Son of The Dragon Lord

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Son of The Dragon Lord

By: Gladys Airende OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Arthur didn't had any dreams, his only hope was to be a loyal husband and a son in law everyone will soon appreciate. But when the people he considered as family stabbed him, Arthur's brokenheart soon revealed his identity. "Arthur," The man's smile widened, "You have been chosen, my descendant." Arthur now have powers but everything is not perfect yet. As a strange secret lies underneath the great powers he has come to possess.

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Chapter 1
Arthur alighted from the cab in front of the estate. Staring at his home, a heavy sigh escaped his lips as he clutched his bag and walked through the gate into the house.As he climbed up the stairs, Arthur heard voices coming from the east wing. He stopped in his tracks as he listened carefully-"Ahh... Don't stop." Naughty moans and sighs made Arthur's heart start pounding fast. He walked to the east wing, and for a moment, the moans stopped. Arthur's eyes traced the rooms in the hallway, unable to detect the room the moans were coming from. He sighed, thinking he must have misheard. He walked towards the last room, but then-"Hmm, baby, right there, Yes! You've bit the spot." A woman's voice pierced his ears, making Arthur's heart melt as if heated.Tears trickled down his cheeks as his lips parted-"Daphne." He muttered silently as he took quiet steps to the room and gently opened the door.The woman's hands wrapped around a man's neck as she groaned in pleasure, bobbing up
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Chapter 2
"Arthur!." A hoarse voice called out, but Arthur was unconscious. The stranger walked up to Arthur and tapped his cheeks, making Arthur sneeze.Arthur's muscles felt like no blood was rushing through his veins."What is happening to me?" He was shivering.His lips parted in extreme curiosity, and his eyes, which felt as though it have been clenched shut for a day, suddenly opened. He found himself standing in the middle of the ocean, and all he could hear was the sound of his feet at every movement and the splashes of water like raindrops. "Where is this place?" Twitching of great fear rushed through his spine, making goosebumps all over his body as his eyes kept gawking around. "Arthur," The same voice called out to him again, and when Arthur's gaze drifted around, it suddenly met that of a man with long white hair.Arthur's heart skipped at that moment. "Who are you?""Arthur," The man's smile widened, "You have been chosen, my descendant."Arthur could only stare in bewildermen
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Chapter 3
Nicole's throat tightened as she heard Arthur's words. She stared at him and after a while she asked with great difficulty-"How will you help?" Arthur didn't know what to say, but his lips opened faster than his brains, and the words that came of his lips was, "I know a bit of medicine." Nicole's eyes narrowed slightly at Arthur's words as if to study him.He didn't look like a doctor or a man with any capabilities. "I'm sorry, but I think you're just being grateful, there's no need to do anything." She forced a smile.Arthur mereky stared straight at her, without saying anymore words. He couldn't think of a way he could pay back her kindness. He had already given up when he noticed the sudden nervousness on Nicole's face. Her calm countenance suddenly became overshadowed with clamor making author curious. "Is everything alright?" He asked.When Nicole saw the second message on her screen staring her grandfather might die any moments from now.Due to the urgency of the situat
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Chapter 4
Arthur understood the gravity of the situation as he stood by Emily's grandfather's bedside. The frail old man lay motionless, his shallow breaths the only sign of life. Arthur couldn't help but feel a weight of responsibility pressing down on him. If he could save Mr. Lee's life, it would repay the debt of Emily saving his life.With a gentle hand, Arthur checked Mr. Lee's pulse. Emily was standing nearby, "Arthur, please, you have to help him," she implored."I'll do everything I can, Emily," Arthur replied with a reassuring smile. Arthur stood by Mr. Lee's bedside, his hands trembling with uncertainty. He wasn't sure if it was possible to use his powers to heal someone. His magical abilities was still a mystery to him. Arthur was clearly nervous, and with Nicole constant pleading he felt he was at a loss, with no actual medical skill.The frail old man lay before him, his breaths even more irregular. Emily who had a bit of hope earlier, lifted her chin and stared into Arthur's
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Chapter 5.
The room was filled with a warm, grateful atmosphere as Mr. Lee continued to recover. Arthur sat in the corner, as he stared at his hands. He couldn't believe he was able to heal a person. Arthur was unable to guess the extent of his powers and it didn't exactly make him excited, he was terrified for some reasons.He felt the need to know more about his powers and the man who had appeared to him as his ancestors."Arthur." Nicole's voice erupted him from reverie. Arthur quickly set his gaze on and smiled, "Hey Nicole." "Arthur," she said, approaching him with genuine gratitude in her eyes, "I can't thank you enough for what you've done. You saved my grandfather's life."The sense of relief was palpable, and it brought a smile to Nicole's face.Arthur, still recovering from his earlier exhaustion, managed a weak but sincere smile. "I'm just glad I could help, Nicole. Your kindness when you found me meant everything to me. I owed it to you."Nicole's eyes glimmered as she listened t
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Chapter 6
As the evening drew to a close, Nicole turned to Arthur and offered, "Arthur, it's getting late, and I wouldn't want you to be out on the streets at this hour. Would you like a ride home?"Arthur hesitated for a moment, his mind racing. He didn't have a home of his own to return to, not after the threats he had received. Going back to his in-laws' place was out of the question, considering the danger he was in."I appreciate the offer, Nicole," Arthur replied, "but it's not necessary, I will take the bus."Nicole's brows furrowed with concern, and she didn't seem convinced by his response. "Are you sure, Arthur? It's late, and the street can be dangerous at this hour." Mr. Lee chimed in, his voice warm and persuasive, "Nicole is right, my boy. You've done so much for us, and I would feel much better knowing you're safe for the night. Please accept her offer."Arthur found himself in a tight spot. He didn't want to burden Nicole.He knew if they found out about his situation, they mig
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Chapter 7
Arthur held the divorce papers that Daphne had handed him. The tension in the air was palpable as they stood facing each other.Daphne, her voice filled with irritation, broke the silence. "Well, Arthur, why aren't you signing? I'm done with you." Arthur's response was calm, and a faint smile played on his lips. "Oh, Daphne, you must have misunderstood."Daphne's eyes widened in surprise. She had expected a different reaction from Arthur, perhaps a plea for reconciliation. His composed response caught her off guard, and it seemed to irritate her even more.Mr. Yang, who had been staring at Daphne noticed Daphne's frustration. He then chimed in, "Daphne, you should be happy to let go of such a wretched man."Daphne nodded, her irritation evident. "You're right, Mr. Yang. I'm very delighted." Arthur couldn't help but smile at Mr. Yang's comment. He took a pen from the table, signed the divorce papers and handed them to Daphne. "There you go, Daphne. I wish you luck."With that, Arthur
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Chapter 8
A familiar car pulled up to the gate. Nicole stepped out. The grind on her face widened as she approached Arthur quickly, her heels clicking on the pavement."Arthur!" Nicole called out, "I've been instructed to take you to a hotel. Come with me."Arthur, and nodded as he followed Nicole to her car. He loaded his luggage into the trunk, and they drove away from the Lin estate.The drive to the hotel was mostly quiet. Despite Nicole tried to engage Arthur in a conversation, he was spacing out in between. Nicole occasionally glanced at Arthur, her worry evident in her eyes. She could tell that something was bothering him, but she didn't press him for details.They arrived at the hotel, and Nicole helped Arthur check in. She assured him that her grandfather, Mr. Lee, would be joining them soon to discuss the business matters he had mentioned earlier.Just as they were settling into the hotel room, Nicole's phone buzzed with an urgent message. She glanced at the screen and her face paled
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Chapter 9
Arthur returned with the pill he had just prepared. As he entered the room, a pungent odor filled the air, causing those present to wrinkle their noses in discomfort. "What the hell is that?" Mr Lee frowned upon seeing Arthur and yelled, "Take that thing out of here." "Grandfather!" Nicole was surprised at her grandfather reaction towards Arthur, "What's that Arthur? It stinks so much!" " It's the pill for Mr Lee, it will cure him." Arthur walked closer.The closer it got, it made the stench even worse. Arthur was confident in the healing properties of this traditional pill made from local herbs.Doctor Chan, who had been overseeing Mr. Lee's condition, raised an incredulous eyebrow. He had heard of alternative treatments, but this was unlike anything he had encountered before."Are you seriously suggesting that this... thing," he gestured towards the odorous pill, "can cure a man in Mr. Lee's condition?" "I believe it can, Doctor. Traditional medicine often holds great wisdom.
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Chapter 10
The midday sun hung high in the sky, casting a radiant glow over the bustling schoolyard. Arthur was wearing a casual shirt and ripped jeans. He was sitting by a corner. His bag on his thighs. He was watching the students play basketball.His eyes were focused on the ball being thrown from one player to the other. Arthur's lips widened every time there was a win. He envied them greatly.Although he should have been one of them, but his marriage to Daphne has made students make a mockery of him in college. Arthur's eyes unconsciously became moist and started to blur, But then-The ball suddenly hits his face, and his eyes sparkle.He held the ball, and all he could see at that moment was the backboard.One of the players ran to Arthur, "Throw the ball, Arthur." But all Arthur thought at that moment was to make a basket. Just before they could reach him, Arthur jumped and threw the ball. Everyone's eyes followed the ball, and to their surprise-It was a goal!"Yes!" Arthur screa
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