom you pick a fight with…Lady Laura pressed charges
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A proposal
"You dare!"Nathan growled and struggled to free his hands. His eyes shot with venom seeing how the woman was getting on his nerves. Seeing this Laura smirked."Flog him… break his bones…make sure he bleeds to death…if not then…all of you will suffer?" like a queen Laura gave her final word. Carl nodded and took the whip himself. Standing before a raging Nathan. He knew this was for the best...lady Laura had the final sayNathan didn't argue. His sharp eyes fixed on Laura sitting on the chair again. If looks could kill then Carl was certain the lady would have died. Nathan had never laid his hands on a woman beforeWho knew what he was thinking when he nearly killed LauraWith each strike, the pain burned in his mind before it was even over. Nathan stood still. His hands restrained. The sound each time it landed on his back felt like the plank was being hit against the wall. Tearing across his back as blood trickled downNathan stayed put, his eyes turning red with each strike. Carl st
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"What! Laura, are you insane!" As expected her family was shocked to hear what she had to say. Laura sat elegantly with her eyes fixed on her laptop screen. Her dear mother, little sister, and little brother stood before her. Shocked with the latest news she just gave them"Sis… what's all this''Jeremy, her 30 years old brother said giving her a suspicious look. Laura exhaled heavily and shoved the laptop off her lap. "You can't be serious Laura… marriage? It sounds ridiculous" this time it was her little sister Camila who said. Laura scanned her family from head to toe. The only one missing was Trent. Her dear uncle"We talked about this… are you going to bring another man here… oh goodness wake up Laura!" her mother said dramatically. Laura didn't mind as she listened to their opinions. She just told them about her soon-to-be wedding. Yes, she was getting a husband for herself. Smiling at them Laura picked up a glass of juice and took a sip. "Since when did your opinion matter?"
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Male escort
"Hold still damn it"Carl snarled when Nathan didn't sit still but kept moving and throwing tantrums. Of course, Nathan was bound to be angryThe wounds on his back were nothing compared to what lady Laura did. She trampled over his dignity and pride as a man"That witch is asking for it… don't blame me later" if she wanted, she could ruin the world for all she cared. "Stop it okay… this is nothing compared to what she can do… Nate for once stop being stubborn"Carl tried to reason with Nathan. He was as stubborn as hell. "Do you think I'm a toy… what sort of rubbish, if you are her lap dog I'm not"Nathan snapped, he hated that woman and after what she said to him. His hatred for her was even stronger"Is this about the marriage proposal… Why not agree to it? "Carl said and patched up Nathan's back? He would be in pain for a few days. The wounds were deep however Nathan didn't seem to mind"Are you insane… do I look desperate"Nathan now knew Carl was a confused man. How could he say s
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Her mother in law
"Mom… you don't have to do this okay?"Nathan said, scratching the back of his head. It was another day. He didn't sleep as lovely as he normally did and it was all thanks to lady Laura"I would have loved to give it to her myself… unfortunately the doctor said I need to rest, "his mom said innocently. Nathan was trapped. He woke up early so he could do some work. But now his mom was giving him things to do"She's not a good woman… Why did you trouble yourself… keep this food and flowers here" Nathan said and prepared to leave when his mom stopped him. Turning around Nathan was helpless"Nate… lady Laura is a good woman… she pardoned us… she didn't take our home okay," his mom said cheerfully. Nathan hated to say no to her. However, he was in a hurry to meet one of his friends. The day was crispy. After so much drama, he wanted to loosen up"I don't think so… mom just don't ask me this"Nathan said running his fingers in his hair. His mom was asking him to take the special food she prep
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