I See The Mirror World In The Sky

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I See The Mirror World In The Sky

By: Beriberi CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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She awakens in a Cthulhu world with hazy recollections. Danger lurks and stalks her from the beginning. The steam era of the nineteenth century greeted her at the gates of hell.

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The new world
Esme Crane woke up with severe pain in her head, and her joints seemed to have been broken and reattached. A strange feeling came over her and it seemed like she had never felt so precarious as now. She opened her eyes, and then before she could do anything else, unfamiliar memories flooded her mind. Those are the memories of someone else's life. This person with the same name as her, named Esme Crane, lives in a world that is probably parallel to Earth. Her father, Calvin Crane, is a second-generation descendant of the Republic of Dejhess who came to the Mhadrrith Empire and now he was a worker, her mother, Sofia Ramirez, is a Mhadrrith Empire native, she is a housewife, and her brother, Reuben, who is eight years her junior. The cultural level of the former owner of this body is not very high. She dropped out of school in the middle of the 7th grade and she didn't quite understand the concept of the Dejhess Republic and the Mhadrrith Empire. Esme Crane wondered why she appeared i
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The black cat
Esme Crane reminisces about the petty ruins of her life's memory. Her previous life. She couldn't remember who her parents were, but one thing she was pretty sure of, she moved out at the age of sixteen. Of course, the paperwork was difficult for her, but in a short time, she was able to adjust to her new living situation. The apartment complex she lived in belonged to her father, he probably just wanted her to disappear from his sight as soon as possible. But why she was kicked out of the house, she has no memory of them. She fends for herself and earns a living, a florist shop is an ideal location for that. The owner of the store is a very gentle and kind person, he has accepted her as a part-time job in his shop. The summer months are when she is at the flower shop the most. The money she earns is used to pay for school fees and personal living expenses. Her life remained so peaceful during the three years of high school. In college, she had another incident. What it was, she st
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"Are you here to wait for me?" So the next moment, she foolishly spoke to a cat, as if she believed it could answer her. The black cat, of course, did not answer her but narrowed those extremely beautiful cat eyes, it lowered its head, placed the pocket watch on the ground, raised its right front paw, licked its paw, and then washed its face. Only when she spoke did she realize that she was subconsciously speaking Vridhirc, the main language of the current kingdom as if she was influenced by the instincts left in her original body. She tried to open her mouth and repeat the words in English quietly, confirming that she could still speak English, and couldn't help but feel relieved. Esme Crane took the bread and sausage and scanned the interior of the worker's workshop, which was dark with only a little light and the smell of iron filings to her nose. The hearth, as she thought, still had embers left in it, giving off warmth. The cat led Esme Crane to the backyard of a single stone h
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The night was uneventful. It was just after dawn when Esme Crane was already walking above the foggy country roads. She used a rag as a headscarf to wrap her face so as not to be recognized. Her footsteps are hurried and she looks around, describing herself as furtive. The incandescent day, on the other hand, is the outdoor prayer day in this world, probably because most people are religious. On this day, most people will gather in the central church or square of their residential area for a long daytime mass. England in the mid-nineteenth century because of the first industrial revolution, the city began to fill the air with industrial soot, coupled with the temperate maritime climate brought about by the perennial rain and fog, its capital city of London gradually has the name of the fog capital. It wasn't long before she reached Emerson, a river that runs south of Zocta, a tributary of the Dorrans River that runs through the entire city of Zocta, and the town of Emerson is named
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The Lord of God
Anna is a chef at the church's Buzan Church and earns a good salary of 350 CUC per week. Her husband is an employee of the railway company, driving the intercity steam train between Emerson Town and Zocta South Station every day, earning 450 copper Canadian miles a week. The Church is divided into five churches, each of which worships one elemental god - the gods of the earth, the sky, the sea, and the fire. ", "God of Fire", and "God of Spirit". This is exactly in line with the theory of the elements that Esme Crane knew sprouted from ancient Greece, namely the four elements of "earth, air, water, and fire" and the fifth element derived from Aristotle, which is also the most common pattern of the Western method pentagram represents the meaning of the five elements. The door was opened and a round-faced, wide-eyed brunette, much shorter than her, appeared before Esme Crane's eyes, still wearing her pajamas and seemingly recently risen. This stems from a bizarre experience in her chi
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Eradicated monsters
After about an hour and a half, Esme Crane, who had taken a hot shower in Ann's apartment and changed into a neat and clean dress, finally sat down at the table to eat her breakfast. Hungry, she resisted the urge to gobble up all the beans, mashed potatoes, bacon, and fried eggs on her plate in small bites, and finally poured a large cup of fragrant milk tea into her belly, feeling her soul out of her body and finally having a sense of the reality of being alive. She searched her memory as she ate, remembering that Esme Crane didn't have many suitors, instead she had been bullied growing up and didn't seem to have many friends except Ann. Everyone else disliked her and insulted her as a freak. The woman's looks were beautiful, at least from Esme Crane's own aesthetic point of view extremely good, mixed-race face always outstanding. Her skin is pale but delicate and smooth without blemishes, her eyebrows have the picturesque quality of oriental beauty, a pair of beautiful almond eyes
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Esme Crane, confused, asked, "What is the Favourite? What hunter?" And Esme Crane made a disguise, hours before, she was in Ann and Isaac's apartment room in Emerson town center. Ann told her that since she was going to Zocta to make a living and work in a job like delivering newspapers, she had better look sharp. Esme Crane couldn't help but feel the money pouch in her inside jacket pocket, and felt it bulging inside, so she felt a sense of security. Esme Crane smiled and replied with the same pull, "Thanks for your advice, I'll think about it." "I speak badly, but I still want to advise you to go to Zocta and live honestly, do not think about going to any hunter group. If there really is a Hunter Order in this world, so shiny, why does the Church not want to let people know about their existence? There must be a reason for keeping them hidden, and the existence of hunters must not be a good thing." "You shut up Isaac, you fool, you don't even know that you are being deceived by
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Isaac seemed to have said everything he wanted to say at once and relapsed into silence. Esme Crane didn't try to talk to Isaac either, she could feel Isaac's kindness and equally his detachment. Zocta South Station is the largest train station in Zocta, and the huge dome design gives Esme Crane a strong sense of the King's Cross station. After the train entered the station, Isaac instructed Esme Crane to get off the train and wait for him at the bench by the conductor's lounge, as he still needed to finish his work before he could leave. Isaac joked with the two while pushing open the saloon door and walked into the bar. esme Crane watched coldly the whole time without saying a word and then also stepped into the bar. The smell of bad tobacco, sweat, body odor, and alcohol made Esme Crane's brain hurt. She frowned and followed Isaac, all the way to the edge of the bar. Suddenly there was a slap on the back, "Ah!" Esme Crane cried out in shock, and her whole body jumped up. "Heh!" E
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The potential dangers
She thought she couldn't remember so many roads at once, so she just searched for the location of her current hotel and then for the address of the magazine barn given to her by Old Owen, marked them out, and then memorized the way to the magazine barn through the map in advance, in preparation for tomorrow. "Haha, that's true, but Brielle Campbell's job is not a job that many people want to do, and they have to run up almost a hundred flights of stairs every day, and they're exhausted and don't make much money. What... You have someone to introduce?" Old Owen said. "Hey! Owen, remember me?" Isaac greeted familiarly. "Oh, remember, of course I remember, Isaac, the good lad who even bought me a drink last time." The old man chuckled, "I've been Brielle Campbell for so long, my memory is the only thing I have going for me." Esme Crane was not fussy, and after dropping off her luggage and looking at her room, she planned to go downstairs to prepay for her stay, but to her surprise, Is
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New powers
Esme Crane could not help but feel good as she ran out of the distance with a strong breeze in her face. Esme Crane had been an athlete before, but she had never run with her legs as fast as she did today. When she finally stopped, a strong feeling of hunger grabbed her nerves. By the time she got back to her hotel room, Esme Crane had already eaten her fill at a small restaurant next door to the hotel, which was closed at night because of the curfew in Zocta. In addition to pen, ink and paper, she also bought some miscellaneous but very practical gadgets, compared to pen, ink and paper is really very cheap. For example, a military kettle-style backpack iron pot, the capacity is very considerable, on the back of the body can always be hydrated. A small dagger for cutting things and a pair of scissors will certainly come in handy. Without thinking about it, every cell in Esme Crane's body leapt to its feet, desperate to test out the new powers she had acquired, so she headed straight
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