Whitefield: Shattered Realms

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Whitefield: Shattered Realms

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Ian Whitefield is an introverted teenager that recently lost his father, and now lives with a stepfather and his mum. When it seemed his life couldn't get worse than this, he has a supernatural encounter that threatened his life. He literally fights to save his life, but the end result was unexpected. He wakes up to another World different from Earth. Discovering this, he strives and endures while he can to get stronger and get back home. He begins to unravel mysteries upon mysteries during his quest. Will he succeed in this world of strife and complexity?


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82 chapters
WHITEFIELD: SHATTERED REALMS. Prologue. Bright! The light... It's too bright! Ian Whitefield could barely keep his eyes open, as he stood in a vast expanse of bright white light. The space stretched for over an infinitesimal distance. It had no end, nor a beginning. The teenage boy stood there with fluttering eyes, his palms over his face as he was deluged with the stupendously white space. No matter how much Ian tried, he could not keep his eyes open for half a second. His eyelashes fluttered like the flapping wings of a butterfly. He couldn't affirm if he was actually standing or floating; his feet weren't propped on any surface, neither did he feel hung in the air. He felt weightless, yet heavy. Empty, yet full. Lifeless, yet brimming with life. These contradicting feelings made his head throb like his heart was in it. But then again, he felt serenity at the same time. He was greatly perturbed. ‘Where am i?’ ‘What is this place?’ Ian pondered in puzzled thoughts. ‘But,
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A New Day
Chapter 1~~ A New Day ~~Gasp!Ian jolted awake with a sharp breath.As half his body sprang up from the bed, he got entangled in his white blanket and fell to the ground with a thud. He had rolled over to the edge of the bed while in deep slumber, his sudden body shift just pushed him over.“Ouch...”His thin pink lips opened as he groaned, letting out a fowl morning breath. His nose wrinkled from inhaling the pugent breath. He moved his upper body up and sat gently on his butt, resting his back on the bed's wooden frame.He was shirtless, while his lower body was wrapped in his white blanket. His fair skinned body was of a very light tone, that it almost looked white. A weird tattoo of unknown symbols was inscribed on the left side of his chest.He moved his right arm up, placing his palm on his white lustrious hair with silvery tints. His hair was styled as a faux hawk with undercut.He ruffled his hair over and over into a mess, till the consistent throbbing he felt decipated.“D
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New faces
Chapter 2~~ New Faces ~~The big black tyres of a black jeep, momentarily receeded their spin as the vehicle came to a halt. The black jeep was parked in front of two tall buildings. There was a space of about seven metres between the jeep and buildings. The space was floored with concrete, although it was lined with beautiful ornamental plants.The first building, which was grey in colour, had a red stone situated by its side. It had an engraving that read 'HUNTSVILLE HIGH'.Click!The backdoors to the black jeep opened simultaneously and Ian and Avery hopped down. They clung casually to their backpacks as they stared directly at the school. Other students roamed about the entrance and into the buildings.“You guys enjoy your day!”, Peter half-shouted from within the jeep. “And don't cause any trouble.”He bid them goodbye and drove off. Avery turned and waved as she mouthed, “Bye, dad.”Ian couldn't care less; he continued walking. Avery ran and caught up to him. The siblings walke
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Chapter 3~~ Evaluation ~~|Department Of Defense and Technology — D.O.D.T|Inside the 40th floor of the sky high building...The office was enshrouded in darkness, the windows were covered with thick dark blinds.The office wasn't in complete darkenss though, as the light beaming from the large flat screen TV, brought some illumination. This made it possible to see the silhouettes and the few faces of the men seated around a long rectangular table. They all faced the direction of the TV screen, watching what was transmitted with keen and undivided attention. One could say they didn't even blink at all, making them akin to functionless androids.The Tv displayed a footage of some people camping out in the woods at night. They were seated round the campfire, chatting casually and laughing heartily.After about half an hour had passed, which the was cut out of the footage, one of them decided to take a leak in the dark, about a few metres away from the camp site. Not too long after, th
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Chapter 4~~ Connection ~~Huntsville High...“Oh, you've got to be kidding me!”, the auburn haired Chase muttered with a frown, standing next to Ian, as they stared towards their lockers.A guy with brown hair, clad in a big brown jacket, black trousers and boots, had a girl pinned to the lockers as they locked lips with pleasure.“Really, Ace? Must it be by our... He's doing this on purpose, you know that right?”, Chase muttered again, pointing at the kissing couple.“Sigh... I'll just tell him to leave”, Ian sighed.Chase chuckled, “And what if he says no, like he's always done the past five hundred times? Then what?...”, he looked at Ian in the eyes, “ A fight? You know you can't beat the guy.”“Wow. Thanks for the motivation, dude. I really needed that”, Ian smiled sarcastically.“I Know, right? You're welcome”, Chase flowed with the sarcasm, smiling and patting Ian in the back.Then the both of them sighed simultaneously, and they took slow steps towards their lockers.“We can d
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Suicide Squad
Chapter 5~~ Suicide Squad ~~The woods...The orange sun finally disappeared beneath the horizon as darkness fell almost immediately. The blue moon stood hung in the cloudless, star dotted sky, glistering in its illuminated ambience. A serene atmosphere reigned throughout Huntsville like a shower of snow flakes.The trees in the woods fluttered in rhythm to the cool flowing wind. The crickets made their presence known with their ululating chirps.The stony-grasssy grounds rattled slightly as a Humvee, a police cruiser, and two bikes made their way through the woods, their headlights beaming brightly. Getting to a certain cleared location, the vehicles came to a halt almost simultaneously.Two policemen alighted the white and blue cruiser. They were clad in Huntsville's police uniforms; starched brown shirts, deep brown trousers and black boots. They both had walkie talkies attached to their shoulders.Since they parked behind the Humvee, they had to trot forward and meet up with the
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Risky Decision
Chapter 6~~ Risky Decision ~~Huntsville High...Chase slammed his grey locker shut and rested his back on it, before sliding down and sitting on the floor. His blue tank top was drenched in sweat, likewise his whole body.Sighing, he said, “This was by far the worst P.E training. Ever!”“No kidding”, Ian agreed, his voice brimming with exasperation. He also sat on the floor beside Chase; his tank top was red.Chase swept his sweat-wet, auburn hair back with his hand, “We were just used as tools while Ace and his guys displayed their stupid stamina and strength.”“I know, right? Even the girls did better than us”, Ian said with a tint of jealousy. Then he frowned, “Are we really that weak?”Chase looked at him, “What? No! Ace might have called us weak, but he's only strong because he's got the numbers advantage.”Chase paused and fisted his hands, his brows furrowed, “These babies are enough to take him down if we were to go one on on--”“Shush!”, Ian quickly covered Chase's mouth as
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I Told You So
Chapter 7~~ I Told You So ~~Ian and Chase lumbered into the class with straight faces. All eyes were on them but they ignored. Well, not totally though. Ian was again staring at Kira, who stylishly shared glances with him as well. Chase pulled him by the hand and they sat down, listening to the English teacher's teachings.The duo barely lasted ten minutes when their minds trailed off with different emotions. They could no longer hear the teacher's voice but their inner voice instead.Ian couldn't wait for the class to end, so he could leave for the woods. He wouldn't have come to class if not for his consistent attendance. He had this feeling that's he'd find something interesting in the woods. Something had been drawing there ever since he read the news with Chase a while ago. He didn't know what or why, but he felt he needed to get there as soon as possible. Maybe he could get answers as to why he's been having these bizzare dreams of other wolrds. While everyone had been insinu
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Chapter 8~~ Confrontation ~~“Ahhh!”, Chase screamed like a lady in distress, digging his hands into the soil.The terrified scream didn't last five seconds before he kept mute and frozen. He sat so still, one would have contradicting thoughts to if he was the one that yelled just a few seconds ago.His heaved and heaved, his chest undulating under his clothing, his heart beating at an alarming rate. He was sweating profusely, the growls stinging his ear like needles. It was as though, a tiny speaker was placed in his ears, the terrifying growls emanating from them.Chase was very terrified, even though he hadn't confirmed what was behind them.Ian wasn't left out, seated beside Chase and trying all his best to remain sane. He had always been the cool one among them, and was sometimes stoic even when it came to facing threatening factors.But this, this was totally different, on a whole other level. He could somewhat perceive the rage, devastation and killing intent, whisp through th
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Chapter 9~~ Backlash ~~“Yeshhh... Yhou aare thhee oneee. Yhou arre Ghordon's Aeon””..““I ccaamme tto thiis realm seekking reddemption. Obttaining thhe Aeon's head andd retturning itt aas a ggift tto Loord Dhamon wouuld be tthhe perrfect wayyy””..‘This realm? Aeon? Me? He's gonna kill me?’~~Those voices resounded in Ian's mind, over and over again. He could see himself getting stabbed with the Werewolf's claws, blood dripping down his torso. The beast lifted him up and opened it mouth to chew his head off.But all of a sudden, Ian finds himself standing far away, completely fine. No blood, no injuries... Then gets stabbed again!And the process repeated ur self again and again. It was an endless cycle of death and resurrection.Gasp!Ian jolted awake with a sharp gasp. His eyes were still closed, but all his senses were alive.He could feel himself lying on a thick foam and a pillow below his head. This familiar feeling made him sigh in relief. He was at home, on his bed. And
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