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By: Teddy Bear OngoingUrban/Realistic

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To avoid being killed by Lucas, Johnny followed his father's trusted security man Kai to Georgetown, where he trained in martial arts and astrology. He returned to Florida to seek revenge for his father's death and reclaim his inheritance. Kai warned him not to fall in love, as it would jeopardize his mission. But Johnny couldn't resist Chaya's charms.

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Chapter 1
“If you won’t allow me to marry Johnny, I will stab myself to death!”Chaya took a knife off the tray in the presence of her parent before Johnny raised his head in disbelief.Logan dropped his eyeglasses and motioned Chaya to put down the knife gently.“Don’t come near me,” Chaya said and took two steps backward.“Oh, dear. Don’t do this to yourself. Your mama loves you,” Eliza said.“You won’t cooperate with me, would you? If you love me, do what I said.” Chaya raised the knife above her head, waiting for her stunned parents to say yes.Johnny dashed towards Chaya and held her hand before Logan cautiously ejected the knife.Eliza hugged Chaya’s leg and sobbed. “Why are you scaring me, Chaya? You are free to marry anyone. Please don’t kill yourself.”Logan let out a heavy sigh and dropped the knife back to the tray. “It’s fine. You can marry him. But I’m sure you would regret marrying a poor man.”Logan then hurried towards his room. “You hear that? Your father also agrees. Please do
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Chapter 2
Chaya had paid for their new apartment with her father's money and Johnny stood outside the bathroom, hearing her cry inside.Chaya’s lamentations reminded Johnny of how his mother cried after losing her husband. He tried to block his mother's tears from his mind, but it was impossible and this sadness made him angrier.Johnny walked out of the house into the darkness, and lit his cigarette, but instead of smoking the cigarette, he dropped it and marched on it. He then spun his cheap small phone in his hand before calling Kai.“My Johnny, how are you?” Kai asked as he answered the call on the first ring.“Tell my mom am alive,” Johnny said.“Oho! Are you serious?”“Tell her I will visit, but I won’t introduce myself because I don’t want her to recognize me yet till I send our enemies to hell.”“How do you want her to believe me if she can’t see you? She might even think I want to play with her feelings.”Johnny sighed. “Don’t worry if she can’t believe you. She would believe after I s
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Chapter 3
Luca's bodyguards jumped off the bus with ruffles in their hands, hurrying into Kia's house. They all wore ear huggers and took directions from Omar."The door had been locked with a password," Wyatt, the leader, informed Omar."Wait a minute," Omar said and quickly hacked the password.The door opened, and Luca's bodyguards flicked in, still taking direction from Omar. Lucas then came out of the bus with a hardened face. His pistols were in his pocket.Lucas walked into the house as soon as gunshots filled the air. Kai had taken five bodyguards down already before one shot his legs and arms since Lucas want him alive.Kai fell, and his gun dashes towards Lucas.Lucas smirked as he picked up Kai's gun. "Thought my gun would teach you how to die. It's so relieving that your gun betrays you and comes to me as you betrayed me."Two of Lucas's bodyguards pouched on Kai's stomach and forced him to kneel before Lucas.At the moment Lucas smirked, Kai's phone rang on the bed. Lucas stared at
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Chapter 4
"Where do you want him to get the huge money in a year?" Chaya asked Grandpa.Mr. Patterson snapped back. "Is one year not enough for him to get an ordinary 5,000,000? Can you wait for five years then?""I will wait. If he can't afford the money after five years, I will marry another man.""Why would you wait to be with a punk for five years?""I love him."Mr. Patterson rose and looked at Johnny. "I will see how long her love for you can take her. I give you five years to pay the dowry of 500,000,000 to me. Unable to pay the dowry will make you lose her to another man. Do you agree?"Chaya burst into tears. "You just increase the money. It's unfair. Don't agree, Johnny. Where would you get it?""I agree, thanks," Johnny said and walked out of the mansion.Johnny then went back to the hospital and slept on the chair beside Kai. A nightmare about how Lucas killed his father woke him."You can't conquer the nightmare till you kill Lucas," Kai said."You have woken up." Johnny smiled and
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Chapter 5
Everyone, including the officers, burst into laughter.The lady who sat beside him rose and sat beside another guy. "You can just tell us you are a beggar. He's smelling like a rotten egg.""It seems he escaped from the prison. Arrest him again," a mustache man with a white cap said before his giggling turned into serious laughter that brought tears to his eyes."Did Esposito's son have a bus fare?" the driver asked."Of course. He can also pay for us."The passengers couldn't stop making jest of Johnny until a police officer with the microphone said it was enough.The officer walked close to Johnny and blow his nose. "Man, who are you?"Johnny stared into the officer's eyes. "I'd already told you the truth.""Show us the truth, man." The mustache man broke the silence."Yes! Where are you coming from, and where are you going?""He might be a criminal.""He resembles a thief. He mustn't escape.""How did he get the courage to lie? What is his intention?""Arrest him. He might have har
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Chapter 6
Excessive panic almost knocked the salesgirl down as more police cars kept arriving outside the shop and the helicopter noise filled the air.“I think you come to the wrong place,” the salesgirl said and forced a smile on her face.“Show us your surveillance camera then,” the officer said.“My boss had locked it with a password and won’t tell me.”“Give me your boss’s number. Need to phone him now.”“You are wasting your time being here. Just imagine how bad you would feel if you later know the criminal didn’t come here. As you can see, this shop is too small to hide anything from you all. I’m sorry if I made you feel like I’m teaching you what to do.”The officer let out a heavy sigh and walked past her, glancing around. After a while, his eyes caught a dummy staring at him. The dummy’s eyes weren’t white, they sparkled.The salesgirl hurried to the officer when he took two steps forward. “You guys need to leave now. You are chasing away our customers.”“Give me five minutes and don’
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Chapter 7
Lucas answered the call on the third ring."I'm dressing up, Peyton," Lucas said."Don't travel again. I have seen his face," Peyton said."Are you kidding me?""Keep your eyes on your WhatsApp. Would send the video soon.""Wow! How do you get it?""No one must see it. We must move in silence.""Johnny had superb skills. Moving in silence won't work. I must use the video against him before he can take me down.""Broadcasting it won't work. We don't know his plan yet. And it seems many men were working for him. Maybe I should keep the video to myself then.""Don't do that. I will cooperate with you.""Good.""See me today. I will reward you."***At Kai's house, Johnny instructed Kai to shave him in the morning.Kai cleared Johnny's beard and clip his long hair with a clipper. Kai had been clipping Johnny's hair since the time they lived in Georgetown. He knows which hairstyle makes Johnny look more charming."Wow! No one would doubt that you are Esposito's son now. I am looking at Esp
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Chapter 8
The moment Johnny raised his hand, some police and the soldiers fell dead one by one and blood gushed out of them.The rest of them wondered why. Even Johnny couldn’t understand what was going on. Why are the enemies dying when there’s no one shooting? Johnny took out his gun quickly the moment the enemies were distracted.“This is teamwork. He did not come alone.”“Retreat!”“Retreat!”“A man is down.”Blood splashed on the wall, cars, and faces.Johnny couldn’t do anything as he hide behind the deck, even though he was the only person inside the mortuary. He looked at Kai’s corpse on the floor, wondering if Kai shoot them. Johnny shook his head, for it was unbelievable. How could a ghost shoot?“Shoot them. They’re hiding there.”“Come on, cover me.”“Ah!”Johnny rose the moment he heard his protectors had been seen hiding. He must do everything to protect them, too. Getting out, Johnny couldn’t do anything as he saw many police and soldiers’ dead bodies on the floor.His protectors
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Chapter 9
“They’re here for a part-time job. I’m just trying to send them away before things get worse,” the man said.“This man is an idiot. We’re here to buy a helicopter,” Alex said.“You still have the guts to say that? Only a blind man can’t tell what you came here for by what you guys wear. I’ve never seen our customers coming here with a taxicab.” Then the man looked at his manager. “Boss, I suspect they’re here to spy on this place. They would be a terrorist.”Alex and Johnny exchanged glances in shock.The manager stood before Johnny and sniffled. “A rat had died here.”The man looked around. “I’ve never seen a rat here, boss. What are you talking about?”Pointing to Johnny, the manager said, “You are smelling like a dead rat. Why are you here?”“How dare you insult Esposito’s son?” Alex snapped back and realized he had said too much as Johnny gave him a look.“Esposito’s son?” The manager laughed and clapped. “What a rotten Esposito’s son!”“Should we deal with them?” a soldier asked
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Chapter 10
Johnny raised his eyebrows as his mother ran and hugged him. “Johnny, I miss you.” Valentina burst into tears. The manager and the soldiers were stunned. The man who called the police, urinated in his trouser. Johnny embraced his mother and couldn’t hold his tears for long. The officers motioned everyone to give Valentina and her son privacy. And everyone left, including the officers, except for Alex. “Why did you leave me? Thought you had followed your father. Is it true that Kai died?” Valentina looked at Johnny’s pale face, her hands resting on his cheeks. “I am a failure. I couldn’t protect him as I couldn’t save Dad.” Tears brimmed his eyes, cascading down. Valentina embraced him and cried. “But I will protect you, Mom. Even if it would cost my life.” “It’s okay.” Valentina cleaned her flowing tears till they reduced. “Why are you here?” “Kai’s grandfather wanted me to bring his corpse. The only safest way to take Kai to Georgetown was to fly a private helicopter. And I’m
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