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By: RUBY ELLE OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Cage's eyes narrowed. He inspected some clothes and realized they didn't belong to Carmen. Could it be? Different thoughts surfaced in Cage's head. He walked farther into the room. The moaning sounds coming from behind the closed doors confirmed his fears. "No. It can't be," Cage said breathlessly. His heart was on the verge of breaking apart. He pushed open the door, and his eyes shook. His wife was naked on top of another man, slowly gyrating her hips while the stranger's hands were on her waist....

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It was a hot sunny afternoon, and Cage was the happiest man alive. His eyes glowed as he stared at the box in his hands.It was his mother's gift to his lovely wife.His mother had taken him from the orphanage, and he loved herShe had given him the gift before she passed on. "I hope Carmen will love this. I wish she would leave school and come home with me. I miss her." Cage said to himself, letting out a heavy sigh.He had met Carmen three years ago, and he loved her a lot. "It's a good thing the boss wasn't around today so I could leave work early." Cage muttered.He would work day and night to ensure that he could continuously provide for Carmen's rent and her school expenses.It was evening when Cage arrived at the apartment.He knocked on the door, waiting for his wife to open the door."Carmen? Are you home?" He called out.His eyes moved down. The door wasn't locked. "Why didn't she lock the door?" He murmured. He walked in.The sight of clothes scattered in the living room
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"Are you sure you want to do this, Young Master?" Zo asked with a glance at Cage, who lay on his bed."Yes, Zo. I need to put them in their place." Cage stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.Zo bowed and left the room. He had to prepare for his Young Master's announced arrival tomorrow. Cage came out of the bathroom. Tomorrow, he will make his arrival known in the company.The following day arrived too quickly, but Cage had work to do.Zo came to pick him up from the hotel room.He escorted Cage to his car."Don't worry, Zo, I'll take the public bus. I want to check a few things out," Cage uttered with a small smile."Okay, sir," Zo said, climbing into the car.Cage thought as he took a taxi to the Marines and Shares company.It was a vast company with a magnificent front design and a large garden.Cage smoothened his roughened shirt. He had gotten used to dressing in such a way, and he had forgotten to ask Zo to get a tailored dress for him."Who are you, please?" A la
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Cage looked at Chloe, waiting for her to speak."I… I'd get them right away." Chloe couldn't believe Cage's request, but she trusted him."This will blow up in your face." The doctor glared at Cage, but the man turned his face away.Cage wouldn't be doing this, but he couldn't bear to see Chloe suffer.In two minutes, Chloe appeared with all the ingredients and handed them over to Cage, along with a bowl. Cage mixed the hot charcoal and honey. He dipped the garlic into the mixture and allowed it to cool down for a few seconds."This is just trash." The doctor said in morbid disgust."Shut up, Doctor Matthias. I don't need your voice ruining the preparation." Chloe snarled in annoyance. Cage ignored the banters and applied the mix to the grandfather's body."I'll be back, Chloe. I want to get something. Please watch your grandpa after the fifth minute when he wakes up. The first thing you must do is feed him with this mixture."Cage uttered and stood up to go."Wait, Cage. Would he w
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"That's good news, Young Master." Zo's voice had a tinge of excitement."No, Zo. I'm not ready for marriage again. Isn't it weird? I just left one." Cage sighed."It's not weird. Chloe is your best friend. It's expected that you should marry her." Zo blurted out."Wait. I never said I was marrying Chloe. How did you…" Before Cage could finish his sentence, the line went off."That annoying little man." Cage glared at the phone screen.He forgot to tell him to bring a car again.Cage looked at his left side, and he saw a garage full of new cars."That looks like a car shop. I don't particularly like using taxis." He muttered to himself.It definitely wouldn't be wrong if he bought himself a brand-new car."I'd buy the shop instead." Cage chuckled. He walked into the shop."Anyone here?" Cage called. A fat man suddenly appeared."Yes, what do you want? We don't hand out alms today. Come tomorrow." The fat man rudely said."No. I don't… " Cage spoke, but he was stopped."What? You aren'
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Cage slept well that afternoon and in his own house. He woke up, made coffee, and got ready for the party at the Williams."Good day, Sir. I have completed your request." Lily said from the other side of the phone."Good, prepare a contract for the company. They would assist us in creating a device." Cage started."What device, Sir?" Lily asked him."Good question, Lily. Remind me to increase your salary. I have purchased a car shop filled with cars," Cage ordered. After listening to his idea, Lily was shocked. It was a brilliant idea.Turning cars into taxis? She would never think of such things."You would monitor the earnings of the drivers with the device. A splendid idea, Sir." Lily said. She was filled with praise. "Yes, so get the documents ready. I'll be seeing you soon." Cage said."Please don't forget about my salary increments." Lily reminded him."That reminds me, Lily. You remember the invitation to the Williams house to see their graduating daughter?" Cage asked, tak
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"Don't you think you took it far?" Cage spoke to Chloe in the car."You can't do it? I have known you since we were kids. I know what you are capable of, Cage." Chloe smiled at him.Cage hummed in positive. He knew she was right."Where is your house?" Chloe asked. "Just stop here." Cage replied. He didn't want Chloe to know much about him. "Thank you for the ride." Cage said when he stepped out of the car."You wouldn't show me your home?" Chloe quirked a brow."Not now, Chloe. I have to prepare to see your family tomorrow." Cage reminded her.Chloe's face dropped, but she understood.Cage walked to the estate. His car had been appropriately parked in his garage.His phone rang the moment he stepped into his house."Hello, Lily. I'm listening." Cage spoke into the phone."I did what you asked me to do. I have also prepared the contract." Lily reported.Lily hoped she could still help him out."Thank you, Lily." Cage uttered."Excuse me, Sir. Are you alone?" Lily spoke with a flirty
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Cage walked over to Chloe.He pulled her close by the waist and kissed her on the lips."I'm sorry I'm late." He smiled at her.The crowd wooed them. They couldn't believe their famous bachelorette got herself a hopeless romantic.Chloe was stunned when she felt Cage's lips on hers. He felt like a completely different person.Did he do this to convince her family?Chloe didn't know why she suddenly felt sad about it.He did what she expected him to do. They needed to convince the world that they were in love."Thank you for waiting for me." Cage muttered against her lips.Chloe forced herself to smile. She was meant to be happy, yet she felt empty. "Oh, my goodness. Did you see that?" Someone in the crowd said.The media took pictures of the kiss, and they knew what their headlines would be the next day."He is so handsome. Look at the way he smiled at her.""Dear future husband, please be like Miss Chloe's fiancé."Almost every lady present couldn't take their eyes off Cage, and so
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