From Rags to Riches: The Untold Saga of the Trillionare

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From Rags to Riches: The Untold Saga of the Trillionare

By: T.K OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In the heart of New York City, "Rags to Riches: The Untold Saga of the Trillionare" follows Ethan Anderson's journey from poverty to unimaginable wealth. Battling childhood adversity, betrayal and Ill treatment, he rises to prominence, but shadows from his past threaten his empire and the life he now found himself in. Amid high society's glitz, secrets unravel, forcing Ethan to confront his demons. This riveting tale of ambition, betrayal, love and redemption captivates with its spellbinding narrative, leaving readers gripped until the final page turns.

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13 chapters
Chapter 1
The clock struck 8pm on a peaceful Wednesday night, the wind gentle and had a touch of serenity. A good night to die some might even say.In an isolated warehouse down the streets, the atmosphere inside was not the same with the one outside, far from sedated. "What do you mean double? That's just too outrageous!” Ethan hollered in fury."The rule is the rule. Pay up or face the consequences." An average height man answered back. He had a scar that ran across his face.Following the man’s utterance, the five bodyguards that stood behind him flashed their weapons at Ethan.Seeing how stupid it would be to be stubborn, Ethan calmed down. "Listen, I-I didn't expect the interest to become this high.""It's nothing personal. It's simply business,” the Mafia Boss responded as he took a seat, pouring himself a glass of whiskey."Look paying back the initial hundred thousand dollars is extremely difficulty, but now you want two hundred thousand dollars? Please I'm going to need more time to c
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Chapter 2
The Warehouse door banged wide apart, a group of men clothed in black trooped in. Their feet marching in unison as they stormed into the warehouse. They had on black glasses, albeit it was evening and were harmed with assault rifles.It was obvious what kind of men they were, guards who were professionally trained and battle ready. They wore on their faces a big stern look, each taking a fearful stance. Their presence alone brought chills to everyone’s system. The mafia boss, his men, and Ethan inclusive. All exhaling The men formed a semi circle, facing Ethan and the Mafia, their guns aimed at all of them.This was a complete shift in events. No one knew what could happen the very next second, and no one had the nerve to dare to find out."Who the hell are you guys? What gives you the right to barge into my turf?" The Mafia boss summoned courage to ask. He couldn't let these men undermine his Power in front of his men. This was his territory and he had to defend it from these men.
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Chapter 3
The gangsters took to their heels and ran out of the warehouse with the box full of money. They couldn't risk turning their backs on the men.Ethan still could not make sense of all that happened. It was as if reality itself had fractured, leaving him to figure out what was real and not.Maybe this was all a terrible dream and he would wake up the next day back to normal. Normalcy was all he craved at the moment. "I can see you're still in shock Young Master " the Old man said upon observation. "It's understandable, anyone would feel this way when given such news." He added.The strength to speak was nowhere to be found in Ethan. "You are the heir to the Biggest consortium in the world." The old man dropped the bomb with a proud smile placed widely on his face.Mouth slightly opened but words couldn't escape, Ethan took a step back. He needed a minute to process what he was hearing.Ethan's eyes lit up with shock. Heir? To the biggest consortium? Today just kept pouring out extreme
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Chapter 4
"Laurel?" Ethan asked in shock, the night has been one with doubtful events and he was no longer sure wether to believe or doubt what his eyes were seeing.Ethan wasn't who Laurel and her lover was expecting to see. The air around them felt heavy with fear, their breaths uneasy filled with panic, but for some reason, they breathing normalized and clarity and calmness returned to their beings."What the fuck happened here?" Ethan fumed with anger. This wasn't a scene any man should see when coming back home - his girlfriend all loved up with another man on their bed.His breathing became laboured, boiling with rage and fury. Heaven knew the thoughts that invaded his mind were not legal.Rather than an explanation, Ethan's question was met with a condescending sneer."Answer me Goddammit!!" Ethan's voice went high with rage."What the hell are you doing here?" Laurel asked, completely ignoring Ethan's question, completely unbothered by Ethan's boiling rage. What was his doing there? In
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Chapter 5
The insults hurled at Ethan by Alex became unbearable.The gangsters had dealt with him already and stripped him of his dignity as a man, Ethan wasn't going to allow another man do that to him again, let alone that same night."Get off me!" Ethan yelled as he pushed Alex off him with all his strength. He swung his right fist at Alex, who weaved it and punched Ethan on his nose before he could block it.The force of the punch sent Ethan staggering. Brushing off the blood coming out of his nose, Ethan charged at Alex again, who gave him another punch which sent Ethan to the ground. His lips bursted, Blood coming out of his mouth and nose.Ethan was seething with anger but didn't have the strength to do anything with it. He was too weak and tired to fight back.Left with no choice, Ethan wiped the blood from his mouth and dusted his body as he managed to stand back on his feet.He lost. More than once today.Taking a final look at Laurel, Ethan shook his head as he left the house for the
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Chapter 6
Left with no choice, Ethan accepted defeat, an action that was becoming recurring for him. No matter how many times he tried to pick himself up, life always found a way to throw him down.Ethan took one last look at the receptionist. He didn't blame her, it was his low position in life that opened him up to her insults.To avoid any more embarrassment, Ethan took to his leave. He would rather die than face another embarrassing moment from the guards again.Stepping out of the reception lounge, Ethan took a look back inside. More than the wall of glass now stood in between him and the reception lounge, Ethan eyes became moist. He was about to loose his once in a lifetime chance.Dipping his hands into his pocket, Ethan brought out his phone. He wasn't about to give up just yet. He would give it a go, one last time."Come on!!" Ethan prayed under his breath as he switched on the phone. "Yes!!" Ethan almost screamed as the phone came on. Maybe he wasn't cursed after all. Maybe he had fin
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Chapter 7
The air around Alex suddenly became tensed. What the hell just happened? The bright and shining countenance on his face faded away as his eyes saw the Old Man bowing to Ethan."This can't be happening." Alex thought in his mind as terror slowly creeped into his body as the reality of the events began to settle in his mind.He had known the The Housekeeper was the president of Majestic Skies Building. He had also known that there was a Super Family backing The Housekeeper.A deeper level of fear ran through his spine as he tried to put the pieces together. If The Housekeeper saluted Ethan with so much respect, was Ethan a member of the Super Family?"No he couldn't be!" Alex screamed in his mind. That made no sense. Or did it? As Alex pounded on these thoughts, sweat beads began forming on his forehead, his palm getting sweaty, his breathing became laboured."Hope you didn't experience much discomfort?" The Old Man asked with so much care."Nothing to worry about." Ethan responded."I'
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Chapter 8
Walking back into the building, All eyes were fixated on them. It was a clear representation of Word and Opposite.The Old Man had on a very expensive and exquisite Armani suit. Only 3 of it were made in the whole world. Ethan on the other hand looked unkept and rough all over. They were a classic representation of two different worlds.The pair arrived at the top floor and stood in front of a giant door."We're here." The Old Man said as he pushed the door opened."What the.." Ethan couldn't bring himself to complete the sentence as the door swung open and the scent of aged leather and polished mahogany wafts through the air.Stepping into the CEO's office, Ethan's mouth fell wide open with awe.Inside the CEO's office is a masterpiece of modern decadence. Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the city below, a constant reminder of the empire they command.The floors, adorned with plush Persian rugs, absorb the echoes of footsteps with luxurious silence.Ethan co
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Chapter 9
As Ethan pounded on his new predicament, a cream colored Lamborghini Veneno Roadster drove and stopped at the gate near him.Only Ethan seemed fazed by the beauty of the car. The guards didn't seem fazed. They were used to such sight every day. Perks of working in the Estate gave them opportunity to behold beautiful sights like this.The car was crafted by a team of master artisans and embodied elegance and extravagance in every curve and contour.Ethan wasn't surprised any more, this was the type of vicinity to see such cars after all.The gull-wing doors gracefully swung open, revealing an interior fit for royalty. A lady in her mid twenties stepped out of the car.She was clad in a simple Blue top and mini skirt, made by the famous Gucci brand. Bracelets of Gold adorned her wrists and neck.Her brown hair was styled in a ponytail that complemented her caramel skin tone. Her skin was smooth and neat like that of a new born.Her eyes were blue like the sky, bright and beautiful. She
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Chapter 10
Ethan was thrown into a state of fear. Why did he keep going from one trouble into another?."Rebekah calm down." Ethan began. He had to be extremely careful now. If she reacted this way to what he said, how will she react if he told her He was that hidden trillionare she mentioned. "She'll never believe. It would only make things worse." Ethan concluded in his mind."Go ahead and explain yourself Ethan." Rebekah said, her eyes fully settled on Ethan, ready to devour the words that would leave his mouth."Alright so, I met the trillionare by accident. Honestly I didn't even know it was him. He needed something done quickly and I happened to be at the right place and right time to help him, so I did. Instead of paying me, he gave me a chance to work in his Villa, that's how I got the key." Ethan carefully explained. He couldn't believe how effortless he came up with that lie on the spot.A stillness of silence followed for a few seconds, as Rebekah digested everything Ethan had just sa
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