The Purple Paragon: Beyond Between Now

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The Purple Paragon: Beyond Between Now

By: Allisha Aregory OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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There are parallel worlds existing? With different timelines? With different fates? And there are seven? Well, If there will be seven me, I pray nothing but for them to be happy. But if I am to meet them? That wil be a different story. That will be, chaotically happy!

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Chapter 1
"Hey Gold, what are you all talking about?" "Nothing, Purple! Just stay silent." "Oh," After some time, when everyone thought, Purple would stop asking… “Hey Red, what's down there?" "Agh! There she is again. Nothing, Purple! Sit properly. " "Oh," Hours passed, and the Little Purple tried to ask, and ask, and ask, but no one would answer her. "Hey…" "Quiet Purple!" So, the Little Purple just twisted and turned and peeked from time to time, trying to see what her fellows were up to. She would laugh, which irritated others, but she was only doing it to amuse herself and prevent herself from leaving her chair, not even to stand up. She could only stand up when it was time to Descend. But as time passed by, Little Purple learned to sneak out while the others were busy. She would hide and watch over the Soul Village, which she finally discovered after some time, and her favorite place was the Prayer Temple. She would blend in with the Prayer Angels and enjoy listening to praye
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Chapter 2
"We are now descending! Prepare!” Blue gave strict orders. The others just laughed, and down they went to the human world. Their forms reverted into something like a human form, just in case an unexpected mishap happens. “Remember to fulfill your tasks in the given time. No mistakes. Understood, Purple?” Blue reminded everyone while looking earnestly at Purple, who is the most likely to encounter trouble. They parted their ways. “Come on, Blue. Take it easy on Purple. She might be a lot different from us, but still, she managed to perform her tasks diligently for a long time.” Red tapped Blue’s shoulder to ease the tension. “Every time I consider getting easy on Purple, she brought nothing but trouble. What if this time, it’s a lot more serious? The consequences are beyond imaginable to endure.” Blue said, not taking his glimpse away from Purple. “Now, come on then. Still have task waiting, right?” “Fine, go ahead.” The night showered a different stroke of light coming from th
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Chapter 3
['To atone for your sins, you are forever banned from entering the Holy Gates. You are cursed to hunt down and kill the Cursed Human. Then, and only then, will you regain your full power to fulfill your destiny of restoring harmony to the world. The Creator has bestowed the final verdict. You will live on Earth until you have proven yourself to be worthy of being faithful once again. ']"I'm sorry!" Purple painfully whispered in tears before stabbing the blade into the human that resembled her exactly.The lightning grew stronger as the wind and rain rampaged through the night. The sound of thunder was deafening.Purple walked out of the room with blood dripping from her dress and from the tips of her feathers."Purple, she's fifth. Can we take some rest now? " a little girl asked innocently.Purple smiled bluntly and grabbed the piece of paper that the little girl was holding. She crossed out a part with the blood from her hand."Let's go." Purple said, then picked the little g
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Chapter 4
ALLISHA'S POVJune 15, 2014; 12-year-old Allisha, several years in the past, from the present. Humanity's capability of creating patent worlds are limited to one's perception and substantial coincidences. Coincidences that are caused primarily by the benefits of being human. Perks like meeting other people. People with different stories and others with stories that no deep observation, coincidences, or even science could explain. Stories from the worlds created inside people's minds. Minds that can think so differently from each other, which with too much difference, is sometimes considered sickness, but in some cases, these are wonders. I am staring deep into this old lady's eyes at the waiting area while I wait for a tricycle to arrive so I could take a ride back home. I know it was rude to stare, but I just couldn't help it. I just came from a bookstore. I bought school things. I had to be fast because I am not planning to go home yet. I wanted to visit my hideout. "Hey, li
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Chapter 5
ALLISHA'S POVPeople screaming. People running. People stunned with fright. People fighting. People crying. Gasp of breaths. Heavy breaths. Weary and confused. What is happening?"Come on wake up! Prepare for your school," my mom shouted from the other room.Startled as always, I opened my eyes. Good thing, it was just a dream. A very bad dream. My so-called, surreal nightmare again.Quickly, I got up and prepared some breakfast. My father used to do this but I have to be used to it now since I was traine to. " My duty as an elder." I whispered sleepily while stretching both my arms up then finished preparing our lunch boxes.I glanced over the clock and it was just time for my bath. My body was still aching. The feeling of tiredness enveloped me early in the morning. I felt dreadful. I didn't usually have dreams, but when I did, it always end up to be very tiring events.Tragedies!Seldom, I got to see series of usual happenings in my dreams, but I couldn't remember until it
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Chapter 6
ALLISHA'S POVMonths wenty by, seasons changed, and I met more people. My world that I thought was big already, I am wrong. That world I am just starting to walk in and get to know is so much bigger and interesting.It was the Monday morning in the third week of August and I am about to leave our house. My phone rang for the third time five minutes ago and I just ignored it again since, only my family and Autumn knew my number.I walked blissfully to our waiting area because I really love the morning breeze. The cold breeze made me relaxed and peaceful. It wipes away all the bad feelings whenever my parents wake us up. They wake us in a very odd and annoying manner.The service arrived just on-time and Autumn, greeted and hugged me cheerfully. Something that an Autumn will never do. Something us just different today,s he's very lively in an akward way." Goodmorning Rayz! Hm," Autumn greeted sheepishly." Goodmorning. So, what is up? What have you done?" I greeted back and asked her w
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Chapter 7
ALLISHA'S POV" Come on now! Wake up already!" My mom dragged on my door." Yes mom," I stood up and walk out half-awake.Pans are already clattering at the kitchen. My heart skipped in joy to see my father already preparing breakfast." Sure time pass by so fast. Hm!" I whispered to myself as I enjoyed the scent of the soap scribbling through my body." Hey, come on! Faster! I need to use bathroom.," Juz shouted which startled me." Ouch!" I growled in pain as I blindly look for the deeper because some shampoo entered my eyes when I got startled.I hurried up and stormed out of the bathroom." I wish I have my own bathroom!" I annoyingly wished as I put on my uniform.Life is really unpredictable. Meeting people of the same rhythm, chances are neither things will be good nor bad." Mom, I'm...whatever. They wouldn't even care." I put on my earphones and clicked my paylist. I jumped cheerfully on each step of our stairs and walked towards our gate. Everytime, I take a step away f
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Chapter 8
ALLISHA'S POVDays went on, meeting Fritz and Ed changed me a lot. The feelings and moments they made me experienced were so incredibly different from what I had back when I studied my elementary in a religious school. I enjoyed every second. I am happy." Hey, my bestfriend!" Autumn greeted me while packing up my things after a long tiring day." What?" I said without even looking at her." I see your having a good time with your new friends. Huh!" She said and help herself down the concrete bench built under the trees with the perfect view of the landscape and and the sky. My favorite spot." Yeah! I guess. Opening up to others isn't that bad." I smiled and sat beside her." I am happy for you, in fact, you are friendly now as I have observed but you see, not everyone is as innocent as you," she said while staring out at the field." What do you mean?" I asked as I look at her intently."While you see this as just normal thing. But to others, it's a lot different. I know we all have
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Chapter 9
ALLISHA'S POVClasses are over and because there will be a faculty meeting, my book time will also be earlier---and longer! I clasped my book with all excitement and started to march out of the room and head to the library. But unfortunately, I couldn’t be more unlucky. “ Where do you think you are going?” Fritz asked while holding on my uniform at the back. No matter I try to struggle my way out of his grip, he wouldn’t let go. “ Mind your own business. I won’t let you ruin this,” I said looking helplessly at the library. “ Fine, then I’m coming!” He then grabbed me. “ Please no!” I said begging him not to come. I am too afraid he’d know my secret. But, he never even bother to listen to me. He let go of my hand and snatched the book I am holding. “Just half of the year and your borrower’s card is almost full,” he said in amazement while scanning my borrower’s card. “ Give it back. Not this time.” I said while doing my all to grab it back. Until I realized that we are alread
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Chapter 10
ALLISHA's POVOne month of hard work and preparations, finally the competition was over. Everybody was in full spirit. We all felt proud of our performance.“ Congratulations everyone. You all did great. Now that the performance was over, enjoy the events.” Our coach happily announced and we all shouted in loud cheer.“ Let’s go!” Autumn grabbed me and visited all the booths. We ate, played, and laughed all day.The best!Until the last day of the intramural week, we spent every second in a blast.Since we already went to each single booth, we agreed to go see some sports event.We first visited the basketball event and to my surprise, Ed and the boys were competing for the championship. I couldn’t make myself believe because every girl out there were cheering for them. “ So, they are really popular?” I uttered unconsciously.“ Finally you realized!” Autumn said.We stayed there for quiet sometime and even cheered for them.Then, a hand grabbed me out of the crowds. “ Come with
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