Wales Mystical Holmes

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Wales Mystical Holmes

By: Ibikunle Charis CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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She is a psychic with another being in her. She had five friends, each person with a secret to keep. Six friends team up to the murder mystery going on in their once peaceful town, and in the process learnt each other secret and the mystery behind their true identity. Will they be able to solve the murder and stop the lady of wrath? Find out in the thrilling book of Wales Mystical Holmes.

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Chapter 1I walked down the hallway while holding onto my backpack like it's my second skin and my life depended on it. I took in the beautiful structure of Garfield High. The students going into their various classes, How I wish they could be this beautiful in and out, I sigh with the thought of that, keeping my face down, and Ignoring all types of disgusting stares I'm getting, should I say I'm used to it? Well, Nah, I keep getting Panic attacks each time I get one of those stares, and it's an involuntary action.I find my way to my locker trying to be as fast as I can be, to escape Kendall's wrath today, I never escape any of her bullies, I don't know why she hates me so much."Maybe you do know" she whispered in my head"Stop creeping into my thoughts you Freak" I said frustratedly, like it's the first time she will be doing it."Maybe it's because she is jealous of you." She ignored what I just said"But they choose to make my life miserable." I sighed tirelessly and unlocked my
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Episode 2Themed: the revelation"Noooooooooooooo!" With a loud screech, "Stopppp" with a breaking voice "please"."Not again, not even here".sobbing into her head trying to get control over her body.Her entire body vibrated violently, her hand shaking and moving like it has its own will. Her glowing eye is so noticeable even with the dark shades on.Her body violently jerked, spilling the hot pasta and orange juice all over her, while she tried her possible best to keep herself calm and behave as if everything is fine.This is a secret that only her mom knows about.But yikes! it's gonna reveal itself in the cafeteria.Hell Nah, She has to do something.But sadly she can't do anything. Vibrating, she picked her backpack and brought out her journal with her shaking hands and place it on the messed up dining table she could hear the talks of the student calling her freak, as usual, all looking at her in disgust.Her heart sinks hearing that cos she knows, She's gonna be the talk o
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WALES MYSTICAL HOLMESEpisode 3"I'm so sorry Chloe, but we have to leave""Leave?".After the earlier familiar feeling I was back to my body again.She grabbed my wrist and we walked to the car, she was looking so sad. I wonder what happened.She ignited the car and started driving. Sorry, I meant speeding like we are being chased."Can you tell her to stop driving like this, I can feel my heart jumping out of my chest" Zoe whimpered like she is the one with the body, tch."Wait, are you scared of dying?" "Of course I am, you nitwit, now tell her before I do that myself" she saidI rolled my eyes, and stared at Sandra's half face. She looks scared, what happened? I wish I could read her mind and know what she is thinking. "If only I could wish" I thought with a sighShe parked the car swiftly at the far end of our streets, she looked at me worriedly before opening the car door and getting down. She glanced around, before turning her head to me and telling me to get down, I did as sh
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Wales mystical holmes * * * Written by ibikunle Charis Episode 4 "What do you mean, Emily is gone!?" Sandra exclaimed "Yes, She died after some brief illness" he replied with his face buried down "I'm so sorry, I didn't know that she is.." She was saying "Nah, it's okay" he interrupted "That is so sad," she said, not knowing what else to say, knowing how much Paul had loved her. "I know right, anyway I'm over it now," he said with a cracked voice, obviously he isn't. "It's okay to feel sad, Emily is the best human I've ever met," she said with a sigh remembering some memories she had with her. It must have been hard for him, losing his daughter and also his beloved wife. "Now back to what we were talking about, what happened?" *** "So I guess you will be starting school next week, right?" Sean said, hoping for an answer this time, as he opened the car door to grab Sandra's bag. "Seriously, pretty girls don't talk huh?" He said not liking the silent treatment he is o
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Episode 5"He killed her" she whimpered"It wasn't intentional right?, why would he keep it from me, then blamed me for failed parenting if it wasn't intentional" she added"I knew the excuse was not adding up, Clara can't just wake up one day and start taking drugs and died at the process, He makes it seems so real, clearing all my doubt, making me believe of how I failed as a mother to protect my daughter" "And kept blaming me everyday, I had to live with the guilt every single day of my life while he is the one that is supposed to be living with that kind of guilt.""He killed her, he pushed her to her death, he said she drugged herself and fell from being high and bashed her head on the wall at the process, while as he did it" she cried out "I had to take you in and care for you with all I can cos I don't want to make the same mistake twice knowing how hard it is to bring her into this world"She said with tears. I held her hand urging her to let all the tears out.**"Grrr grrr
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Episode 6In the woods, she walked directly to the center of the forest. There is a cleared portion there that is surrounded by trees forming a circle and their dried leaves covering the surface of the cleared ground. She stood before the circle and raised her hand for a slight wave blowing away all the dried leaves at the instat, revealing a round iron that serves as a gateway to the underground cave she is about to go to. She stepped on it and it immediately gagged then dropped speedily to the seemingly pitch black bottomless pit, but when it was about to make contact with the ground, it suddenly stopped mid air. She gently came down from it and it went back up speedily like it initially dropped and locked the cave close. The light from the lamp lit up the caveShe turned around then started walking up to them, immediately they saw her, they brought their heads up in hope there would be a lead to what they have been looking for, and an answer to their questions.She gently bowed her
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Wales mystical holmes***Written by Ibikunle CharisEpisode 7I stepped out of the shower with my towel wrapped around my body, I sat down before my dressing table and started drying my hair with the hair dryer. I picked out a casual outfit and wore it after I'm done drying my hair and applying body lotion.I walked out of my bedroom straight to the kitchen with my books and placed them on the dining table. I smiled at the number of cookies Sandra had made before leaving home. She has been job hunting since last week. I hope she gets it though.I grabbed some cookies with a glass of milk and took them to the dining room.It's been two weeks since I started schooling here. The experience is pretty nice, as the students and people of Wales are nice folks.I was halfway into my food when the door opened revealing Brian, Cassie and Sean. Sean quickly rushed into the kitchen and came out with all the bowls of cookies left."Where is Sarah?" I asked them"She should be here soon," Brian
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Episode 8Sandra rushed to the hospital reception as soon as she got to the hospital venue. She had been called by Cassie, one of Chloe's friends about the current situation with Chloe. She tapped on the reception desk impatiently while waiting for the receptionist to be done with whatever call she was making."How may I help you, ma'am?" The receptionist had asked once she dropped the phone, finally attending to her."My daughter, she was rushed here a few minutes ago" she was saying when she heard her name."Aunt Sandra" Someone had called her, she turned to the direction where she heard her name."Sean!" She called."Chloe! Where is she?" She asked worriedly, walking up to him."Let me take you there, she just woke up and I was about to call you again to tell you about the latest development, but she is sleeping now""Well take me to her now!" she ordered and trailed behind him to the ward where she is been attended to.Zoe's povI stood at the pitch-black door that leads to where
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Episode 9Zoe's POV continues…I laid her down on the cold floor, she grunted. I turned her body around to check what made her wince in pain. I was searching carefully when my hand suddenly touched a wet area. I checked it out to find blood dripping in her tummy. I opened her clothes and caught a glimpse of a slight wound. Wait, I thought it was an illusion, it seemed like she was burnt, because of the way she was groaning. Anetta the lady of wrath, that is her. She did it, how did she do it while in prison, for as far as I know she has been gotten rid of. It's a slight burn but I'm sure it hurts like hell.I stretched my hand forward trying to heal her, but I couldn't, I can't seem to feel the amount of energy needed. It can only take a lot of time to heal.I sigh then do the only thing I could have, and only thought of. Yes! transferring all my strength to her, hopefully she gets better and awakened her inner strength.Sean pov...The doctor came to check on her, when Aunt Sandra co
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Episode 10Chloe's povToday was very stressful. I walked up the stairs with my hands on the railing, the door clicked open, revealing mum. She walked in and dumped her handbag on the chair before plopping down and sitting on one of the couches."You are back," mum said to me as soon as she saw me on the stairs."Of course, I am," I replied while I continued my journey to my room.I dropped my backpack on the bed and went to change my clothes to a casual outfit, before coming downstairs, not studying with the guys today, after what happened yesterday."Any food for me," I asked 'cos I'm so hungry, as I walked to the kitchen while opening all the pots."Yeah, I'm microwaving the pasta, you can take it out" she answered back, stocking the fridge with what she got, probably from the grocery store."And that reminds me, I got in" she excitedly announced, with her hands in the air."You know the interview I told you I'm going for yesterday, I just received a mail this afternoon that I've b
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