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Optimist Manipulative Brave
Why can't everyone be rich and live a normal life? Where all wants can be acquired. A global question that keeps eluding most people's grasp. Unfortunately the reality is that, it is not possible because that's the circle of life. How then can you be among this elite? Where wealth keeps on calling and you answer. Keep abreast as this book (NUMEN OF WEALTH) unravels this mystery.
Billionaire's Secret Enemy
Marriage Intelligent Revenge
Mike’s father, Jack, was falsely accused of stealing a priceless necklace and was sent to prison. While in prison, Jack was mistreated, denied medical care, and died while serving his unjust sentence. Now, his son, Mike, is determined to get revenge on the billionaire who had his father falsely imprisoned. He will stop at nothing to get justice for his father, even if it means putting his own life at risk. With nothing left to lose, he embarks on a quest for vengeance that will take him to the darkest corners of the billionaire's empire.
The rule of three
Independent Humble Kidnap
Lily Darcy
"You are nothing to me. I have never wanted you, neither will I accept you now.  Go, I never want to see you again. If I do, I may not be able to hold back from killing you with my own hands." Dean watched his father say to him. Raised by his grandmother, Dean Connor had a hard life until he graduated from college, proposed to his sweetheart, and planned to start a big business. But one night, everything changed. He ended up in jail for a murder charge, with no one to support him, not even his fiancee or grandmother. Also, he only has three years to live. Will he escape this nightmare and take revenge on all his enemies or will he perish as a loser?
The rise of a cab driver son-in-law to a billionaire.
Arrogant CEO Twisted
Synopsis: Twenty seven years old Ethan Allen gotta a divorce from his three years old contracted wedding, after been maltreated and slaved by his contracted wife and inlaws. Things went tough, until a sudden day which he transformed from grass to grace and promise to make those who maltreated him pay for their price. 
The rise of the Invincible Billionaire
Revenge Billionaire Drama
Damien Avery has no choice but to accept every insult thrown at him. Things further go haywire when he's waylaid on one of his delivery jobs and the package of a drug lord stolen from him. He afterwards discovers that he's the heir to the wealthiest business empire owned by the Avery family. Follow his ascent as he rapidly rises to the top.
Humble CEO Revenge
Arthur thought his life was over when he was forced to sign an annulment for his one-month-old marriage, lost his job and almost got run over by a car. But at the hospital, he woke up to a shocking revelation that changed everything; it turned out he was actually a secret heir to a fortune and also of Royal Blood. Now, he was caught up in a world of wealth, power and revenge he never knew existed.
Legitimate Heir
Optimist Brave Independent
The main character Lyon was a normal boy who enjoyed the warmth of his mother for years until she died an unexpected death. Lyon didn't knew anyone in his life as a family except his mother so after her death,he became a broken mess but rather than letting this stop him,at only fifteen,he started looking for all means to continue his education and one if not his only dream was to become a successful person one day and he knew he could only achieve this through hard work.
The Young Billlionaire's Vengeance
Brave Humble Billionaire
Alistair, who becomes an orphan at five, is manipulated into marriage, disowned by his own family and treated like a pawn by his in laws, but life takes a turn. However, within that turn lies deep hidden secrets, wars and betrayal lurking in its shadows, which ought to be unraveled. Will this Young Billionaire unravel these secrets or be consumed by those shadows? Dive into the electrifying pages of the THE YOUNG BILLIONAIRE’S VENGEANCE to uncover the journey that awaits.
Accidental Bride
Marriage CEO Romance
Faith and Victor
The strangest thing Lily Johnson encountered on social media was an ad asking for people to apply to be Roman Dalmain's wife. Kim Wilson was an underpaid model who knew the man behind the application review and had bribed him into ensuring she would be selected as Roman's wife. What happens when Mark accidentally sends an email to Lily? Two women showing up on the same day to be Roman's wife, will he fall in love with the boring looking, middle school math teacher or the model with a perfect face?
The Ultimate Return of Carlos
Manipulative Revenge Romance
Carlos Wilson, a brilliant lawyer, faces an unexpected twist in his life after triumphing in a legal battle against a pharmaceutical giant. His world unravels when he encounters Olivia Gray, a mysterious woman linked to the pharmaceutical empire he brought to its knees. Their passionate love story takes a tragic turn, leaving Carlos paralyzed and deserted by his wife, who takes half of what he owns. In his darkest hour, the loyal presence of his driver, Miguel, becomes his solace. As Carlos recovers, long buried secrets emerge, connecting him to a notorious cartel in Mexico and unveiling the truth about his real parents. Fuelled by vengeance, Carlos transforms into a lethal force, seeking retribution against the cartel and his deceitful ex-wife. The line between justice and revenge blurs as Carlos faces moral dilemmas. Will he find redemption or succumb to the shadows that threaten to consume him? Dive into this riveting tale of resilience, love, and the quest for justice that will keep you on the edge of your seat.