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"I rather die than marry a beggar like you," Anna insulted Damien on seeing the wedding ring he got for her. ****** Damien is being humiliated at Anna's birthday party after ignoring Stella's warning. She shows off her new liver, Ken, a millionaire, who joins her parents in throwing Damien out of the house. A car pulls up to Damien with a bodyguard stepping out, revealing the young man as a famous businessman and Trillionaire. "I will make them regret ever crossing paths with me, " Damien promised.

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"I can't wait to see the look on her face when I propose to her," Damien said with excitement written all over his face.He was at his best friend's place, Stella, his friend from way back who had always been by his side.He came over to show her the wedding ring and talk to her about his plan to ask his girlfriend, Anna, to be his wife. They had been dating for quite a while and he felt it was time."I don't want to hold back anymore, Stella. I want to tell Anna how badly I want us to take this relationship to a different level," He shared, staring at the ring in the box.Stella, who stood behind him, watching how he was expressing his desire for someone else, felt sad while watching her friend.Her hands twisting below her abdomen, looking all worried."Today is her birthday. She called and begged me not to miss it. You know how Anna can be at times? " He chuckled, turning over to face Stella, only to meet her looking so worried."What’s wrong, Stella? Is everything okay?" Damien as
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With what had happened Damien was taken back to a small apartment where he stays, by his bodyguard, George.This wasn't his real place, it was just a small home he stayed in while acting like a poor pauper.He stepped in all wet, slowly trying to take off the smelly and dirty clothes, when Stella dashed into the room screaming his name."Damien, are you okay?" She asked when she entered, only to find him all filthy.Her heart sank with sadness, causing her to stop at her spot.Damien looked at Stella and gave a smile."You were right. She did plan something for me," He chuckled, slowly taking off his shirt.Stella felt so hurt on seeing how dirty Damien was looking. She held back her sadness and drew closer to her best friend, helping him out with his clothes."I told you not to go, but you just didn't listen to me. Now look at what she has done to you.""You know too well that I won't listen, Stella. You of all people should understand why I had to go, " He said sadly. At this point,
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"It was an easy task. The manager had no choice but to take my proposal when I told him who I was," Ken bragged to Anna and her mother.The millionaire came over to see his lover after submitting his business proposal to the D.F. company.Little did he know that Damien was the owner, and the famous trillionaire many wanted to work with."You are so lucky Ken. Do you know how hard it is for some companies to get their proposal sent to D. F company?" Mrs Blackwood said, praising Ken's boldness."I heard the CEO hardly takes in or attends to any contract. He likes to stay in the shadows like a spirit," Anna chuckled, burying herself in Ken's hold."You know he's a trillionaire. The number one richest man. A man like that is bound to be busy, " Mrs Blackwood added.Ken smirked and said with pride, " But in my case, he'll have no choice but to attend to my proposal. My ratings and skills are certainly way better than any other millionaire.""Including my Dad? " Anna asked, lifting her brow
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"I knew my father was talented. That trillionaire didn't want to lose such a fine man like him, " Anna bragged before Ken.The family threw a small party within themselves to celebrate the good news. Ken had no choice but to join in, since he was present and because Anna was his girlfriend."He didn't even make a proposal. He was just called over and he got accepted. Waw!""Yeah, we heard him already," Ken groaned, sipping from his wine."I'm so happy for my father. He deserves to work with a wealthy businessman like Mr Rosario, " She added, clinging to Ken.Though the young millionaire was feeling jealous, he decided to push it aside and see it as mere luck."He was just lucky. I bet the CEO just considered his old age and decided to take him in. Maybe he even begged the company for the partnership," He scoffed, uplifting his spirit once again."Whatever. I'm not the first person to be rejected. I will still try again and get my rightful place at D. F company. Just a little more touc
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"A cleaner? What are you talking about Mom?" Anna blurted, stunned to hear that."Yes, dear. We thought there was a mistake, but the manager showed him the contract he signed, revealing that he signed with them as a cleaner and not the CEO's partner," She cried in embarrassment."You need to see how people were laughing at your father. He couldn't even bear the shame and ran away, " Mrs Blackwood added, pointing at her husband.Indeed he was lost. The old man couldn't take out the embarrassment."I told my friends to watch the live program. I told them to watch it, " He said, looking at the news.The screen shows how Mr Blackwood ran off from the event in shame, with his wife following him, covering her face from the cameras pointed at them by several journalists.Annoyed by it, he ordered that the TV be turned off."I don't want to see it!" He yelled, rising from the couch and rushing up the stairs."Father!" Anna called, making an attempt to follow him."Let him be," Ken said, actin
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"You're Mr Rosario?" Anna asked, staring in disbelief."That's a lie. I bet we heard wrong," Ken believed, refusing to accept that Damien, a poor man, was the owner of D. F company and a trillionaire.Mr Hardy looked at the two and questioned, " Are you two blind?"Ken and Anna faced him."Is that how to speak to the C...""CEO's personal secretary," Damien chipped in, cutting his manager off.Hardy looked at his boss and saw how calm he was while talking to Anna and Ken."You two have no respect for the CEO's personal secretary, and you think the boss would see you? I doubt," Damien said with pride."Personal secretary? What a lie," Ken doubted, refusing to accept a wealthy man like Rosario would hire someone like Damien as his P.S.Anna too didn't want to believe it, not until Hardy backed Damien up, telling them that Damien was the CEO's secretary. "If you want to see the boss, you have to go through him, " Mr Hardy pointed out. Ken looked at the duo and felt uncomfortable. "And
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"What? Are you sure about this?""A hundred percent, Mom. That man was there. He's the personal secretary to Mr Rosario!" Anna sparked out, sharing the details of what transpired at D. F company."You need to see the way he was acting like the boss. He threw Ken and I out of the company!" Anna sparked, showing her anger over the issue.Mr and Mrs Blackwood are stunned by this."It's true. That asshole is the Personal secretary to the CEO. Even the manager confirmed it. He just stood there watching Damien control us like we're nothing," Ken added."This is outrageous. How is a man like Damien a personal secretary to a trillionaire? What qualifications does he possess to attain such a position?" Mr Blackwood questioned, finding this unacceptable."Same thing I was going to ask. How did a poor man from the slum get to that place? There's no way a trillionaire like that would choose him as his P. S. Something isn't right, " Mrs Blackwood pointed out.Mr Blackwood supported his wife, belie
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Stella is surprised to learn Anna's father was humiliated at a party held by Damien.She didn't even know that Damien had started his revenge on them. And now his action is planting fear in her father's heart."I'm losing hope here. Should I sell the company out to raise back the money?""Father, don't. You won't be selling anything.""Then how will I pay those that I'm owing? I had so many plans for that money, and now I don't know what or where to start from," He said, feeling down.Unable to bear her father's pain, Stella suggested, " Go ahead with the business proposal with D. F company. I'm sure you'll be accepted."Mr McCardy looked at his daughter and saw nothing but assurance written all over her."Just give it a try father. I know you'll get in. Just stay positive," She said, encouraging the petrified man.Having his daughter's support, Mr McCardy decided to do as she said."Okay, I will send in my proposal this night. Thank you, my dear, " He appreciated, hugging Stella."Yo
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That night, Stella made dinner for both her father and herself. She didn't allow the maid to do it but felt like making her father's favorite meal to calm his worried heart, by herself.Stella came to tell her father, who was staring at his phone in the living room with fear, to tell him dinner was ready. "I'm coming dear. Just give me some minutes," He said, checking his mail."Father, their response won't just come in with speed. Just put that aside and have your dinner, " She said, walking up to him and taking his phone away."What if it comes in while I'm eating? I don't want to receive a heartbreaking response that'll send me choking on my food.""Father, please put that aside. You won't be holding your phone while eating because it'll be with me. Now come along," Stella said, pulling her father along with her to the dining room.Just as they were about to enter the dining room, Mr McCardy spotted someone familiar at the entrance of their home."Oh, Damien," He called.Stella,
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Mr Blackwood managed to put the embarrassment from the party, way behind him.He was at his company preparing for a meeting with his coworkers, when he got a call from his friend, Mr McCardy, saying he had good news to share with him.He didn't want to listen to him but soon allowed his friend to come over and share with him the good news. "It should help me forget about my worries, " He believed, preparing for his friend.Mr McCardy came over and the two got to talk about some things, before Blackwood reminded him, " You said you have good news to share with me.""Oh yes, I do. This news is massive, " He said, sitting right."Waw, massive you say? I'm curious to hear this, " He chuckled."It's big my friend. You are looking at one of D. F company's partners," McCardy shared with Blackwood, who looked at his friend like one who was joking."Are you pulling my leg? I know you well McCardy. You are afraid to even lift your phone and text the company. How did you...""I'm not lying my f
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