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One night, citizens in nine districts were frightened by the arrival of a large group of black robes resembling human forms named ORION. They hunted teenagers to be taken away to an unknown place, while other people who tried to get in the way would not hesitate to be killed right away. Because of the hunt, a small group of teenagers with a special ability called TENVIS appears. The formation of their group is based on the goal of destroying ORION. However, when it is revealed that one of them is the main key to stopping ORION, what will they do in the end? Keep solving it together or sacrificing that one person?

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01. Morning View
Dawn has greeted since a few moments ago. It always arrives on time, along with the chirping of the birds as a morning radio that pampers the ears, even with the cool breeze that directly hits the skin if a cloth does not cover it to warm it up.But the air can cool the heart and mind, some even say that morning air is good for health. Zack immediately felt all these things as soon as he came out of the yard of his house and stood on the front porch at six in the morning.He stared at the vast expanse of sky above through the gaps in the leaves from the nearby trees. Zack couldn't see the whole sky from where he was standing, but he thought this was enough.Turning his gaze straight to stare at the trees that lined up irregularly right in front of him meters away, the leaves on each stem gently swaying every time a gust of wind hit, Zack also shuddered as his arm felt the current directly.He wasn't lying, but it was freezing in here."The morning view is always beautiful and refreshi
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02. He's different
The downtown square is one of Zack's favourite spots in district one, he's always loved visiting this place since he never had anything special to do. When he got out of his father's car when he arrived, Zack looked around, which still looked the same crowded since he had left two weeks ago. Their purpose in visiting the city centre is because his father works in one of the shops in this place and Zack can also be free to buy necessities for the almost finished house."Don't go far from the city market, okay? You made a promise to Dad, so don't break it," Father warned his only son again, to which Zack immediately nodded. "Before three o'clock, you have to be back here," he added again, Zack just nodded again so his father wouldn't worry."Any more messages?" Zack asked with a mischievous smile once his father stopped making a sound. Zack thought the message had run out because he was just about to turn around so he could leave immediately, but his father held him back.“Zack, are you
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03. Unsuccessfully Saved
There used to be a story about a child who was born to coincide with the presence of a full moon. The time of his birth missed far from what had been predicted by the previous doctor, the baby was born faster than it should have.On that night, the full moon was shining very brightly as if its light was an absolute marker of the birth of a little son from two happy parents because the couple could only have children after their marriage touched the fourth year of marriage. However, no one knows that it turns out that the full moon is also a sign that the birth is not an ordinary birth like babies in general. The little boy is blessed with a unique ability that was never expected.A few moments after birth, instead of crying loudly like babies. The baby smiled broadly as if someone was joking with him then. Realizing this strangeness, at first, the nurses were still regular, but the baby still didn't cry hours later.As a result, the nurses did various ways to make him cry because she
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04. The Doppel
The incident appears in the head like a roll of film that rotates once without the aid of a tool. From his point of view at that time, Zack saw from the top of the stairs how grandma fell and lay down there. In the end, the household assistant soon came out because he had heard a loud sound from outside the room.But no matter how fast he moved, the grandmother still could not be saved.Zack was still trying to persuade his mother that day with a face full of requests. "Yes, mom? Let's stay here, okay?" Zack feared what he saw would become real because he had a strange feeling about his grandmother that he couldn't shake off.Zack was distraught at that time.Hearing his nonstop whining, finally the father came closer, holding each of his son's shoulders and then looking at him intently. "Tomorrow, Dad still has to work, and you also have to go to school. Just postpone the stay to next week, okay?”"But, I-""Dad, we promise to stay here next week," interrupted his father with a sever
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05. Vision of Death
While waiting for Dad to finish all his work, Zack spent the remaining time visiting a park near the city market. Zack had also informed his father because he thought he would look for me later, so as not to cause concern, Zack chose to tell his father about his current position.Zack chose a seating spot that was not easily reached by anyone's eyes. This garden chair was covered by a large tree and flowers around it, and its sitting position was also facing away from the crowd, so he was sure that no one would come near it.He didn't want to cause trouble if he encountered his old friends.Tamara : So, what have you been doing since coming to town today, Zack?Zack looked at his cell phone, Tamara's reply had just come, we had been exchanging messages since earlier because Zack suddenly wanted to tell her. Tamara has always been an excellent listener to every man's complaints.Zack : Not much, just walking around town and saw my old house earlier. Hopefully, none of my old friends wi
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06. They're Coming
Ronald's mother thought that Zack was the mastermind behind the accident. She said it was Zack who deliberately caused her son to have an accident and die because Zack held a deep grudge against her son. Then everyone believed the rumour until finally, the school decided to call Zack's parents.So far, Zack has always hidden from his parents that he was ostracized at school. He always told them that he had good friends and was treated like other kids, his school years were going well and Zack was good at limiting physical contact so he didn't have to see what he shouldn't see.But all the lies were finally revealed after the call. Zack's parents learned that everything Zack said to them was a lie. Both are wrong, not even for one point.But Zack's father still defended Zack as best he could, he still said that Zack was not Ronald's killer and he did everything to make his son free from punishment. Zack's father didn't mind Ronald's mother wanting to bring the police to investigate thi
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07. Dead, Lost, or Back?
[ZACK'S POINT OF VIEW]Three days later.At the night's end, I walked in the middle of the forest while tightening the jacket I was wearing again. Now all I can hear is the sound of my footsteps echoing the silence of the night, as well as the rustling sound caused by the friction of my shoes against the dry leaves that have fallen to the ground.A gust of night wind often whispers too strongly in my earlobe to stop by. However, I ignored everything that was heard, my irises instead focused on circling, remaining on guard for whatever I might find."Calm down, Zack. You need to stay away from the crowds and find a place to hide temporarily, you can think about other matters later, the most important thing now is that you don't wander in the forest for too long, because at any time there will be wild animals that can pounce on you at any time," I whispered. to myself, trying to calm down even though, to be honest, I was terrified. In my heart, I keep reminding myself that I have to be
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08. Quiet District One
[ZACK'S POINT OF VIEW]What would you do if you accidentally got the chance to explore the forest alone? For those who are cowardly, they will immediately reject this opportunity, they will choose to stay in a comfortable room for one whole day instead of having to spend time doing something that they think is not important.But some people with the soul of an explorer will feel pleased. If they get the opportunity, they will explore further and take advantage of this opportunity to find more information while adding to the trip experience. Some will also capture every moment they can see as a symbol and a form of memory that they have gone there.I am one of the types of people who also like to explore. I want to look at nature, lying on the grass while gazing at the vast expanse of the universe through my irises. It's always been like that, I usually would go to the hills if I were feeling annoyed after school because of bullying by my friends. After moving house from the city, I al
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09. The Telepathy
[ZACK'S POINT OF VIEW]"Zack, did you hear?""Zack, it's Dad. Can you hear Dad's voice now? How are you? Have you reached the city and found a hiding place?”"Zack, why aren't you answering?"“Zack!”I woke up to the sound of a pounding heart so loud that it could be heard in my ears. My two nets immediately circulated the room and realized I was still in my old house. I dreamed of listening to my father's voice asking about my condition. Still, after he shouted, I was shocked and woke up reflexively due to too much shock."You awake, Zack?"As fast as lightning, I looked around again, the sound of my heartbeat grew more assertive because I felt scared after hearing that voice. I knew I was alone now, so how could I listen to a voice similar to my father's? Do these groups have the ability to mimic someone's voice until they sound so incredibly alike? If that's the case, they're likely using that ability to catch the people they're looking for. Approaches victims by sound, then grab t
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10. About What it Looks Like
[ZACK'S POINT OF VIEW]Those black-robed groups were everywhere.I'm currently texting with Tamara, who lives in district three, the girl asked me if my district was visited by some unknown people who have black robes and I immediately replied to her message saying that they did come. Our message continues to this day, Tamara and I had to guess who the identity behind the black robe was, there were several presumptions that we each raised, but until now, we both couldn't find the correct answer.Tamara : Zack, I suddenly remember memories from a few years ago. Do you still remember when I asked you to see my doppelganger? At that time, I was too curious about how I would die, then you saw it. Do you still remember what you said to me at that time?I was silent for a long time as I read a line of messages that just came in from Tamara on my cellphone. My brain functions quickly to search for fragments of memories of what she said just now, I found them, then my hands became shaking aft
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