The Devil's On Me

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The Devil's On Me

By: Edelweis Hanna OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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About Yatara who has to escape from her kingdom called The Eternal Ice because He is accused of being a betrayer. The crown prince finally escaped into the human world, and something strange happened. Yatara gets trapped and gets into the body of a young man, his name is Theodoric. Yatara and Theodoric slowly connect and help each other to solve their respective problems. Yatara who wants to find out the betrayers who have made his father fall ill. Meanwhile, Theodoric wants to eliminate the monsters that roam the human world. A monster that comes from the kingdom of Yatara.

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64 chapters
The sound of the sky rumbling up there. Flashes of lightning light were repeatedly visible which momentarily made the sky bright. There was no rain falling, it was just that the sky was endlessly noisy.The figure with a strange face stood in the face of dozens of people who were now squeezing each other. Didn't give him an opening to escape.The people in front of him seemed to be wearing face coverings, only their two eyes were exposed. Both eyes glowed completely white with no black there. Their hair is also dark silver which looks like a tapered ice wedge above their heads.Their face coverings were the same, made of ice that made the sturdy figure full of wounds harden their jaws."There is no way out anymore, you just need to turn yourself in. That way you can survive." The word of one of them made the figure step back even more, holding his hand which was slowly dripping blood until it flowed down the wet ground he was walking on."You guys think I'm going to come with you guys
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001. Sword side effect
Rania sat unsettled by the bed where there was Theodoric there still lying unconscious from earlier. After fainting on the street with a nosebleed. If you know his son will end up like this.Rania will not force Theodoric to accompany him to the market.The woman repeatedly grunted her runny nose, making several patients who were lying in the same room with Theodoric turn to him.Rania was already sobbing softly by holding Theodoric's hand tightly, "sorry mom, son... Mom shouldn't have said such embarrassing things just now. Mom should be proud of you in front of those mothers. Even though there's nothing to be proud of about you," Rania said occasionally snorting her flushed nose."Mom didn't expect that you turned out to have this kind of disease. The proof is that you fainted and had nosebleeds," Rania said, still making her own poignant.Some of the patients who were in the same room with Theodoric so looked at Rania somber. Feeling empathy with that mother of one who cries over
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002. Unbreakable agreement
Theodoric gawked where he stood, looking at the door of the room that had come off and almost collapsed hitting the mother. However, the young man reflexively restrained and made the door again split in half. Then it slammed firmly on the floor.His mother blinked her eyes, moved to grab a broom and then hit Theodoric until the young man came to his senses from his reverie."It hurts, it hurts mom!"Rania did not respond, swinging the broom handle on the child's buttocks and back."How dare you break the door of the room until it splits in half like this. You guess the price of the door is as cheap as the price of your underwear?!" Rania was still chasing Theodoric who ran to dodge his rampage."I didn't intentionally either." Respond the young man who now only wears his shabby singlet.Rania heard no excuses, chasing Theodoric all the way out of the house. Because he didn't want to get a tantrum from his mother, the tall guy finally decided to just run away. Instead of being used as
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003. Sweet-mouthed Wolf
The atmosphere in the kingdom of Eternal Ice is still excited, talking about the disappearance of the prince from the royal palace. It has not been found for several days and now the people have begun to speculate that the prince has been expelled from the palace for what has been a rumor.Prince Yatara is said to be a betrayer who will destroy and destroy the Eternal Ice kingdom with the power he has. A power inversely proportional to the original inhabitants of the kingdom of Eternal Ice. The prince himself had both fireballs and the power that could melt the ice around the palace.Because of the rumors, the people of the kingdom are increasingly convinced that the prince has indeed been expelled in the palace by the king himself.In a building shaped like a tube with its umbrella-like roof all made of ice, it looks different from the buildings located on the outskirts of the road. Inside there almost entirely contained shelves of cabinets on display many medicines made by the owner
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oo4. Changed hands
Rania stood in front of the fence of the house anxiously, poking her head hoping that the child would appear at the end of the street. She shouldn't have nagged Theodoric just now just because of the door problem. So the child did not leave during this time after being nagged, Rania was just afraid of Theodoric not returning home.There was no other family the young man could ask for help. Or, stay at a friend's house. As far as Rania knows, Theodoric has no close friends all along. Only friends of high school alumni, even if they cross paths, they are just busy boasting.Theodoric is indeed her son who doesn't like his friends like that much. As a result, Theodoric only befriends his virtual game friends. Every night there must be a giggle, even bubbling in the middle of the night.Hence, Rania was anxious about her son. Afraid that Theodoric will only be able to get close to virtual friends. God forbid also when it comes to virtual marriages with intangible people."I'm home,"Rania
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005. The door to the Eternal
Theodoric screeched faintly at the sight of his mother who had put a lot of food into a large backpack. He said the backpack that had been filled with clothes, pants and some food would be carried by Theodoric. So that later on the road, Theodoric did not starve to death."Mother, I won't be there for long. Why do you have to bring so many things?" The young man grumbled as he positioned himself in the doorway.Rania didn't respond, ducking faintly with her busy hands stuffing warm sweet potatoes into a plastic bag and two mineral bottles."You'll thank mom later. The journey to the external kingdom or something was far away. So, just accept it." Said the woman then pushed the backpack lightly and grabbed Theodoric's hand into the gap of the backpack strap.After putting on the big backpack, Theodoric also stood up by tidying up his white hoodie which was slightly tilted because he was attracted by the backpack. The young man wears a pair of black jeans with shoes.In fact
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006. Prince Yatara's personal bodyguard
The tall young man stepped out of his hut with his sword on it. He stood in the courtyard of the house with a harden of his jaw for a moment, then looked at the surroundings where there were rows of huts where he lived and also the people in the village."Edgar,"The young man named Edgar suddenly turned his head quietly, looking at his mother who was now walking up to him by pushing plastic filled with boiled sweet potatoes."You should be able to find the prince, because it's your responsibility." Said the woman smiling softly, looking up at her tall son.Edgar just nodded as he put the sweet potatoes in the sling bag made of used cloth. The young man, too, said goodbye away with a faint smile at the mother who escorted him with a teary look.Edgar was the personal bodyguard of the royal crown prince––Yatara. However, because something happened. He was suspended from office because Prince Yatara had betrayed the kingdom.To be honest, Edgar didn't believe in that at all.
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007. Catch red-handed
Theodoric gawked where he stood, looking at the spring-like circle in front of him hanging in the air. He blinked his eyes trying to make sure that what was in front of him was really something real.The circle slowly widened like a door that looked like it was going to suck Theodoric's body into it.Theodoric shuddered faintly beginning to feel a bone-chilling chill. Until he occasionally gritted his teeth, Yatara, who had been standing next to him, let out a faint breath."Even though you haven't come in yet, but have been shivering from the cold like this." Yatara said so anxious and thoughtful."Why is it, is it colder in your kingdom than this?"Yatara shook his head quickly, "if I don't think it's that cold." Said the prince sure made Theodoric suddenly glare."Your skin is rhino skin times yes, that's why you can't feel this cold." Said the young man even sneered.Yatara thinned his lips for a moment, "I'm used to the cold there because I was born there. Just like y
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008. Traitor take action
Edgar washed his face with river water, putting his sword beside his feet by making a boulder as a sword backrest. He sighed for a moment, feeling refreshed after exhaustion down the path trying to find Prince Yatara's whereabouts.Edgar often visited this Taho River together with the prince, either because they deliberately came to play there. Or just to hide from the chasing royal army and search for the whereabouts of the two of them.He was self-inflicted for not being able to keep his promise to the prince not to betray and leave the Crown Prince alone.A few weeks ago, Edgar was forced to return to his house without first talking to Yatara. It does not explain why he chose to return to his village instead of accompanying Yatara to meet King Samuel who was heavily guarded by royal troops.So, Yatara had to swallow the bitterness of his fruitless desire. Because afterwards, the royal army under Virga's control accused Yatara of treason and did something against King Sa
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009. Eyeballs of fire
The sturdy man stood towering with a frown looking at someone who was now receiving the royal crown making all those present in the royal throne room bow their heads in salute to their new king—Virga Rahacky—the successor to the throne of Eternal Ice.King Samuel himself had given a mandate to his right-hand man to Virga as his successor. Of course it was the words of Virga and his people who had planned this all.One of them stood with a hardened expression, clenching their fists unwelcome with what had just happened. Ceremony the surrender of the throne that should have received the royal crown was himself neither Virga nor anyone else. But, the rightful one is himself— Jhosep— the king's younger brother.Jhosep looked at the new king who was now standing swaggeringly in front of all the royal members. Standing in his oversized robes made all heads look down respectfully, none of them dared to raise their heads before the king pleased. And that makes Jhosep even more unacceptable.A
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