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Vengeance! The target here was the beautiful princess of the Cyprus kingdom, Princess Chu Hua. She has been living her whole life in the kingdom without stepping out of the gate, for a reason best known to her father. A time finally came, when her uncle, who was a stepbrother to her father. That was thrown out of the kingdom a long time ago, rise against them, for vengeance. Was her father actually guilty? Not at all, he only fought for his right to become the successor of their father as the firstborn. On hearing this, commander Lucifer, who happens to be the commander of the Cyprus kingdom, and princess Chu Hua crush. He arose to fight for her and the kingdom. He wasn't going to do this alone; commander Lucifer secretly trained princess Chu Hua. Commander Lucifer has unknown powers that no one was aware of. A time came when he gave the princess a magical sword. This sword wasn't meant for her. It was an assigned sword for a warrior to rescue a kingdom from a long time prepared battle, in the kingdom of mermaids. That sword took her away from her kingdom to a place she never knew existed in this world. How will she cope in a world, where everyone has powers except for her? _________ “ He's Cthulhu. The great ocean monster, and you must defeat him to save humanity.” a voice echoed. To defeat Cthulhu isn't a child's play.

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    Hi lovely readers, this is my first book, and I'm a newbie. Please, give it a try and tell me what you think about the book. It would in improving my writing skills. Thank you

    2022-12-09 16:41:27
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Gates flung open as Lucifer, the commander of the cyprus army, rushed into the king's court. He found king Guozhi, the great king of Cyprus kingdom, sitting on his throne. A victorious king who promoted peace in his neighborhood. A king who fought against his step brother for his right to become the king of his kingdom. A king who was always ready to sacrifice his life for the life of his beloved daughter, princess Chu Hua."Your majesty,I have a message for you" commander Lucifer said, bowing his head. Commander Lucifer, a young man who became the commander of the cyprus army at the early age of twenty-six. A gallant soldier who is always ready to protect and fight for his kingdom. A man whom Princess Chu Hua admired the most after her father. A letter was on commander Lucifer's right hand and he was holding his scabbard with his left hand to avoid it touching the ground."From who?" king Guozhi asked"From the Gapsin kingdom, your majesty." Lucifer replied with his head still bowin
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“Your highness, our men are not yet back.” Commander Bengt reported to prince Junfeng.“How is that possible?” Prince Gen asked as he glared at commander Bengt.“I have no idea about your highness. This is the third day we have been waiting for their arrival, but they are taking ages to show up.” Commander Bengt replied, bowing down his head.“How far is the distance of Cyprus away from here?” “Your highness, it's not that far from our kingdom. It can only take a few hours to go and come back.” Commander Bengt replied with fear.“Few hours?” Prince Junfeng almost yelled at him.“Yes, your highness. And this is the third day they have been out there.”Commander Bengt answered.“And you failed to inform me since then, until now!” Prince Junfeng yelled at commander Bengt.“Forgive me, your highness.” Commander Bengt pleaded.“Huh! Forgive?Is that what you will stand here telling me?”Prince Junfeng grew angry.They were silent for a few minutes. Prince Junfeng kept pacing up and down,
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The two men burst into laughter as everyone got deceived by them. it was all a joke.~~~~~“This throne was given to me by my father, and we have been at peace since then. No mortal man can destroy this great kingdom, nor can any man touch my beloved princess without my consent. We don't call for war, but if the enemies come, we tear them apart. We triumph over any kingdom that rises against us”. King Guozhi furrowed his brow as he mumbled on his throne.Peace of mind was far away from him. He was so confused and worried. He wasn't worried because his enemies were coming for him, he was worried about his daughter, princess Chu Hua. To protect her was his top priority.Thank the Good Lord that commander Lucifer was ever ready to fight anyone for his people. “If there were ten men like commander Lucifer in the Cyprus kingdom, then no one would be able to threaten us,” King Guozhi will always say.Commander Lucifer was like his personal advisor because he easily understood the pain so
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“Yeah.” Commander Lucifer answered.“Hmm. Quite interesting, but you need to study me more because that was just a quarter of me that you narrated.” Princess Chu Hua said as she looked away.“Like seriously?” Commander Lucifer asked.“Yeah. And if I may ask, who is the stranger you were talking about?” Princess Chu Hua asked Lucifer as she tried to recap the stranger's story parts.“Princess, I just answered all the questions you were asking, his majesty. He isn't in a good mood to talk to anyone, nor does he want to tell you these things by himself. He is confused at this point.But you don't have to be worried, your guiding angel will never allow that to happen.” Lucifer explained everything to her with an assurance that all will be fine.“What! Are you kidding me?” She raised an eyebrow in disbelief.“Not really. I'm not, my princess. Your guiding angel will always be by your side. If only you cooperate.” Lucifer said with a serious tune.“A guiding angel?” Princess Chu Hua asked a
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“This is what happened many years ago…The Cyprus kingdom was known as a kingdom of peace, unity, love, and harmony with a great king. King Jodah. They don't call for war, but when another kingdom rises against them, they fight and conquer it.The kingdom was at peace until when king Jodah, your grandfather, got drunk while celebrating their victory over the Maza kingdom. That night, king Jodah mistakenly slept with one of the palace maids, and she conceived.The law of the land demanded that if a woman is pregnant, you must take up the responsibility even if you don't intend to marry her. Jodah's first wife was also pregnant at that time. The elders of the kingdom advised him to banish the poor girl from the kingdom, but king Jodah refused. “I will take the responsibilities as the law demands,'' he said.This makes king Jodah a king of two wives in the history of this great kingdom.His first wife gave birth to his majesty, king Guozhi, and the second wife also gave birth to a son,
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Gapsin is a big fortified kingdom with high protective walls.Joyful songs could be heard from the kingdom as people were also chattering.The majority of the women were dressed half-naked, entertaining the guests. The maidens were serving food to everyone.People were devouring food in their tongues like lions, who are devouring other animals.Every soul appears to be happy with life in Gapsin. “Eat, drink and be merry” a young man stood up and gave a toast.“Victory upon victory!” Another joined.“Yeah!” They all screamed with joy. The joy in the atmosphere can't be explained. This is the life many of them want to live, but unfortunately, some withdraw back because of the battles they always fight.“Hahaha! I get you” a man said to his colleague after taking a full bottle of wine.Everywhere was noisy with instrumentals. A feast that always takes place even when they aren't celebrating anything special.“Father,” prince Junfeng called out as he headed to his father, who was eating
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“My beautiful princess, wake up, it's already morning. Come on, wake up, mom wants to feed you. Let's go to the garden and play with my angel.”Those soft and caring words can't be forgotten. Princess Chu Hua was thinking of all the good times she had with her late mother. She can still feel her presence within her, even when the feelings weren't true the way she felt them.Princess Chu Hua thought to herself, “Mother, That was too early. Why must you pass away and leave me in this evil world? A world that is full of bad people. A world that is full of sorrow. You promised to always be by my side, but cold has taken your place. Where are those, your warming arms? Where are those lovely smiles? When will you come and take me with you?”All these questions were passing through her mind as she sobbed in tears while sitting in the garden alone. Her mother was the queen of the Cyprus kingdom. A caring queen with a godly heart. A virtuous woman, a good wife, and a mother who knows when some
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“Hand over the sword to me,” prince Gen said to Aiguo, one of their men who was standing in his front, shivering like a sheep to be slaughtered.Some men laid accusations against Aiguo for sleeping while on duty. Jealousy caused it all. They were jealous of him because he was generous, which made the Gapsin women always go closer to him than them. He played with them a lot, but laying with women was not in his blood. He didn't come from another kingdom, unlike some men. Not only that but he was born and raised in Gapsin. The kingdom was not corrupted until Cheng became king, and everything changed.“Please, my prince, I am sorry. I promise never to try it again,” Aiguo fell to his knees as he begged for forgiveness, even when he was innocent.“Please ask him to forgive me,” Aiguo turned to commander Bengt to beg the prince on his behalf, but commander Bengt turned his back on him. Prince Junfeng forcefully collected the sword from Aiguo when he refused to hand it over to him.Command
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“Father, today is our last day of preparation for this battle. I know Cyprus men must have been prepared for us.”Prince Junfeng said as he stood facing his father. King Cheng was sitting on his throne. Prince Gen was holding a long spear in his hand. The tip of the spear was touching the ground and the other side was facing the roof. His right hand was holding the spear in the middle, and he placed his left hand in akimbo style. His dark eyes were staring at his father. “Sure son. But believe me that I never fail to fulfill promises. Cyprus must be destroyed, and you must take your wife along while coming back home tomorrow.Nothing will stop us from getting what we want!” King Cheng exclaimed as he sat on his throne. The statement “nothing will stop us from getting what we want!” Makes him furiously hit his knuckle on the throne arm. That wasn't painful, though, because he wore a knuckle duster.“I wonder why he always wears this knuckle duster,” one of the guards standing at the e
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“Victory!” Commander Bengt, who was on a horse in the battle front line, screamed as he raised his sword to the sky. His shield was placed on one side of the horse.“Yeah!” The Gapsin army screamed in response.The Gapsin army and Cyprus army were facing each other on the Cyprus battlefield. King Cheng came into the battlefield in his chariot, ridden by his men. He was dressed in armor with a helmet. Prince Junfeng who was also dressed in his full armor followed him at the back with a white horse.King Cheng dropped on the chariot and his sword and a helmet were brought to him, and he took them. King Cheng and prince Junfeng walked to the battle front line where commander Bengt was standing. Prince Junfeng was holding a long spear, a sword buckled on his waist belt, and a shield hanging on his back. He dropped from his horse as he took a good look at the Cyprus men who were standing from a far distance away from them. “Bengt.” Prince Junfeng called.“Yes, my Prince.” Commander Beng
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