Before The Year 3333

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Before The Year 3333

By: mtofanura Updated just nowFantasy

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After almost ten years of an epidemic that destroyed the balance of the world, now there was a new virus that had started to attack plants. The impact was that anyone who consumed the plant will die in just a matter of minutes. Ethan was a young man, the grandson of one of the most respected breeders in the district, who had thoughts on how to stop the virus outbreak which continued to reduce the population of living creatures in a crazy way before the year 3333 came. Until finally, he carried out a test on a substance that he had just obtained from the center of a very, very damp and scary forest. But the problem now was, no one wanted to believe Ethan, he was even considered crazy by some of the people living in the district. Ethan, who really wanted to convince everyone that his research had been successful, injected this substance into his body, and suddenly all the unreasonable things began.

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“The Zn-26 virus outbreak is increasingly spreading, almost all regions in the world are infected. Only 0.5 percent of the world's population has not been infected by this virus. The virus that turns humans like zombies and then dies in less than a week is really disturbing the world. If one of the scientists does not find a vaccination for this virus, then it is certain that even before the year 3333 the entire population on earth will ... be gone."The sound of the television continued to roar in Ethan's ears. While eating a piece of wheat bread he listened to the news echoing in the air.His grandmother was busy with some wheat, while his grandfather plowed the field to plant new wheat seeds.“I really don't know about this. I think our place is the only area that hasn't been infected by this virus.”Elissa, Ethan's grandmother, had an opinion. While slicing a whole loaf of bread into several pieces and sitting in front of his grandson she said, "This is because none of the reside
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“Finally, people must feel happy. Because the Zn-26 virus now has an antivirus which has been distributed by the government starting today. People who have been infected with the Zn-26 virus are expected to immediately receive treatment, and those who have not yet received vaccination. The latest formula discovered by Professor Andorson has saved the world. It's only fitting that Professor Andorson is called the most phenomenal scientist in recent years."“Ethan, come down immediately! There's news for you and I'm sure you'll realize that you have to stop what you're doing, Ethan!"Ethan, who had just woken up, rubbed his eyes, he had even forgotten how many hours he slept last night. "Ethan was too annoyed, he was so annoyed that he let it all out by sleeping.""What's the matter, Elissa, do you want to annoy me again with the news of the success of that evil scientist who has betrayed my destiny?""Of course, now not only the healing formula exists, but the vaccine too. Those of us
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“How is it? Are you ready?”“You even kept yawning several times, tsk! How do you say you're ready, you rat!”Rafael and Ethan laughed out loud then they both got into a pickup truck.This car was Ethan's grandfather's car, which was deliberately used as a village operational car to bring some of the villagers' harvests to the city and vice versa.“Don't forget our order, Ethan! We really need it urgently!”"Okay, Neni. Rafael and I will look for it!""Birthday cake for my daughter, don’t you forget it!"“Oh my God, are we like couriers delivering goods?”"The facts is you are, isn’t it?"Ethan rubbed the tip of his nose again, then he took a deep breath too.“Wouldn't it be better if we leave immediately? Continuing to stay here really won't be good for your mental health, Ethan.”"I guess you're right."The two of them immediately left, the car drove quite calmly through unpaved roads and on either side were still very beautiful and lush fields.In fact, on every side of the road yo
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"Breaking news. We inform all people to remain alert and do not leave the house if it is not necessary. A new type of virus variant has been discovered in the Zewbow district. Where, the figure of a small child infected with the virus turns into a very scary zombie."Hearing the news, Elissa could only watch while busy cooking wheat.“There were no signs whatsoever, that was the testimony given by the girl's mother. The girl had looked normal since morning, only feeling a little nauseous and dizzy. Later in the afternoon, the mother went looking for her daughter's whereabouts, and she saw her daughter behind the house, digging up the grave of her beloved dog who had just died, and eating the brain. Hearing the testimony of the girl's mother, now the scientists got new jobs, and the girl was immediately quarantined for research. We hope this is the first case and it has not affected many more people. So, anyone who feels dizzy and nauseous call the emergency number immediately!”“Ethan
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It had been a week since the zombie virus appeared, a virus that was thousands of times more disturbing than the previous zombie virus. How could it not be, whoever was infected by this zombie virus, their body will be pale like a corpse. They tend to lose their minds and their only instinct was to eat unnatural food, starting from corpse organs, brains, and even if they don't find 'food' for them in graves. They will search hospitals or even start harming living humans. “This virus is really scary, Ethan. Are you still not sure now and still want to look for proof? Even now people whose relatives have died are starting to worry, afraid that their family's graves will be opened and their bodies will be taken to be eaten by the zombies."Rafael was now sitting with Ethan on the edge of a fairly large field. The wheat seeds began to sprout quite heavily there. “I'm still confused about what is behind this virus spreading? What does this virus reproduce on? I don't understand the theor
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“Rafael, you know. I found so many things I can use for research on my formula.”“What is that, Ethan?”Ethan, who had just come from town, immediately ran to Rafael’s house, because he felt that Rafael was the only person who trusted the most in everything he did. That was why Ethan had great hopes for Rafael, he even hoped that Rafael will give him full support and help him in everything.“I went to town.”“Are you crazy?”“Stop your words. I will tell you briefly before I head to my work chair after this.”“Tell me.” Rafael was quite curious about Ethan’s story.“I went into town earlier, intending to find out what really happened. However, when I had not yet reached the downtown, I was just on the outskirts of town, my car glass was banged on by people who had been infected with the zombie virus. Oh my God, Rafael, just so you know that was pretty awful. In fact, I think it’s almost impossible for humans who have been infected with the zombie virus to live. They really are like th
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This morning, Ethan opened his eyes. At first he wanted to wake up Rafael so that he would come home. However, before Ethan could do that, he didn’t find Rafael anywhere.“Where is Rafael, is he already going home? He didn’t even wait for me to wake up.”Ethan looked at the clock on the wall, it was already eleven in the afternoon. Of course, one of the reasons that made Rafael go home without telling him was maybe Rafael felt sorry for him.Ethan smiled, then he rubbed his eyes perfectly. “You brat, why is he so reticent like that? He should have woken me the same as usual.”After saying that, Ethan immediately got up from his seat. He took the blanket that had been used by Rafael for several nights. Then Ethan frowned when he saw some purple spots there. Then he glanced at the blood slime that he had originally placed on the table, then had moved onto the shelf and was neatly arranged.“Surely Rafael didn’t spill it on purpose, you brat.”Ethan immediately sprayed germs and bacteria
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It had been five days that Ethan had been making a formula that will be used to cure the zombie virus, and these five days Rafael had never come to his house. Even though it was clear that from the start Rafael was a figure who always supported him. Of course, this made Ethan quite confused and worried. What was up with Rafael? Why didn’t Rafael come to his house? Or was Rafael sick, and the pain was quite bad?Ethan was silent for a moment, then he finished all his work. As a good friend, Ethan must immediately visit Rafael, to make sure that his friend was well and fine.“Where are you going, Ethan?”Elissa, who saw Ethan coming down the stairs while wearing a jacket, asked.Ethan stopped for a moment, tugged at the cuffs of his jacket and then he looked at his grandmother.“I want to go to Rafael’s house, Elissa. He has not been here for five days. Even though he himself said he would help me. I want to make sure he’s okay, and I’ll check him with my own eyes.”“Looks like it will
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“Yeah, it’s finally done!” Ethan exclaimed, he felt so enthusiastic because he felt that the formula he had created was completely done.In fact, he deliberately let a plant that was infected with the purple virus live, and when Ethan gave it the formula, the plant immediately became fresh, even within seconds. In fact, Ethan had tried it on several animals that he made as guinea pigs. Where he injected the zombie virus into several animals. After the virus started to react, Ethan immediately injected the formula. And within seconds his formula has already worked. All the animals immediately returned to normal and were able to do their normal activities.Of course, Ethan had also made observations, he held the plants and animals for three days, to make sure that the living things were completely healed. And there was no zombie virus of any kind in their blood either.Ethan’s smile was blooming, he was really happy. This proved that his formula was truly proven. And to convince himself
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Ethan frowned perfectly, he saw a hole on the right side of the iron wire that was electrified. If he could climb higher and break in, then Ethan was confident he could break in and do his mission. Ethan knew that this was quite risky, but he believed that success was coupled with all the risks involved.Ethan immediately crawled up, then crawled into a hole that was only wide enough for him. Luckily Ethan was small, then he plugged the hole and he made a perfect descent into town. Ethan glanced at the CCTV beside him, he immediately closed the plastic on the CCTV then he ran away.Ethan didn’t dare to make a fuss, he just wanted to lure one human zombie to be used as a test figure. He tried to turn his head to see if there was a zombie he could use. But alas, the human smell seemed to attract their attention.Compactly, the zombies kept banging on the iron wall in front of them.“I’m dead.”“Food!”Ethan ran as hard as he could when the zombies chased him, he never thought that he wo
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