The Secret Life Of A Deity

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The Secret Life Of A Deity

By: Syafir Yahya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What if the person you encountered in your daily life was actually a Supreme Being that is as powerful, if not more, than a god? This thought may seem outlandish, but long ago, when Earth was still in its primitive state, a simple cultivator, Li Hanshen, was mysteriously transported to the planet. With him, he brought a Lottery System that could grant him prizes from nowhere. For many years, Li Hanshen used the Lottery System to further his cultivation. Unbeknownst to him, time had flown by and the world had changed dramatically. Decades later, Li Hanshen had unknowingly become so powerful that even the Creator of the world was threatened by his existence. [The very existence of Li Hanshen could potentially threaten the Creator's authority and power.] [Does Li Hanshen aspire to replace the Creator, and take its place?]

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Ch 01. Out of Seclusion
As the years passed and society progressed, more and more individuals began to form relationships with one another for various social reasons. However, while the world around him changed and tall buildings became a common sight, one person remained steadfastly alone, sequestered in the depths of the forest.He was completely undressed, not a single sheet or leaf covering his bare body. His hair was so long that it almost encircled the boulder he was perched atop, and his long beard and mustache concealed his entire torso.The darkness was overwhelming in the cave; it was as if no light could penetrate its walls. The silence was also pervasive, and there seemed to be no break from it. Time was passing, and no one seemed to be able to stop it; people were going about their daily routines, some choosing to work and others preferring to take a vacation.One year...Two years...Ten years later... The population of the world was continuously rising, prompting governments from all around
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Ch 02. Making Money
In the center of such a bustling city, Li Hanshen leisurely took a look around carefully. His entire body was covered by a black robe and his silver white hair was covered by a black hood. Beside him, Yu Mei who was wearing a dark red robe was walking beside him. Her beautiful and pure facial features could not be hidden even though Li Hanshen had covered Yu Mei's body with his aura."Whoaaa... It's so beautiful, it's the first time I've seen the scenery in the city!" Yu Mei exclaimed looking so happy.Li Hanshen just chuckled softly, as his first creation, he bestowed reason on Yu Mei. Yu Mei's own strength, who was at the Transcendent stage, could be said to be already very strong, at least Yu Mei was able to destroy a mountain with her bare fists.Li Hanshen himself didn't stop Yu Mei's tacky act. After all, a girl as beautiful as Yu Mei traveling in a crowd of other people would definitely attract the attention of many people.The first thing Li Hanshen had to do was find a place
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Ch 03. The Pursuit Target
Li Hanshen didn't want anything to do with it, so he casually entered the elevator ignoring the stares of the people who were propped up, they were clearly frightened and worried. They don't want any victims to fall right before their eyes."Who are you?! Get down, quick!" As soon as one of the members in black noticed that someone else was ignoring his orders, he immediately pointed his gun at Li Hanshen and Yu Mei.Li Hanshen didn't utter a word, he only gave a soft snort before the black robed man's knees went limp in an instant. The two eyes of the man dressed in all black stared at Li Hanshen with a look of confusion and disbelief. At first glance a question arose in her mind, was it the man who caused her to lose her strength? But how come?!it's impossible to do!Li Hanshen no longer cared about the man and directly entered the elevator and left the black clothed man just like that.As Li Hanshen and Yu Mei disappeared from his sight, the man in black mysteriously felt like cry
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Ch 04. Scared the Black Tiger Team
"How did all the drones explode? Was there a spy in our group who blew up all the drones on purpose? Damn it!" Jiu Chen threw the headphones he was wearing in annoyance. This mission was given to him by his higher-ups all at once, it would be really embarrassing if he couldn't complete the mission given by his superiors."Chief, for now it is better to focus on capturing the target. At least now we know where they are..." said the deputy chief commander, Guan Yang. Although he was also worried about the presence of spies within the Black Tigers, it didn't mean that they should abandon their main mission.Jiu Chen only glanced at Guan Yang then let out a rough breath. "This damn mission! Get everyone to go upstairs, hurry up!"Although Li Hanshen knew who the pursuer was and who the other side was chasing, he was just relaxing while watching television in his hotel room with Yu Mei. Ouh, he also secretly deactivated all the bombs that the Black Tiger team had planted. He didn't mean to
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Ch 05. The First Day of Activity Like an Ordinary Human
Li Hanshen no longer paid attention to the matters of the outside world, he was leisurely watching television shows featuring comedy channels. Yu Mei on the other hand tries to cook vegetables for dinner, she will also live like an ordinary human even though she is not a human, but a plant that turns into a human."Sir, should I order some food?" asked Yu Mei as soon as she saw that the dish she made seemed unfit to eat. Vegetable soup with reddish sauce and fried black cabbage, anyone who sees it will immediately have no appetite to eat.So she thought of ordering food instead.“As you wish…” Li Hanshen replied without taking his eyes off the television. It turned out that what was displayed on the thin box screen was quite exciting considering he had been in seclusion for tens of thousands of years.Yu Mei just nodded her head, she then directly dialed the restaurant's number that was already written on the dining table. As soon as the phone was connected, she immediately ordered a
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Ch 06. Renting a New Apartment
Li Hanshen had just finished making his ID card. Just thinking about how long he had lined up for her ID photo shoot alone made his sick. Tens of people lined up and he got the last serial number, wishing he could destroy that ugly building."Alright... Since everything is done, then so be it. With this ID card, things will be much easier anyway. As for the birth card and other important documents, I'll just have someone else make them. It's too tiring to do it alone..." muttered Li Hanshen.Given that he now had a lot of money, leaving the completion of important documents to someone else shouldn't be a problem.He raised his head up to the sky to see a yellowish purplish sky which marked the afternoon. It doesn't feel like he spent almost half a day taking care of his new ID card.Considering he was still living in a hotel, he decided to find a simple apartment for him and Yu Mei. Luckily the hotel he was staying at was in a new area, meaning a lot of new apartments were built.Li H
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Ch 07. A Celebrity and a Robber
As Yu Hanshuo predicted, several Chinese medical centers attempted to contact him regarding the pill formula he had successfully developed. It seemed that the other party had publicized their goals towards Yu Hanshao, and everyone related to the medical world would definitely be interested in the formula he had developed.Yu Hanshao, as the developer and discoverer of the formula, definitely wouldn't allow outsiders to interfere in his pill matter. The trouble that would be caused by the pills he had refined himself would be too great and one day the entire world would fall into chaos due to his one type of pill.Shangguan Ling and Professor Gu, who had been with Yu Hanshao for the past three days, were confused. They have indeed detained the mass media and blocked outside access so that outsiders do not interfere with their lives, but someone always manages to find their hiding place.It was obvious that an outsider who might be on par with the Black Tiger team had intervened.As a r
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Ch 08. Shangguan Ling's Suspicions
After what happened in the supermarket, Chen He no longer looked at Yu Mei as an ordinary girl who could only take advantage of her beauty. He began to look at Yu Mei as someone he admired from the bottom of his heart. This was the first time he saw a girl so young that she could easily defeat two robbers at once, especially since the robbers had firearms in their hands.Forget Yu Mei who was just an ordinary girl, even policemen or soldiers would not dare to act recklessly in front of a person holding a firearm. Whoever the holder is, a firearm is still a firearm.Yu Mei who really didn't want to be disturbed finally had to put up with all kinds of Chen He's approaches that seemed blatant. Of course Yu Mei tried to push the man away from her side, but what could she do if Chen He was reluctant to stay away from her? There was no way she could just kick him and throw him into the sky, right?"Can you stop following me? You're really annoying..." Yu Mei said in a slightly rude tone, bu
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Ch 09. Against Yu Mei
Shangguan Ling was stunned to see that the girl who was supposed to be walking slower than her was now right beside her. Moreover, she did not hear any footsteps approaching her, which meant that the girl was indeed a 'spy' based on her assumptions.Only those who are trained can walk without her knowing. Shangguan Ling herself admitted that she was stronger than both Professor Gu and Yu Hanshao even though both of them were men, that was because she received hellish training in her younger years.But the girl could easily escape his observation, which meant she was equal or stronger than him.Yu Mei's sweet smile did not relax Shangguan Ling at all, instead, she immediately shuddered in fear and instantly took a few steps back to keep her distance from Yu Mei.Yu Mei who was created from a wild red rose in the middle of a dense forest even after becoming a human figure still exuded her deadly charm. Beautiful yet thorny, looking exactly like a wild rose."Who are you? You seem to kno
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Ch 10. Lin Shenmei
Shangguan Ling, who had just returned to her apartment, was eager to tell her what had happened, but she decided against it because she didn't want to worry Yu Hanshao and Professor Gu.If that girl was indeed from a group that was targeting them, then what would happen if the whole group of girls decided to go after them? Facing that girl alone would be extremely difficult and even impossible to win a fight with her, one could imagine the group's situation if faced with a group of people like that.Shangguan Ling could only hide it while secretly checking which group the girl was from. Inside her room, Shangguan Ling turned on her laptop and searched for some secret data regarding the group of people who were likely to be their enemies.She searched in detail for all the groups that might harbor people like the girl she met earlier. But to no avail, the strongest group that had been chasing them until now was still the Black Tiger Team, and she knew for sure that none of the Black Tig
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