The Billionaire Drama King.

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The Billionaire Drama King.

By: Lucypink OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He was a sixteen year old minor accused of a crime. In a bid to escape, he encounters death and suddenly wakes up in the body of a 26 year old mafia who is dreaded by all and had four powerful women tailing on him! At first, he never liked the character he was to play but as long as it would keep him from the clutches of those after him, he was fine by that. However, he had to act like an adult which he wasn't even up to yet! How would he keep up to this character? Mostly the fact that he wasn't meant to fall in love for reasons unknown!


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244 chapters
The wavering sea crashed on his tender body as he attempted to swim through the waves that made his body sink down the water. Gunshot could be heard and bullets were pointing at the water, aiming for the victim of it's wrath. He gasped for air, knowing that he was bad at swimming, those quivering legs of his couldn't fight through the twirling water that rose high and landed on him. Those targetting their bullets at him surrender with the thought that he wouldn't survive the roaring storm. Rather, they took shelter their life as the water was coming up with rage on the land. It seems the sea needed to vent its anger on the lands, hence wallowing anything it comes across. The boy trapped in its terror began to drown, he had tears in his eyes, his hovering arms gave up trying to survive. While he sank deep, memories began to flood his head, it was going to be his last day on earth, with no miracle of being a survivor in this sea. A months ago. Darkness crept in gradually as a you
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Chapter 1 (Death note)
It was dawn and students could be seen hurrying up to schools just avoid being late. Being the busiest day of the week, Monday always comes with its rush as both workers and students often cuss over this day.In the midst of this scene, Philip could be seen with his headphones striding to his school gates. He would have avoided classes today but it would seem suspicious and decided to play cool.Quickly, he got to his class, sat on his seat, pulled his headphone and glanced at the seat opposite him, it belongs to Natalie and he knew she wouldn't show up either. Alex brought out a book from his locker and acted like though he was reading but his ears was actively listening to what was going on in the classroom.He shifted his gaze to two boys who had eyes on him which got him frighten a bit, however, he needed not to behave as a suspect. Certainly someone was going to break the news of missing students from last night.The newscaster happened to be Abigail, her ears were everywhere and
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Chapter 2 (Suspect)
He found himself at the hospital and being fixed with intravenous drip. Everything spur around that only death rang in his head, he attempted to rise from the bed which he laid but someone told him to lay back which he did.It was his mother who had worries written on her face, if it were a dream, then he would have wished never to wake up. Seeing his mother should have given him peace of mind but it only gave the lad high blood pressure. She was complaining about work rather than his health. Really? Couldn't she just leave behind her office and stay with him for a day on the sick bed.The reason why she came must be because she wanted to act all loving and caring in the eyes of outsiders. Those moves of hers wouldn't work on him."How did this happen? I got informed you collasped in school!" She snapped checking her wrist watch for what time it could be."Stress" he muttered narrowing his brow at her and a brief sigh escape her lips. What would have been stressing him out that he had
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Chapter 3 (Hidden Truth)
It was the voice of Adrian chanting in his head that he had to shove the echoes away and concentrate on what befall him.He ventured to his room and didn't pay attention to his siblings who curiously poured questions on him. Everything would soon be over if he remains calm and doesn't let way for his fears to take control.Two weeks passed with no trace of the missing students until another news broke out. It was weekend and Alex was having dinner with his family when his stepfather switched on the TV as he was fond of news. As soon as he switched on the news, the headlines popped up and it read that two students were killed brutally and buried in a shallow grave.The water he had in his mouth almost choked him as he coughed out. All eyes on the table diverted to him. His parents were aware that two police officers visited two weeks ago but didn't mind as they knew he was innocent.He became unease where he sat that his anxious feet wanted to lead him away from the dinning but it woul
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Chapter 4(Run!)
Tears refused to leave his eyes as he raced in the dark away from the face of danger which haunt him.Everyone was after him, including those he thought were for him. He had managed to escape from the cops and was running away from thugs sent by Adrian's parents to kill him.It took a week for the public to realize who the culprit was and all accusing fingers were pointing to Alex! Who would have believed the quiet soul would turn out to be a murder?The news spread like wildfire and the cops didn't hesitate to come over to his place to get him arrest for those committed crimes.Unknown witnesses were created to have his image tarnished, these witnesses testified against him that he was a little assassin who assaulted people to get paid at such a young age.It got him more downcasted, that even Natalie testified against him; her statement was that he tried to rape her before Adrian came over to safe her from his clutches and had no idea of what went wrong as she had to run for her lif
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Chapter 5(A sudden encounter)
He fluttered his lashes and let out a groan, his body aching with pain. Everything was appearing faint to him as he was subconscious of where he was. His curious hands examined his body, his eyes gazed at the clear skies, it took a while for his vision to become lucid as all that rang in his mind was possibly he was at the gates or heaven and waiting for his judgement. Alex coughed and managed to rise from the rocky ground which looked like a laid bed for him. It got him perplexed that he was the only one found in this landscape. The sun had risen brightly and had rested on his forehead which made his skin itch with irritations. "I survived?" He muttered asking himself because it was hard to believe that he survived the storm. His eyes studied his hands and feet, they were having some changes, mostly that his legs looks taller. He shoved over the thoughts that the sea must have erase his sense of observation and when his vision becomes clearer, he would discover that he was himse
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Chapter 6(The runaway groom!)
He couldn't even stand properly, his eyes gazed at the surroundings again, he intended to run away from this madness but the two men held his arms and they seem even more stronger than he was.The first was making a phone call, two inches away and Alex could tell he was calling out for someone to come pick them up. This was all a trap and he needed to take his plight no matter what happens!Alex, inhaled deeply, turned his gaze to the man at his left hand, bite him and when this bitten man groaned, everyone's attention was diverted to him and Alex seized that opportunity to hurtle from these strange people who seems like agents being sent to catch up with him.His weaken legs had to scamper away from danger and more adrenaline pumped inside him to aid his movement."Ethan!" The woman in the wedding dress called attempting to bolt after him but she tripped on the hem of her dress, fortunately, she was caught by the first body guard. He had to assure her to stay calm that her groom woul
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Chapter 7(The runaway groom 2!)
Her toes were curled as her eyes followed him till he disappeared, the last words he said was;"What's wrong with me"Deep in her heart, she wished to run furthered with him, it was the first time she was really this close to a man especially this man who everyone knew as being ruthless but he was quite different from today! Her eyes met her palm which still felt his warmth from earlier when they locked hands to escape from danger.He had beckoned on her to tie up that stranding hair of hers, so it could aid her too to see clearly and just walked pass her lamenting to himself. What made her heart melt was the fact that this man accorded with respect and even thanked her, out of the blue for offering to help him, from those after him.His voice was so serene that it got her bothering if he was the same man from the rumors, her eyes scrutinized what he wore, his wedding dress had really become a mess that she could describe how it looked on him. However, he still charming and those allu
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Chapter 8( The starry night)
There were a lot of puzzling questions that he needed to ask someone but there was no one to give him a respond.This lady kept disturbing his ears with irrelevant things as he had to bear her weight, act like a gentleman and take her destination.After a long walk, they got to an isolated place where he could see lights illuminations from windows, this place made him remember home as though he had been her before. Gently he dropped her from his arms and gestured to her to go although he gave her a warm smile which melt her heart.", you can.spend.the night" she snapped like though her drunken state had wear off, although her tongue felt heavy to spat the words straight as so the words had to be stress. This lady rubbed her eyes to wade off sleep but it was useless.Alex couldn't risk staying over with a total stranger as he was still pronounced wanted by public and she could betray him. One couldn't trust a stranger badly, however he needed to tell her something that migh
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Chapter 9(A new look)
A sneeze erupted from his nose, that got his eyes opened, his body stiffen as he attempted to turn around but couldn't due to the pain that coarse in his body. He let out a groan, stretched his arms and then blinked his eyes.A sweet scent of lavenda and rose hit his nose that he hastily jolted up from where he laid just to figure out where he was. He glanced at his chest and suddenly screamed. His swing his head up, scrutinized this place and speculates that he was in a room.Could he be in heaven? If so, God spared his sins and gave him a special suite to stay. However, if this was heaven, then, it was his soul here. He snapped out of that thought and brought out another assertion, although they weren't relating with the situation on ground.Could this be a different trap to make him die a rosy death or perhaps die by poison? Torture? However it couldn't be in such a beautiful room. He just hoped he would wake up from this nightmare that lingered in his head because he couldn't find
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