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Nathan, a cleaner of the basketball court and a servant to the team members, who was treated like trash by everyone, betrayed by his girlfriend, and everyone found him disgusting. Just at the time he started to feel how unlucky he was, his father told him his real identity. Now, he's no longer the useless trash, he's a Trillionaire.



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Cruel Living
CHAPTER ONE."You dingbat!" A voice yelled at Nathan.In a few hours he will turn 18 years old, and he spent his day cleaning the basketball court. He had pleaded with the coach to give him the cleaning contract, instead of hiring a professional cleaner to do the job. He looks up to see the owner of the unfriendly voice, only to get his face covered in a dirty sweaty smelly towel."I want that properly washed," Bernard said. "It's expensive, you probably can't afford it, even if you spent your entire life mopping basketball courts, so, you better not ruin my towel!"Nathan glared at Bernard in anger. He clenched his fist approaching him. "Be civil with your choice of words!"Bernard groaned, pulling Nathan's hair. Bernard was tall and huge, unlike small lanky Nathan. His masculine build was quite attractive."What did you say?" Bernard continued pulling his hair. "Will you wash the towel or not?""I never said I wouldn't wash it, just be civil while talking to me. that's all." Nathan
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CHAPTER TWO."Hello? Baby." Nathan spoke into the phone. "Baby thank goodness you called. I was having such a terrible day.""That's not why I called, oh please spare me all that." Anabel's voice was husky and pissed. "I am not interested in any of that."Nathan nodded sadly, understanding Anabel was not in the mood. "How are you?" He managed to ask.Anabel's voice came out quickly over the phone. "There's a birthday party I need to attend tomorrow, our cheerleading captain is celebrating her birthday tomorrow night in a grand style. All my friends and cheerleaders will be going!"Nathan frowned deeply. Charlotte's birthday party was the least of his problems. "For the records I'm not going." He said firmly."Who's asking you to?" Anabel laughed. "There's no way she'll even invite you to her party. That's not why I called anyway.""Why did you call? I was working." Nathan said."I need 1000 dollars to buy a red dinner gown, we the cheerleading team has decided to storm the party in re
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Box Of Surprise
CHAPTER THREE.Was this a joke? 100 million dollars in his bank account? Nice one, his bank manager was definitely pulling some sort of stupid prank on him on his birthday.He remembered his last year's birthday, how Bernard pranked him:"Happy birthday, cleaner boy!" Bernard said, walking up to Nathan. "On behalf of the basketball team, we say a very happy birthday to you. In there is a new phone for you, an iPhone. Hence you don't have an iPhone, we contributed money to buy you one. The latest model actually.""Really?!" Nathan smiled looking at his teammates. "Thank you!""Throw your old phone away, man! Common, you've got a new phone!" Bernard led him on."Yeah sure." Nathan nodded, removing his sim card. He then threw his phone over the university's gate to a main road."Good riddance!" Bernard cheered. "Now take." He handed over a gift bag to Nathan.Nathan collected the gift bag in excitement, he opened the bag and discovered a toy phone. It was a toy phone!"It's a toy phone."
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It's Real
CHAPTER FOUR.Nathan didn't fall asleep the entire night. He kept pondering over his parents’ revelation. Imagining and fantasizing on how his life would be from now onwards.He got up early, had his bath, did his chores, and rushed over to his bank. He was too nervous to even have breakfast. He had to figure out if his parents were playing a prank on him. He nearly got hit by another when he got down from his.The bus driver cussed him out."You rascal!" The bus driver yelled. "Do you want to get me in trouble with the legal authorities?""I'm sorry." He apologized even though he wasn't at fault. The driver was simply a careless man, without a driver's license, maybe."Sorry for yo mama, stupid!" The driver yelled.He ignored the driver and raced towards the bank. He saw the driver park his bus and step out, chasing after him. The hell! What a lunatic that shouldn't be behind a gear. The driver continued chasing after him until the driver bumped into the police.That was Nathan's sav
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CHAPTER FIVE.The customer care lady strode out of the manager's office and approached Nathan."Hello sir." She said respectfully. "Here's your coffee, cream filled." She handed Nathan a cup of coffee."Thank you." Nathan smiled, sipping his coffee, just the way he loved it. Money was indeed powerful. Now he understood the saying: money rules the world.Anabel laughed horribly. "Sir? Common miss, don't waste your time. He's not worth the V.I.P treatment, he's got nothing less than 50 dollars in his account." She looked at the man she was with, rubbing his chest. "This is the real deal.""Oh no girl," The lady shook her head. " He has 100 million dollars in his account, currently he is our most valued customer."Anabel and the man laughed."I'm telling you miss; he is poor. Just yesterday he was just a loser with only 100 thousand dollars, not millions. Don't let him fool you.""He makes a living by washing dirty clothes for the basketball team in the university. He couldn't even affor
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Revealed Identity
CHAPTER SIX.Nathan sat in Bart's office, staring at him. His face covered in shame. Maybe this was the end of the prank. What was he expecting? Too much fairy tales was messing up with him to have even thought he was suddenly rich over night.Or could his father be involved in some sort of fraud? And made up lies about owning an empire? Could his father really sell him out?If his father was into dubious things, he'd never rat him out.Bart cleared his throat, straightening up. "This account belong to the Alcantara family.""Yes, I am a son of the family." Nathan answered, more confused and frustrated."But your name is Nathan Smith." Bart said."Alcantara is our family's surname. My dad's name is Smith, so in full my name is Nathan Smith Alcantara." Nathan tried to clarify. "I prefer to answer my dad's name." "You do know impersonation is a serious crime, yeah?" Bart asked, raising his eye brows."I am not impersonating anyone." Nathan said firmly."Very well then, I have to verify
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CHAPTER SEVEN.Nathan's gaze roamed appreciatively over the room. He grinned at Bart.Suddenly Bart spoke to him with respect and honor. That was the power of money. Money was indeed the ultimate. Now he had money, he felt powerful."Enjoy, Nathan." Bart said, smiling nervously. "Really happy to have met you. it's a pleasure.""Bad days are gone." Nathan muttered to himself. "Dreams come true. oh yeah, they do..""Excuse me?" Bart leaned forward, towards Nathan."Nothing." Nathan firmly said."Okay, Sir." Bart said the last word uneasily. If wishes were horses.Nathan nodded sheepishly. He didn't know how to feel. He was still struggling to overcome his surprise and shock. Just yesterday he was some poor kid mopping the floor, today his family were the richest in the world? Perfect example of miracle."I'll be on my way now," Nathan said, flipping his gold card."Thank you, hoping to see you around." Bart smiled in a cool way.Nathan majestically walked outside Bart's office, dipping
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Not all that Glitters is Gold
CHAPTER EIGHT.Two other saleswomen observed Nathan and the drama at hand.The first girl whispered to her co worker. "The poor boy thinks he can afford the bag." She laughed. "Loser! Look at him, he probably buys his clothes from the lost and found stand by the train station.""Common, don't be mean." The second girl said cautiously. "You don't know him...""I don't need to know him; his looks say everything.""You what they say, don't judge a book by its cover."The first girl shook her head. "I will judge this one by it's dirty cover, duh!" She rolled her eyes."Not all that glitters is gold."The first girl pointed at the fat man. "Well, this one glitter and it's gold."The second girl shrug sadly, watching Nathan."What kind of embarrassment is this?" Nathan asked.The saleswoman frowned. "You are the only one embarrassing yourself here. I told you; you cannot afford anything in this store."The second salesgirl matched forward to Nathan, smiling. "Hello sir, you are welcome to D
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These Glitters, and it's Gold
CHAPTER NINE.Nathan dipped his hands inside his pockets and brought out a gold card.All eyes were on Nathan and his gold card.The salesgirl and saleswoman laughed mockingly."That is fake. like he is." The saleswoman said."Or he probably stole it." The salesgirl added."It is pure gold!" The second salesgirl screamed, stretching to touch it.The man also reached out to feel the card. "This is gold." His eyes widened and mouth dropped open."Stunt! I don't believe." The saleswoman argued."Only one way to find out." The security man said, leading Nathan to the payment stand. "Make your payment now and save us time."At the payment stand, the cashier use Nathan's gold card and the payment is successfully made. Nathan dropping off a reasonable tip for the cashier."Case settled." The security man said. "My sincere apologies."The saleswoman leaned forward towards Nathan, smiling. "Hello sir. today has been a tough day..with one whole big misunderstanding." She stretched the last word
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The Party
CHAPTER 10Charlotte crossed her legs and threw her back against the car seat. She might not know who the chauffeur was I where they were headed but she could tell that she was in for a luxurious ride.Anabel and the other girls couldn’t stop giggling. They would kill for such kinds of rides and couldn’t wait to reach their unknown destination.All through the five minutes ride, the birthday girl couldn’t stop roving her eyes inside the vehicle.“We are here!” The driver announced after pulling the car to a halt. He turned down the reflectors.Charlotte stuck out her head and the corners of her mouth were instantly stretched with excitement.TOWNSEND HALL!Everyone in the city knows Townsend Hall as the hall to die for. The spacious building has hosted different calibers of men ranging from politicians, business moguls, and celebrities who used it for their occasions.Charlotte was pleased and with a bright smile, she jumped out of the vehicle and was soon surrounded by her friends.A
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