The Tribrid

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The Tribrid

By: Author Wonder CompletedFantasy

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The Tribrid! Jace Robert, A prophesied young Teenager of The Ancient Pregan gods, Born Of Light and Darkness. King of the supernaturals and protector of the dimension. The Anihilators The Eradicators The Wendigos The Rampaging brutal hunters set on a journey to capture, Torment and Sacrifice the prophesied Tribrid in other to wreck havoc on the supernaturals. After the death of the First Tribrid... The Pregan god of Thunder Created a Being of Light and Darkness with the powers of the old gods( Olympians) The Child of War The Child of Doom The Ruler of the supernaturals The Master of the Golden wolf and the Demons Kingdoms. The Lord of all He is The Tribrid


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92 chapters
 The Hunters!The Vampires!The Wendigos!The Eradicators! For years supernaturals worldwide are been hunted by the Hunters, Werewolves hiding themselves from the Vampires in order to survive, Deadly Hunters known to be Anihilators are already set for the journey of supernatural hunting. Jace Robert a nineteen year old handsome boy who is raised in the hands of Montero's family, Montero's are unpopularly known to be supernaturals, Werewolves to be precise and Jace is set to unlock mysteries as he also walk in the ways of supernaturals. Fred Lason a popular Villainous Billoniare who leads the Coven of Agratha as their Primus and he is ready to do anything for him to lay his hands of the Tribrid.. The vast Child of Light and Powers and the Creation of Rae the god of Evil and Vekan the god of Chaos. Supernaturals hiding in the dark has finally found their voices, The one formed from Evil and Chaos...
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1: Dark Escape
The WoodsDarkness reigned, Fast approaching footsteps resounded everywhere as Heavy wind blew, Crickets sprouted out in the sky And the sky rumble causing the ground to vibrate, A Young woman Who is holding a crying baby in her arms could be seen running deep into the woods barefooted, She was sweating and panting asive she was been attacked. Snarling sounds echoed around, Light lightning strucked the ground and a strong force blasted the woman and the baby but it didn't affect the Child, the dust particles cleared away revealing an hideous being cladded with Dark robe staring venomously at the woman as she sloy stood up to her feet. " Give us the Child Elena, You are too weak and you will be killed, Look have been surrounded by a hundred Wendigos Elena, We just need the baby and not you, So hand over that  child to me now " The Man Said with venom etched in his voice, His voice echoed like thunder and The woman recognized to be Ele
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2 : New Day
Nineteen years LaterMontero's Mansion Jace Blar... Blar.. Blar The Blaring sounds of the Alarm kept ringing distracting me from my precious sleep, I still don't know why and what is keeping me from destroying this alarm, I Jolted out of the bed with my face still filled will Sleep,  It was like I was sleep standing. Well you already should forgive my manners, My name is Jace Robert the one and only Diss lord of Crimson City, Well am nineteen when it comes to my age and to be frankly speaking, Am a damn boring dude in everything I do. " Jace... Get your lazy ass down here this instance " Mrs Montero demanded while cooking for breakfast, I forgot to mention that I am not living alone, The Montero's says that my parent died in a car accident and that's when they took me in but anyways I don't care, Living with the Montero's is what I call Fun. " Mum am coming " I stated shutting the alarm off, We
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3 : Beserk Omega
WriterThere are Classifications of Hunters worldwide, Werewolf Hunters, Vampires Hunters, Mermaid Hunters, Dragons Hunters and Diamonds Hunters, Earth is not a place called Home, Destruction commences worldwide and No one is safe. Wendigos Hunting down Alphas to extract powers, All Hunters have what is involving them in hunting, Been a supernatural is a gift by The Pregan gods and goddess, Have divine powers is rare and now Hunters raised to end what they call supernaturals. I bring to you all what I call brutality, The Only Organization controlling Hunters agencies like the Black sparrows, Red Blood and all that, I bring to you all the Dreaded Hunting organization... The Anihilators consisting Two Great Families... The Chevolets and The Vladmirs....Unknown This was really a tragic scene to be beholded by the beholder, A once beautiful bungalow has turned into disaster, Windows broken and door nubs destroyed...
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4: Versatile Hunters
 Darkness Engulfing this worldHumans Perishing for something they know not of Hatred In the Hearts of Mankind, All wants to Rule Poisoned Heart of the Innocents, Guiltiest triumph What an Unfair World We are Living in And This is the Ages of darkness Deserted Warehouse Armed Men Filled the Warehouse which was deserted by the Skyfall Government, Three Vans drove into the Warehouse environment scene, All the Armed men were now focusing on those vans with the Description Agratha. Black clothed Figures holding assault Rifles emerged from the Van speedily, Wounded Beings with scars and Marks all over their bodies emerged with Chains binding them, The Chains are not ordinary once... They are made of Silver. Mountain Ash gasses filled in those Prisoners System rendering them helpless, One after the other they entered the Warehouse with fear and Trembling as the Armed
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5: She Devil
 Montero's mansion " How does it feels when the one and only bitch who bullies me is dead? " Jace asked with smiles beaming all over his face, He picked up his backpack and he is set to leave for school, This time they aren't following their dad because a Secret admirer gave them a Lamborghini.. Well Three Secret Admirers and it is three Most Expensive Vehicles that was gifted to Jace by unknown Admirers who haven't revealed themselves to him. " It feels good Jace, Have always Told you to be a player but you didn't listen, Now you have an SUV, BMW and Lamborghini in your possession with a million dollar bro, Track to know who your ultimate admirers are " Marcus whispered with a wide grin. " Shut the fvck up Bro... I gat not your time " Jace stared with a sternful smiles crept to his face, Jace had that Killer look in all his dress, He is what they call a beauty god but no one can take the glory from the Pregan goddess of beauty.&nb
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6: Ex CIA Agent
 Snarling sounds filled the air, A ancient Temple left in complete ruins, dead bodies littered around, Creatures of Vast darkness... Vampires cloaked with deadly powers making themselves extraordinary and Unstoppable. The ground vibrated heavily, The temple wall I'm the right direction broke, a figure landed on the ground with a heavy thud, The Marks seems to be healing but very slowly, A being with multi colored eyes emerged bare chested out of the wall area as he stared at the groaning figure on the ground. " You will never ever seize to learn scumbag " The being with multi colored eyes stated with gnashed teeths, Dark Vampires charged at him with fury and they engaged a brutal fight while their leader slowly healed. Vampires laid on the ground weak, the being stood still but a little bit injured and he successfully defeated all the Dark vampires that attacked him, He killed none but gave them the brutal beating of their dear liv
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7: They Got Them
 A Red Convertible Latest model drove into the deserted environment, Mr Montero stepped his foot out of his Car which is already parked in the Garage, Mr Montero advanced towards the building hastening his footsteps.He scented that dreadful smell....Silver, He slammed the door opened to see everything scattered, Mountain ash smokes covered everything, Mr Montero eyes were filled with tears because he knew what just happened. " Nooooooooooooo " Mr Montero let out a pain scream which caused the wall to crack, All what was in his mind was his families safety, His wife, His daughter, His Marcus and His Jace... He feared greatly for their safety. Flashback Lilian could be seen lying down on the couch with her face completely buried on her Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Marcus sat down on the dinning table operating the Laptop device before him and then Jace walked down from the upper floor of the Mansion. " Marcus I hav
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8: It all begins
 Mr Montero slowly advanced towards an unknown destination in this ungodly hour of the night, The sky unleashed large amount of rain which poured down heavily, Mr Montero could be seen putting on blue hooded attire with his hands tugged into his pocket. Flashback " Hello Mr Montero, Am sure you know who is speaking right now? " A female voice rang out from the other side of the Samsung which Mr Montero held, Mr Montero could be seen pacing with tears filled in his eyes. " What exactly do you want from me you hunters? " Mr Montero asked in a calm tone not to annoy the pink killer as she calls herself, He knew what those hunters are capable of doing and he needs to know what they want. " This is progress, It's good to know that we are hunters already, Well this is not a discussion on phone but reality, Have texted you the location where will we meet but remember this I am ruthless and when I notice you are with people...
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9: Great Darkness
 Mr James Virgil advanced out of the portal which he had created, spot lights beaming around as agents and gun men could be seen alert in case of incasity, Mr James stated around with smirk plastered on his face and his hands tugged into his pocket. All the Gun men that saw him greeted him and bowed before him in respect, All doors were opened for him after been scanned, The Scientist Hall... The Machinery Hall which is filled with weapons of mass destruction. " Good morning Mr James Virgil, Welcome back to the Triangle 6 agency, it has been long since you stepped your foot here " a young male voice was heard behind and Mr James Virgil drifted his head back to see a black haired man who is putting on black suit and black glasses. " It's good to see you once again Mr Thompson or should I say Agent Tom " Mr James chuckled as they both advanced towards the main hall which is restricted only for highly ranked agents and computerized be
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