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Yujin Ichinose wakes up in the midst of mayhem as an S-class monster launches an attack on their school. As he triumphantly vanquishes the monster atop the school building, Yujin fails to notice that someone kicked him from behind, resulting in his untimely death. But because of a mysterious orb's ability to merge with Yujin, he is then given the opportunity to travel through time, which is roughly one year before the world is taken over by top-tier, powerful monsters. And as Yujin sets out to discover who is responsible for his death, he will inevitably become involved in becoming everybody’s hero saving the world as it heads for the monster’s dominion—but there's a catch: he used to be known as a delinquent boy.

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The siren of the colony, which had been dormant for some time, began to shriek suddenly. It was the very first time that the sound reverberated throughout the entire colony as low class and middle class tier monsters successfully breached the barrier that protects the final frontier from the dominance of monsters. It didn't take long for the screams of the colony's inhabitants to become the predominant sound in the environment of Espactra. It was far worse than a Holocaust to see people screaming for help and running for their lives as they were being persecuted.In the nick of time, everyone started running for the crystal fortress, which the monsters couldn't get into, in the hopes of saving their lives. However, an additional explosion occurred, which resulted in the loss of many more innocent lives. All of this transpired as a direct result of the manifestation of an S-tier monster that possessed the abominable characteristics of a human head attached to the body of a scorpion.
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That must have been how the rumors must have spread throughout the institution. However, Yujin had no interest in recklessly engaging in unreasonable fights. It was a rumor that failed to spread alongside what most students and faculty have known of him. Yujin wouldn’t even resort to fighting or doing any violence unless it is even necessary. But what most of them commonly knew was that Yujin would eventually resort to fighting because he was a bloodlust freak. It was a label that spread out at the same time for him. At first, he was pissed by it but as time went on, Yujin began to pay it no mind. He just wanted to graduate so that he could move out of the colony and enter Espracta's warzone. Ever since the warzone broke out in Espracta, Yugin had always wanted to enter the warzone and enhance his skills there. However, his parents were always blocking his plan to do it and told him to just stay away from being a champion. Yujin knew what he wanted at that time. However, since he
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After the explosion, which had obviously had repercussions throughout the entire colony, the alarm of the colony's siren, which had been silent for a considerable amount of time, sounded. The unexpected sound caught everyone off guard, particularly because the majority of them had never heard it before.After hearing the warning scream of the siren, all of the people in the thirteenth colony once again began to shake, and fear began to well up inside of them in anticipation of the abomination that was coming their way. More than a mile away, across the twelfth colony, was the location of the most recent close-range siren the people from the thirteenth colony had ever heard. It was when the same kinds of monsters were able to break through the barrier of the colony and destroy the entire area, leaving almost no one alive after they did so. Even their crystal fortress in the twelfth colony was not able to hold up for very long in the face of the overwhelming amount of pressure that
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However, for the time being, Yujin needs to keep running quickly in order to find a more advantageous location to fight the two monsters that are still chasing after him.If there was one more thing that he could have that would give him an advantage over these two monstrosities, then it would be the entire grounds of the institution. Yujin reasoned that since this was his homecourt, he had a significant advantage over his adversaries and could have easily won a gang war if the situation had been similar. Yujin, however, would need to come up with some new strategies in order to be successful in his battle against the monsters that he would be facing this time, rather than regular people. In order to do so, the fact that he would be facing monsters rather than regular people called for a different approach. And he was well aware that what he was about to do was nothing more than a wager on chance.Yujin immediately ran across the corridors of the ground floor. He knew the monsters
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CHAPTER 5      
Yujin was forced to contend with two monsters of a lower class. And despite the fact that they belonged to lower-class tiers, Yujin was unable to ignore the fact that he was outnumbered; this was still a disadvantage that he needed to take into consideration.However, due to the fact that Yujin had participated in a number of gang battles in which he was vastly outnumbered, he was aware of the specifics of how he ought to be able to turn the tide in his favor. Despite the fact that he knew he was dealing with monsters rather than merely delinquent humans like himself, he was still unable to avoid a brief moment of reluctance.Yujin was suddenly confronted with the horrifying reality of what was actually going on in the thirteenth colony as the three of them stood on the roof deck facing one another. After the monsters had successfully broken through the barrier that protects the colony as a whole, he was confronted with the shocking destruction that these monsters were inflicting up
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Yujin was totally incapable of picking up on anything at all from the feelings that were coming from his hands. It appeared as though he had lost all command. Even though he may have them physically, the nerves around his hands will not respond to the commands that his mind gives them in order to make them move. If things continue as they are and the monsters continue to focus their attacks on Yujin, he not only risks losing this battle, but also has a good chance of ending up dead as a result of it. The two monsters gave off the impression that they were also interested in eating Yujin alive, which is particularly concerning given the fact that he appears to be defenseless at this moment in time.At this point, Yujin did nothing but hold his ground as the two monsters approached him from a closer distance in order to confront him once more. There was no indication that he was planning what to do or even if he intended to counter them in the same manner that he did earlier. Neithe
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The alarming wail of the colony's siren could be heard throughout the entire zone once more. And Yujin was just one of the many citizens of the thirteenth colony who stood as witnesses to the deafening alarm of the siren.It appears that not a single one of the citizens who were still attempting to flee for their lives made it past the halfway point. They all turned their gaze in the direction of the broken barrier, which was where the majority of the monsters that had entered the colony earlier had entered.Yujin was one of those people who became stunned after seeing how a large monster that appeared to be similar to the species of a giant scorpion with a human head entered the broken barrier. And as soon as it entered, a beam was immediately released from its telson, which caused a line of tall infrastructure that was in its path to be destroyed. In a single moment, the concrete buildings melted away, and all that was left were the molten remnants of the structures. It didn't tak
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Yujin knew very well that he couldn't just stop his assault there. While the monster was preoccupied with the excruciating pain the cedar oil had caused its eyes, Yujin went over to pick up the splintered rod.It appeared as though he had picked it up at the exact right moment because the rod had a very pointed edge. Yujin suddenly paused for a few seconds to consider his next course of action. It would be a risky move to immediately launch and skewer the rod through the monster, but he finally took a deep breath in and then launched himself forward. The monster was so preoccupied with trying to remove the cedar oil from his face that it was completely blindsided when Yujin launched his attack. Yujin then pierced the rod with its sharp end, and judging by the monster's screams of agony, it appeared that his actions had the desired effect.Yujin kept his full weight behind his effort to drive the rod further into the monster's chest. The monster tried to shake the rod out of its
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CHAPTER 9He stated the same thing once more, this time adding, "I was asking you a question, bro. Are you deaf?” as though Yujin had not even heard of the matter.Because Yujin finds the other guy's approach to be ostensibly too annoying and at the same time too carefree as well, Yujin then abruptly gave him a shrug as if trying to inflict sarcasm over the other guy's question before he responded, "Who knows, maybe yes or maybe no."However, Yujin was caught off guard when the other guys' friend suddenly struck him in the face with a blow that was quite forceful. Because it was so intense, Yujin came dangerously close to losing his balance. Yujin was almost exactly the same height as the man who punched him in the face. The man who did it was just a hair taller than Yujin himself. In addition to this, he had a solidly built body that was even more impressive than Yujin's..Even if that turned out to be the case, Yujin did not show the slightest sign of wavering in his standoff with
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Hearing that from the guy only made Yujin burst out laughing out loud. At first he found him a little annoying because of how suspicious his motives could be. At the very least, Yujin didn’t want to let his guard down although he couldn’t help but just merely laugh.What Yujin failed to notice though was that the guy would actually exhibit a deadly skill before Yujin’s eyes that he had not anticipated. The guy swiftly made a flash step and just when thought he was about to attack him head on, he was wrong.The guy made another flash step as he leaped from the front then switched swiftly to the rear side of Yujin, before Yujin could even make a single move to look over his opponent from behind, the guy instantly took advantage of his time and kicked the back side of Yujin’s knees.It was so swift that Yujin failed to even support his fall. In an instant, he found himself on the ground, but things didn’t end there as the guy immediately captured Yujin’s arm and knot it together before Y
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