Half A Hero

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Half A Hero

By: MoeJam90 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ghwyr Lightfoot is a halfling who dreamt of becoming a renowned hero. He left his job as a townsguard and went to the capital to chase his dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as he thought. But Lady Luck didn't shun him just yet! After a fateful encounter with the Iron Bears, his fate slowly changed. He gets warped into a world of adventure, mystery, and monster-hunting he once craved. Will he fulfill his wish? Will his name be immortalized in the hearts of the people? Let's see what destiny has in store for him!


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63 chapters
The sunshine in the capital was far too different than what he saw in his hometown. Its bright and golden rays were regal, and its warmth felt royal than the regular sunshine, Ghwyr experienced at home. It was still the very early hours of the morning, and yet the streets were already filled with carriages and people in both grandiose and simple clothing walking on and about. It was far too different from the serene hometown of Gayaham, where he once lived. The capital never rested, not even for a blink. The people walked fast, never looking back to check whether someone might be calling them or if they left something. The people were cold, matter of fact, to the point of being heartless. It was a different place. However, he wasn’t there to cry and ask for pity, nor complain about how the citizens of this huge capital treat each other. He was there because he wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero. He wanted to be recognized and become a member of a party, traveling the sco
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“Stay together!” Old man Logue commanded as the pack of gigantic rats slowly approached them. “Hold you ground and make sure you don’t step on the waterway or you’re dead!” His voice boomed as his steel sword glistened in the light while slashing the giant vermin as hard as he could.Ghwyr was able to dodge in and out of their annoying attacks despite having difficult footing. Since he was unable to pull out his sword, he used spade as his weapon. He poked and bashed the attacking rats, and even gutted a few of them as they carried on with their mission.No one was backing down. The rats, as big as it were still couldn’t outmatch them in terms of skills. Ghwyr and the rest of the men were able to kill a substantial amount of the vermin that the rest of them scattered and ran away.Ghwyr was still able to kill one more rat when he threw the spade towards it and immediately skewered the rat on the head. The monster fell to the murky water, unmoving and dead. After their skirmish, they p
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“Run!” The old man shouted. “Everyone, run! That is a monster we couldn’t handle!” He pushed away a man blocking his path and made a run for it.As they saw the old man made his escape, everyone panicked and joined into the chaos. They ran away, throwing their spades and pushing each other to make their way first into the passageway exit. A foolish and amateur move to do.Despite the panic, Ghwyr remained calm and tried his best to hustle out of the nudging crowd, but his height proved to be at a disadvantage as the bigger men pushed him away. The last man who pushed him, knocked too hard and got him off balanced. He fell into the mucky waters of the waterways just as a powerful current pushed him further away from themThe murky water was unpleasant. His clothed masked didn’t help him as he drank a few ounces of the vile liquid as he got smashed against the surprisingly powerful waves of the waterway. The dark water was slowly swallowing him. He could feel the muck and every mysterio
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Ghwyr ran as hard as he could. To get away from the monster. He wasn’t sure if it has died from his attack or if he wounded it. Maybe, his attack didn’t even scratch the monster’s hide for all he knew. But he wasn’t standing there and wait around. He ran with the other humans, but unfortunately, they didn’t even try help him despite the feat he did.They ran away without looking back and left him out there, fatigued and light-headed from the struggle he did with the vile water. His fatigue could most likely be attributed from the dirty water her accidentally ingested while he was drowning earlier. The toxins and manure were wreaking havoc on his body, and he was far away from the surface.Regardless of what he felt, he wasn’t willing to give up and die just yet. It would be very anti-climactic for him to die, just before he got known as a hero. Or if the fates would be cruel to him, at the very least make him reach the surface and have a proper burial than be eaten by the rats and oth
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Ghwyr was still fighting for his life as his body froze on the cold floor. But the more he tried to move his body, the more he realized he wasn’t able to do anything. His heart was beating violently as the sound of the razor-sharp nails came closer to him.He became more anxious when he heard the two alternating sounds of the claws from two directions. There was more than one of it and now, he might be eaten by the two monsters. Unable to do anything about it, he closed his eyes and prayed once again, in hopes that the monsters would end him quickly.He could hear the other one growling just a few feet away from him. It sounded angry, as it should be after what he did. It screeched and hissed before hearing its footsteps charging towards him. Just as he was about to be mangled by the monster, he felt someone grabbed him by the shoulders.“Light force shield!” The voice came sounded like a woman. “Your turn, guys!” She shouted enthusiastically.Ghwyr was able to slightly open his eyes
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“Kiddo?” The stern lady squinted at the brawny man. “You called him a kiddo?! I can’t… I just can’t!” She shook her head while massaging the bridge of her nose. “What did I say wrong this time?” The brawny man asked. “Bjorn… let me remind you that WE couldn’t afford another discriminatory complaint from the Guild!” She said. “This man right here is a halfling. Not a child and definitely not a dwarf! Please, get your words sorted!” She raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh, is he a halfling?” The man approached him and leaned over as he squinted his eyes. “He does look like a child… no offense, kiddo.” He smiled and patted his shoulder. “By the gods! This is why we couldn’t have nice things!” The woman rolled her eyes. “What would you say the next time you see a halfling? A kiddo? A gal? A lad?! The last time I recalled, you call a dwarf a kid wearing a thick mustache!” She pointed at him. The brawny man laughed. “It was a good joke.” He nodded at the other men behind him. “It wasn’t Bjor
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Ghwyr still couldn’t believe the chance that he has. It was like Lady Salidas had smiled upon him and gave him a chance to become an honorary part of one of the greatest parties the Guild has every had. The party of the Iron Bears was most renowned for their recklessness and bravery. Some would call them heroes while partly panned as fools by those whom they have come across.If they were who they say they were, then, the big man he had talked to earlier was undoubtably Bjorn Bearskin. The only known berserker in the kingdom. A man famous for his crazy deeds as much as the heroic feats he had made throughout his illustrious career.He felt happy and nervous at the same time to be with such prestigious group. Bjorn assigned him along with the golden-haired healer, Frejr and the mysterious swordsman only known by the name, Arenviel. These members were fairly new to his party. The original members disbanded at the same time that he decided to travel to Evalom.Ghwyr couldn’t forget that
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“How many are still standing?” Arenviel shouted to Bjorn.“Couldn’t count ‘em all.” The big man answered while smashing together two monster heads. “But I could sure tell there still a lot of them.” He smiled.“I might run out of arrows.” Tersextes shouted from the back. “Looks like they are far too many.” He reported.“Good! Because I am still warming up.” Bjorn laughed and charged towards the monsters. His strong arms were enough to cut through the swarm. He mowed the monsters and pushed them back. “Keep up, kiddo!” He shouted to Ghwyr, who was fighting earnestly, swarmed by a few monsters of his own.The halfling couldn’t see as much, especially with a small group of the monsters have ganged up on him. However, he didn’t waste the opportunity to showcase the skills he had got from training alone in their wild forest.Using that very knowledge, he tried his best to evade the wide claw slashes and stabbing attacks the monsters did. He dodged one more attack and swung his axe on the c
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The morning was unusually cold as Ghwyr opened his eyes. To his surprise, he was welcomed by a very familiar ceiling. The crisscrossing patterns of the dried and weaved river reeds was a staple ceiling in his hometown.He closed his eyes once again, trying to dream about the saga of his short-lived life as a hero.“One stab at the heart…” He thought. “That’s all it needed to put me down.” He sighed in disappointment.He really wanted to become a great hero. That was his very reason why he left home and struggled in the capital. He left his post as a townsguard because of that same reason. He cleaned toilets, scrubbed floors, feed horses, and other mundane stuff that the Guild would request of him, if that was what it took him to get a higher-ranking badge.Wait a second! He should still be in the capital, right?!Ghwyr opened his eyes and realized that after a few minutes of contemplation. He sat up on his bed and looked around the room. He was at his room, but it was a little differe
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“I—I… I’m… alive?” Ghwyr asked as he gritted his teeth from the painful wound. “W-what… happened…” He lowered down his voice to avoid painful spikes in his stomach.“Should I start from the very beginning?” The elf asked. “Or do you just need the details of those last few moments?” He asked.“I… I… remembered… everything….” Ghwyr tried moving but was stopped by the elf. “Except those few moments.” He sighed.The elf stared at him. His face wrinkled from trying to figure out what he should say to him.“Well, obviously…” He pointed at the bandaged wrapped around Ghwyr’s stomach. “You got stabbed… through and through… never seen anything like it before. I’m talking about the size of the wound.” The elf holstered back his knife on his leg pocket and ate the apple.“How… b-big… is it?” Ghwyr tried looking down at his wound.“Big enough for me to think you’re a goner.” The elf answered.Ghwyr looked at the elf, then came back to look at the huge bandaged wrapped on him. His face painted a l
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