The Seeker System

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The Seeker System

By: Kitziya_ OngoingFantasy

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After his death, Mal was given the opportunity by Dewa Lorda, the god who guards the boundaries of the world of life and the world of death, to be able to return to his body in the real world. However, Mal needs to travel through time to come to the future of the world of Amapherald, a life other than human life, where he is destined to be one of the six The Seekers. In his new life, Mal only has 400 days to complete all missions and reach the top level. The mall is equipped with a system controlled by Meiden, Lorda's right hand man. Unfortunately Mal's plan didn't go that easy smoothly. He had barely passed 400 days to reach the top level and was in danger of not being able to return to his body. [SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED] [WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AMAPHERALD, MAL. HERE, SYSTEM GUIDE WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH IMPORTANT MISSIONS] [THIS IS THE REAL FIGHT THAT WILL BRING YOU TO ENJOY DIFFERENT SENSATIONS] [YOU WILL BECOME ONE OF SIX SEEKERS OF PURE STONES AND SAVE THE WORLD OF AMAPHERALD] [Name of The Seeker: Mal Ricky Riordhinee] [Position: As a Guardian]

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10 chapters
1. A Mysterious Man & The Beginning
[Ting!][E-MAIL][Hello, Player Ketzyzuka! We, the entire 'Dissidia Epic Final Fantasy' game development team, would like to thank you for the dedication you have given for us. Now, for the fourth time, you have reached the highest level in Dissidia Epic Final Fantasy season 4!][In this chance, you have ended season 4 battle stage in Epic Final Fantasy. There is no one who has faithfully accompanied the journey of the Dissidia Epic Final Fantasy game until this fourth season more than you, Ketzyzuka. Thus, we feel you really deserve to be rewarded for your dedicated time throughout the game's four seasons][We will also give you a choice whether you want Player Ketzyzuka's identity exposed? If so, we will put your name on our international chat channel leaderboard. If not, please let us know and we'll just send an award. We will only post your player name on our international chat channel leaderboard]Mal exhaled roughly when reading a series of writings that entered his email. The l
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2. The Guardian God of Life and Death
Mal frowned. Again, he paused to think about Rossy's words. Also guess who someone his mother was talking about earlier."I don't think I know anyone who would wear a black robe or all black like that," Mal explained in between thoughts."Did you accidentally get to know someone? I thought maybe the game you played made your popularity increase."Impossible. That's what Mal thought. Rossy's statement made no sense because Mal remembered very clearly who knew her. Even if his popularity increases, his true identity is not revealed because Mal chooses not to reveal it to the public.On the other hand, Mal also knows that a special courier from a game development company should be delivering the packages."Maybe he is the game developer who gave it directly," Mal replied, seeming not to care."Ssshh..." Rossy hissed in thought. "Shouldn't he be visiting to chat for a bit? Why does he look so unfriendly?"Mal can't answer Rossy's last question. Not wanting to get lost in the dizzying poss
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3. Stuck In Between Life and Death
"Wait. I don't understand. You said you were the guardian of the reality and death. So I'm dead now?" asked Mal. Instantly panicked.Lord Lorda laughed. The sound echoes, feels very close, but Mal still can't see his existence."Now you are indeed on the verge of a world of reality and death, but you are not dead, Mal," answered Lorda Lorda. "You die soon, in other words, you are one of the lucky humans who are caught in the middle of life and death."Stuck in the middle of life and death?Mal seemed to have heard the term in the middle of life and death. But all this time he did not fully understand the meaning of the sentence. Now, did he actually experience something called being in the midst of life and death?"You're not kidding, are you?" Mal asked in a tone of disapproval. Slowly, he forced his body to stand up.Lord Lorda let out a long breath. "This is why humans are called stubborn and selfish creatures. Why don't you believe in something you can see for yourself now?"Corre
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4. Travelled Into The Another Universe
Lord Lorda's words instantly made the hairs on Mal's neck prickle."You mean?" asked Mal.Mal looked pleadingly at the wall on the front, back, right, or left. Intending to stare at Lord Lorda who knows where."Don't say that the possibility of me being able to return to my world is small," continued Mal full of concern.Lord Lorda laughed heartily. As if not thinking about the worries Mal felt."Why are you so worried? Wasn't the last time before you blacked out, you were bored with your life?" Dewa Lorda seemed to deliberately offend Mal.Out of nowhere, Mal felt a bit regretful because of the boredom of life he felt. Mal couldn't refute Lord Lorda's question."Y-yes, that's right. I'm bored..." Mal stopped talking.After a few seconds Mal just didn't move, Dewa Lorda was then heard to exhale harshly."After all, why would you want to live if in the end you get bored with your life?" Dewa Lorda further provokes Mal."That's not what I meant," Mal said, her voice breaking. "I'm bored
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5. A System, Another Human, and Strange Creature of Amapherald World
[Starting Energy Recovery Program][11%...18%...27%...55%...66%...]Mal was completely dumbfounded and couldn't say anything right now. His breathing was fast because of panic. Even though he tried several times, Mal still waved his hand in front of his face. He intended to confirm what blue screen flash had suddenly appeared.[89%... 91%... 95%... 100%][Power Recovery Complete][You have successfully recovered your strength until your stamina has increased by one hundred percent]Like a miracle, Mal's body, which was initially limp and feeling crushed after being laid down, immediately became fit. Mal can immediately straighten up. All parts of his body that had felt crushed in a split second disappeared.Mal spread both arms bent inward while closing his eyes. Intend to make sure whether the soreness is really gone or not."No soreness at all," Mal muttered, his voice very low with awe. Mal froze for three seconds, then laughed briefly. "Woah, what the heck is going on? Have I gone
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6. The First Battle
'Shit. What did I just do?'That's what Mal thought while still dumbfounded on the spot. Mal looked at his own hands, then one at a time to look at the long sharp branches lying on the ground.Mal's breath rushed because of panic. With a guilty expression, Mal turned his eyes to Oldeen beside her."Whoa!" In contrast to the panicked Mal, Oldeen smiled broadly. "Look! You can master a punch and stab technique like that! What's it called? Ah, maybe we can come up with a name."Mal grimaced even more hearing Oldeen say that. It wasn't his intention to kill any animal that attacked them. Somehow Mal felt an urge in his chest to stab the animal's heart using the wood in his hand."Aish. Are you crazy?" Mal cursed at Oldeen, making Oldeen's laugh disappear. "I've never killed anything before, not even ants—""Hey, why are you overreacting so much? I don't think it's a big deal. Besides, that animal just attacked us!" Oldeen said so passionately his eyes widened.Mall took a shaky breath. No
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7. Went To Land of Amapherald Elder
The horse's footsteps stopped in front of a dull but sturdy old building.Mal stared at the towering building of The Vandelmork. Not like what he imagined. This building does look abandoned, but it doesn't look damaged at all. In fact it tends to look like a historical building that was treated.Several points on the walls of the building did show damage. But anyone would feel more of a mixed atmosphere that makes the hairs on the back of the neck prickle.No words came out of Mal's mouth when he jumped down from the horse he was riding. Mal's gaze still fixed on the building.'Am I really not dreaming?' Mal thought. He took a deep breath. 'How could that be"Welcome to The Vandelmork building." One of the maroon-robed men who had escorted him made a sound.Mal flinched slightly and turned her face to the man behind her. The two men gave their small smiles."Are you surprised?" asked one of the men in maroon robes. "Oh, my name is Valkery, I am the representative of the Light Clan's e
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8. The Explanation About Another Dimension Life
Mal didn't know what situation he was in now.Upon hearing the explanation from the man who looked older than Valkery and Olcra, Mal started to feel uneasy. What is the inauguration ceremony? Why are all the adults here emitting a mysterious aura?"Tell me. Exactly what happened?" Mal ventured to say aloud.His resounding voice was able to attract everyone's attention. Mal's serious eyes looked at the adults in front of him one by one. As if urging them to immediately explain.The first to come forward was Valkery. He was about to speak, but the older man in white robes behind him held him back."Valkery, wait. You don't have to say anything." This rebuke was low and likely not sharp, but Valkery stopped short.Even Valkery immediately turned around quickly and bowed. Mal feels weird. Why is Valkery apologizing through his body gestures? Who was that white-robed man?"You..." The man in the white robe spoke, turning his eyes to Mal. Slowly, his steps began to move around the campfire
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9. Can You Change Your Destiny?
Mal's consciousness returned with such a strong jolt that he simply sat up. His breath hitched with his heart pounding fast. Mal's mind instantly went blank. The strong pressure in the head that had not faded made Mal's surroundings seem to spin.Finally Mal closed his eyes while giving small massages on his forehead. Mal lowered his head while trying to maintain calm. He felt like he had just had an unsettling nightmare.'What just happened to me?' thought Mal as he tried to replay his memories before his consciousness faded away.Mal repeatedly took a deep breath and then exhaled deeply. But the feeling is not calm. There is a piece of memory that pops up for a split second."You will die in another life if you die in this life of yours."Instantly, Mal opened her eyes and raised her head. Mal looked around. The walls of the room show the impression of an old building. The room he was in now had only a small light, which rested on several torches aligned atop each of the wooden beds
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10. Meet The Leader of The Dark Clan
[SYSTEM ACTIVATED][PROCESSING YOUR DATA...][10%...35%... 57%... 68%... 89%... 94%... 100%][PROCESS COMPLETE][YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED ONE MAIN MISSION, MAL!][TAP THE MISSIONS BOX IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR MISSION RESULTS]In the silence, Mal pressed the 'Mission Box' icon on the homepage. The system screen in front of his face changed to a few gray squares with a padlock symbol on them. Mal pressed the box on the far left at the top, then a green tick appeared. There is a mission status that reads:[Mission Status: Successfully Completed]Mal then swiped through the mission window. Apparently, the gray padlock had disappeared and was replaced by a description of a new mission.[NEW SUB MISSION][Goal: Find four 'Klorang' leaves to create a stamina restore potion][Location: West Side, 30 Meters From The Vandelmork Building][Mission Reward Points: 100][Penalty: Your Stamina Points Will Drop So Much It Affects Your Consciousness][Time Required: Tonight][Time Remaining: 1 H
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