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The world was invaded by monsters whose origins are unknown. Monsters eat people. Monsters eat monsters. It was a never-ending war against the monsters, especially since people relied solely on technology and weapons. However, they have discovered that eating the gems from monsters they have killed can grant them superpowers. They can also add the gem to their weapons to make them stronger in battle against monsters. Hero, the only survivor of the battle against the Monster Queen and high-ranking monsters in his first life now traveled in time. He was given a chance to change what had been written in his destiny. To avoid the impending death, to discover the secrets of the monsters invading their world, and to know what really happened. He went to great lengths to become the best of the best! Despite the difficulties and challenges he will face, he will continue to stand as he does not want to waste his second life. He will go to any length to kill any monsters he comes across.

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The monsters' roaring and creaking voices could be heard. Blood splattered the ground, with intestines and people's heads rolling around as monsters devoured the dead bodies. Hero slid his sword, killing the monsters around him. He continuously kills every monster that attacks him. Everyone was killed, including his sister; their limbs and intestines emerged from within their bodies. It was all his friends. Died at the hands of monsters while attempting to defend themselves and fight against higher-ranked monsters. He jumps backward and lands on top of a bus near the area. A swarm of Bonewraith flying monsters is heading toward him. He dropped his sword and stared at the monsters flying towards him. He kneeled and gasped for air, staring fiercely at the monsters. "I give up," he muttered and closed his eyes, looking down. "I can't fight anymore. I am surrounded. The Queen had already called for backups to protect her and her eggs. How could I be able to fight them alone? Fvck it!" h
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Hero immediately bows down and splits to avoid the tentacles attacking him. Peitho ran away and hid beside the room gasping for air when she saw how the monster's tentacles caused damage to their apartment. "Peitho, take my bag and run. Hide at the trash bin first and wait for me there. Don’t ever get out of there until you don’t hear my signal. I will knock five times, do you hear me?" Hero stated as he kept on walking backward taking the dagger from his hips. "But what about you, Brother?" Peitho asks worriedly while taking the heavy bag but still manages to carry it. "Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. Now go!" Hero yelled and dashed towards the monster preventing it from attacking Peitho by leaning it against the wall. Peitho immediately ran away and followed her brother's order. Hero was pushed away to the hallway giving him a scratch that came from a sharp metal on the ground causing him to moan in pain and let the blood flow through. 'This body isn't used to deep wo
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It was already nighttime. Peitho carries his brother to a room that is still completely whole and locks the door. After hearing her brother's scream, she couldn't bear it anymore and immediately ran and climbed up, there she saw her brother lying on the ground bleeding. While assisting her brother, she couldn't believe what she saw when she saw his brother's one hand that was cut but was gradually turning back. It means that his body was regenerating. The wounds in his palm also healed! But the blood was still there. Peitho shook her head and set aside her confusion. She takes a look at the bag that her brother ordered her to carry and looks for something that she could use for her brother's treatment. Hero was sick and had a high fever, his temperature was very high which Peitho was concerned about. "There was no medicine for fever!" she exclaimed and stopped for a while. She remembered they still had one stock left in their room but their room was five rooms away. She knows that i
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Hero has been killing monsters at full speed and collecting gems for hours. He has already cleared the area through which they have passed. Hero carried two bags of gems, while Peitho only carried one. "I have collected 8 red gems," he muttered as he walked down the highway, holding two bags of gems. Peitho was trembling as he saw the human bodies scattered on the ground and blood splattered across the building and store walls. She had not expected to see such things, and the aura and ambiance of the city where they lived terrified her. For the past hours, they have been walking, and they haven't seen a single human being, only monsters and dead bodies."What are you doing with these gems?" Peitho asks him making Hero to look at his sister. "You’ll see," he just replied making Peitho pouts. She wanted to know more about the things that was happening to their world and wanted to asks things to her brother since she thought that her brother might knew things. Both of them came to a h
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The six of them continue to walk while covered in blood. The four people introduced themselves, and the woman in military pants named Vanessa was one of the militaries assigned to kill the monsters in this city; however, they lost contact with their general, and their weapons ran out of stock, rendering them unable to fight. The majority of his squads died fighting the monsters, and she is the only military member left in their squad. They have decided to live in a 4th floor building. It is cleared and there are no monsters able to reach the building and they don't know why. When Hero reached the building where they were living, he was surprised to see a big tree which made him smile. "Oak Tree," he speaks making all of them look at him as he touches the tree gently."Yes, what about it?" Vanessa asks. "The reason why monsters can't go near the building is because of the Oak tree. Oak tree had a smell that the monsters with blue and orange gems doesn't want however, red gem monsters
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Lock was shocked to see Hero turning the bullet in his hand a sand. He couldn't believe that Hero had a remarkable skill. Lock then looked at where was Hero looking and there he saw one of his colleagues laughing. "Simon!" Lock yelled at him. Simon is the team's best sniper, like Hero, Simon also consumes the gem's power which is a purple gem that enables him to have a better eyesight for sniping. All of his shots are 100% accurate. Simon keeps his finger off the trigger and up the safety lever. He jumps down from the rooftop and dashes towards Hero and Lock. "What the hell are you doing!? You almost killed our visitor!" Lock reprimanded him but Simon didn't even try to look at Lock and just reached his hand to Hero, asking for a handshake. "Simon, welcome to our paradise," Simon speaks still lifting his hand and asking for a handshake with Hero. Hero just stared at his hand and then at his face who was still smiling looking at him. "I don't want to get in contact with someone who
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It is already 8 in the morning and Hero slowly opens his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see himself tied in a chair making him grit his teeth. He looked around and saw himself in an open room. He looks at his hands tied with chain cuffs. "Peitho," he muttered and looked around however he didn't see her around. He cursed and blamed himself. Because of the exhaustion he felt from consuming the blue gems last night, his body felt so heavy and tired that he didn't sense someone was already in their room carrying him to tie him here. He fell asleep and forgot to guard the door after hearing a sound last night. He was about to pull out his hands so the chain cuff would break but suddenly someone opened the door and there he saw Vanessa walking towards him. "Where is my sister?" Hero asks sternly but Vanessa doesn't mind his question. "How to use those gems? What did you do last night? Don't tell me you are a monster too?" Vanessa continuously asks him but Hero ju
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The man continuously walks towards Hero who is now standing in front of him. He stops and smiles at him, Hero's eyebrows lift as he keeps on looking at the man with an eyeglass. "You are Hero?" he asks. Hero didn't respond but just kept on staring at him, tightening his grip on his dagger. The man glance behind him seeing the people he killed. "I am not here to be your enemy, Hero. I am here to give you a deal. Be part of us, an organization that can give you secured protection," he speaks. "Organization?" Hero asks as this is the first time he heard about it. "Yes, this organization cannot be publicized to anyone as much as possible. This is a secret organization wherein a human like you who receives a rare gem can have power and position once this world becomes one of ours. It will become ours once every human is wiped out, isn't it promising to receive such a gift?" the man replied. Hero thought about it. The rare gem that the man was talking about might be the black gem that t
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Damian just kept on glaring at Hero but suddenly burst into laughter causing Hero to look at him confusedly. "You amazed me, Hero. I don't know which informant did you get that information but I should have given him a round of applause," he said and wore out his leather jacket and dropped them down to the ground. Damian gritted his teeth as he looked at Hero but he didn't let that Hero notice it. He was afraid that he might be killed right here right now. Damian knows that Valerie didn't enable her blood to flow through his veins, which means, he is unable to use the ability that Valerie gave to him now. Valerie still doesn't trust Damian's capability to produce soldiers to protect her which is why she wants to make Damian be able to complete his mission without power. If he can do that, he will granted abilities and have the position as her left-hand man."I will let you experience how a servant of a corpse screams fight. Give me your best shot, Hero," Damian speaks as he smirks ca
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The gas in their car ran out which made them decide to just walk. The two bags of gems were carried by Hero and the bag that Peitho was supposed to carry, was carried by Simon. "The city became looks like an abandoned city. Trees and plants are rapidly growing covering the whole city," Simon speaks as he keeps on walking, his rifle on his back. "Why do you want to meet Miss Reyana anyway?" Peitho asks Hero to continue to walk, not looking at his face."Isn't Reyana's grandfather known for his talent in forging things? That is what I am chasing about, Reyana's knowledge she had that her grandfather taught to her," Hero replied causing the two to look at him. Hero turns his face to look at Simon. "Why did you help us anyway?" Simon looked at Hero and scratched his head. "I just feel like I had to. Besides, helping you will give me more benefits than following Vanessa's orders. Just watching and looking at you fight, made me gain knowledge about my abilities," he replied. "How did you
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