At World's End

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At World's End

By: Life_Of_Mid CompletedFantasy

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No one knew how or why it happened, heck it would be weird if they knew. After all, what sane explanation could be given for how the Earth was suddenly enveloped by fog? That wasn't the strangest part though as out of the fog, unspeakable entities emerged to spread death and destruction. It didn't take long for civilization to fall as the death count entered into the billions. Mankind faced extinction at the hands of the Fog and the creatures within. During this period, a group of crazed scientists aided by the world governments, came together to erect a 300-floor edifice simply known as Haven in a bid to protect what was left of humanity. That was several years ago so I wouldn't know how they managed such a feat but because of their efforts, the last bastion of mankind was able to escape the horrors of the Fog. Within the Tower, A select few were unwilling to give up on the outside world and continued to fight against the Fog in a bid to reclaim our home. Some might call it a hopeless struggle, after all, Mankind's claim over the outside world is all but finished but I beg to differ! Earth is our home and no matter what, I will reclaim what was lost. This was a fight dad started and it is one I intend to finish, no matter the cost. My name is Jeremy Walker and this is the tale of our descent into madness...

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174 chapters
Entry 1
Where am I?Why's everything so dark?Am I dead?No wait... Ugh, my head hurts. Everything is coming back now... The last thing I remember was talking with dad. We went out for a walk and then… blank. Damn it! Why can't I remember anything? "Jerry!... Jerry!" Is someone calling for me?... Ah, it's rather faint though. It might not be me after all. It's not like Jeremy Walker was a special name. Most parents would name their kids' one-of-a-kind names to highlight their uniqueness, but it seemed like my father was too busy to do that. Not like I blamed him though, I also believe that unique names are a waste of time. It's not like it adds anything to you, just a form of identification. Hah, enough with the soliloquy… I need to get out. I tried to open my eyes but it felt like they were glued shut. What in the world? Fine then… I tried to move my hand to my face to help pry my eyelids open but my body might as well be lead. I couldn't move even as I kept on trying. It was
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Entry 2
"Day 25 of the first month, Eos, in the year, 40AC ( After Civilization). "10 days since my team and I were commissioned to retrieve materials from the ruined world. I thought the mission would go smoothly, that is until We came into contact with an Otherworldly today. "They call it a Rottenling, a creature with no definitive features apart from its rotten flesh. "We were lucky that we met only two of them. This C-rank Otherworldly move in packs." I closed the journal in my hand as I tried to imagine what a Rottenling looked like. Of course, not much could be made out of the image with only rotten flesh as a definition. It still sounded quite scary and exciting regardless. I yearned to experience it for myself. Dad always told me stories about his encounters outside, even documenting them in a journal to keep me company whenever he wasn't around. Those were fun times, indeed. Unfortunately, it's been five years since he died. After a series of investigations, they wrote it o
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Entry 3
I had no idea? A sharp pain tore through my chest, maybe because of the surge in emotions I kept bottled in for so long. "Maybe I have no idea… maybe I'm just a dumb teen harboring crazy ambitions…" "Jerry…" "No!... You are right. But one thing I do know is that I lost my dad when I was thirteen!... There was no warning, no signs… nothing!.. He left me all alone, without finishing the work he dedicated his life to. "All these years I've wondered… how would it be if he were still alive?... I asked myself why he had to die like that?... No matter what I thought, I couldn't get an answer." I felt a stinging pain in my eyes but regardless, I didn't blink. I stared Leila in her eyes while letting everything out. "Jerry, I understand how hard it is to move on but…" "No buts!... I deserve to know why he died!... And even more, I deserve to be the one to complete his work. Do you think he would be happy to see that his work was left unfinished?" Leila seemed to be affected as well as
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Entry 4
"Jerry, I'm scared," Leila weakly revealed. She was like a damsel in distress as she hugged me tightly. "Why?" "You ask me why?... Are you asking that?" It was hard to figure out words in my current state so I stuck with the basics. It was easier that way. "I won't die…" "That's not something you can decide." She met my eyes before adding. "You don't understand the processes that come with the job of an Explorer." "Enlighten me." "The theory isn't what's important, it's what happens after, Jerry. I just… I've already lost a father figure… I don't want to lose my brother too." Darn it!... My heartstrings tugged wildly. It was dark but I could make out the contours of her face, and imagining her crying wasn't a big deal. Her silent sobs brought life to the silent playground and I was forced to act. I whispered while pulling her head closer. "I don't want to lose you too. But would you be happy seeing me spend each waking day with the pain in my heart?" It was a mean quest
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Entry 5
Honestly, I didn't know much about the Tower.I've spent my whole life in it but that doesn't automatically make me a guru about it. I never really thought much of it too, since the outside world was more appealing to me. Sure, there were schools on each floor to educate children on the basic arts and sciences but I never attended. Not like those that went were better than me though… I dare say I would be one of the smartest in my generation, after all, I received tutoring from both dad and Leila. So it wasn't hard to understand those subjects but the problem came down to the Tower structure. Anyway, while staying with dad, everything I had was natural to have so I didn't think much of it. I considered it normal for the rest of the tower… that was until I moved in with Leila. Some might call me a spoilt brat but that's not an insult but the truth. I am a spoilt brat and that's all because of dad. Dad's position allowed him to enjoy the same status as those people in the Twelv
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Entry 6
The elevator made a humming sound as it was turned on. It was made of transparent glass with an octagonal shape, The elevator floors and edges were lined with metals with the roof hooked up to a tough line that connected it to the higher floors. Quite some time had passed since I used one of these. The last time was when I left the 20th floor to move in with Leila.Right now I was in the elevator with Leila, heading for the 50th floor. After Leila helped to boost my confidence… hateful witch!... I felt much better about myself. With such a big supporter by my side, no obstacle could stand in my path to fulfilling my dreams. Don't worry dad, you can rest easy. I will finish what you started. Uhmm, where was I? Oh yeah. The elevator was located at the center of the floor, with enough room to fit thirty people at a go. Connected from the 101st to the 81st floor, it enabled the transport of people and goods between floors. This was the only way to move between floors and one ha
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Entry 7
The time to part had come. I couldn't but sigh because even though I prepared mentally for this moment, it was hard to let go. Spending time with Leila, I realized that even though dad was dead, I still had someone I could call family. She did everything to make me forget but I always kept the memories of dad. But I was grateful. If not for her… there were several nights I couldn't sleep because the memory of five years ago kept coming back. Darn it… my eyes stung a little as I tried to hold back my tears. I turned to face Leila to say goodbye when her slender finger touched my lips. She applied no force but I didn't try to speak. For that brief moment, we met each other's gaze, and the world around us seemed to disappear. "Don't say anything. I'll be waiting for you so do your best and come out on top, okay." She spoke softly but her words resounded deep within my heart. With no words to respond, I merely nodded while smiling sheepishly. Wrapping my arms around her, I dra
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Entry 8
Blood… gore… despair… pure, unrestrained horror. they were displayed before my eyes. People got hacked to pieces, their guts spilling out as their blood dyed the floor red. People were in the air with a spike through their stomachs. A pregnant woman getting stoned to death. A baby's head was crushed with a hammer. At some point, I collapsed to my knees and threw up. It was too much to bear. Were they real?... Had such things happened out there in the real world? Just what sort of barbarism was this? Once again, I threw up. I wasn't the only one reacting adversely to the images as I heard a few thuds, most likely because some had fainted. I tried to turn away but where could I turn to? I looked up but a screen was there as well. Below… same. What the hell was this? What sort of madman would do such a thing to us? I could have sworn I heard someone crying. Was it from the video or amongst the aspirants? Shit… I felt nauseated again. I gripped my stomach as I closed my
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Entry 9
Each year the Academy accepted new entrants, depending on the number of spaces available.Registration normally took place on the 15th day of the first month when the Tower was at its hottest, Eos.From then till the 25th, candidates would show up with hopes of getting accepted in the institution.Each day a different age group was accepted…And today being the 15th, my age group which was 18-20 were the ones being tested.The red haired guy looked 30, especially with his muscular physique and… wait, he already has a beard?So, lucky… Ahem, I digress.I shook my head to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts when the military man suddenly spoke.“Well, well, it seems the maggots accepted this time are much better than last year’s set. Quite impressive. I’ll enjoy breaking you lot.” His tone of speech sounded quite sinister.But what was he talking about?He continued after a quick scan. “I’m sure you are wondering what just happened. Well, in short form, you all just passed the first ac
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Entry 10
Hah, it’s fine I guess.Can’t keep on hating every doctor I came across, it’s too much work.Taking a deep breath, I retained my composure.With that, the doctor blitzed through the checkup, going as far as to ask about my medical history and if I had any problems up there.“No.” I answered bluntly.She nodded as she penned down something.After that, she took my blood and urine for some more tests before coming back out with a smile on her face.“You are quite healthy, Jeremy.”“...I try my best.”“Here you go.” She handed over an ID card with my face and basic details on it. “Welcome to the Academy for the Gifted.”“Thank you.”“I hope you enjoy your stay.”“I hope so too.”After I took possession of the ID card, she allowed me pass the door behind her which led me to yet another hallway, even though this one was shorter than the previous one.I walk down the hall until I got to a split.Following her direction, I took the left split and walked down till I got to another door.Ugh,
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