Traveling Through Tales

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Traveling Through Tales

By: IslandFlare OngoingFantasy

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Deep in my heart I yearned to be a player in tales of adventure, but I have buried this selfish desire with the obligation I have put upon myself to my fellow man. So, I decided to dedicate my time, my effort, my LIFE to my work in the hopes that I would be of help to my fellow man. But in a twist of fate the people I wished to help have turned on me. This left me broken with a hole in my mind and heart, but my resolve would not waver. Like every failure from before, I began to pick up the shattered pieces of myself and attempted to put myself back together, but suddenly I am reminded of what I truly wanted. ADVENTURE. To see the world and experience all that I could. Be it through fear, cold, or even nightmarish hardships. I WILL HAVE AN ADVENTURE. These 5 words rang out in my subconscious and with-it fate had turned, and I now find myself in an unknown place, my memories fractured, and my body changed? "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!" Now in an unknown world and with very few memories. Our protagonist will venture forth to find himself. The time it will take, what will occur, and even how will he be changed are all questions that run behind every tale. But interestingly, other tales run in parallel with him. They will cross paths and sparks will fly as numerous as the stars.

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  • kuhaku_sora


    This is one of the more detailed novels I've come across in a while after joining Meganovel. The story has good pacing, and I like how the scenes are perfectly laid out for the readers, which is depicted in the character's perspectives! I really really really hope readers give your novel a chance~

    2023-03-16 12:17:21
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Chapter 1 Usual Day At The Office?
In the year 2022, a young office worker found himself at his desk with its surroundings filled with thick manuals, books, and self-made notes. The books and papers towered over him as he was a man of small stature, at best he was about 5 feet tall when standing at attention. This was fitting as his stereotypical Asian heritage was present in his features which made him look younger than his actual age of 27 years old. From outside of the room, you could see his dishevel black hair peeking over the mountains of books. And Just behind the sight of his black hair were the tools of his trade, a computer and a bag of safety equipment stored in a corner of his office which looked as if it had gotten too much use as the steel toed boots had its fair share of scratches, nicks, and faded smudges that looked of old grease. While the sight of this kind of equipment seemed out of place for an office worker, this was normal for him as he would have to crawl and climb through the ships he needed
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Chapter 2 Choice With Despair
The office worker stood up and began to walk to the branch head's office with his supervisor. For the past year, the office worker has given his trust to his supervisor as he would always be willing to answer his questions and was forgiving for the small mistakes he would make from time to time.Over time the office worker felt he was close with his supervisor and felt that they would build a long-lasting bond of trust through future projects. But this was now in contention, as the office worker knew that his instincts were usually right whenever he got that chill down his spine.In the past he would obtain bursts of excitement or energy from this chill, but this time was not one of those times.This chill was similar to the numerous times he witnessed his past and current mentors conversing with the supervisor after a round of quizzing with him. He knew that he had made many mistakes and thought in his paranoia that his coworkers were reporting his failures to upper management, but h
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Chapter 3 From Black to White
In a black void a young man, Azi Montagne, writhed in agony as the only thoughts he could only muster were of pain. The young man screamed out as if something was attempting to rip him to shreds."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, ahhhh, aHH, .aa..Hhh."His voice slowly became weaker and weaker over time but would then rebound as he would scream out again in even more pain. He felt as if more energy he didn't know he had, forcefully entered into his mind to keep his consciousness alive so that if could continue to be tortured by the hands of pain and suffering.The sensations of pain changed throughout this experience but were still so unbearable that at one point he could feel as if small chunks were being forcefully pressed into his body while other parts of his flesh were being removed from his body in a slow and agonizing manner that only served to extend his suffering.With it, was also a feeling where his mind felt as if it were expanding to a point where he could feel h
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Chapter 4 Shisayama
Black, all Azi could see was black as his awareness came back to him. He felt like he was lying down on a hard floor as he could begin to feel the aching in his lower back and neck. A chill ran across his body and he wondered to himself. 'Hmmm? What happened, wasn't I with Ozen? Where did he go? And why am I laying down? And why can't I see anything? Hmm....' From the black came an unknown noise. It sounded like a voice but was too soft to hear. "W….up….. Wak…. p." Azi's attention was drawn away from his thoughts as he attempted to focus on the noise to better hear what it was saying, and it soon became loudly clear as the noise formed into a voice calling out. "WAKE UP!! BOY!!" 'That sounds like.... a girl?' In the next moment, Azi could feel a cold sensation across his face and a wet sensation on his skin. With a cough Azi cried out. "What the heck. What was that?!" Feeling as if he took a hit of ice-cold water to the face, his eyes reflexively shot open from the biting col
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Chapter 5 Tour
After a heated argument between Shizu and her newly introduced brother Yashimu which resulted in another intervention made by Ozen, to prevent Shizu from doing anything drastic. Everyone calmed down and discussed their plans.Starting the conversation Ozen spoke first."Yashimu, I need you to finish up the hunt I had given to you and your sister. We leave in two days so be sure to get it done or at least implement preventative measures.""Father!" Cried Shizu. "Why are you letting Yashimu handle the hunt, wasn't I the one to be in charge of that task?""Shizu!" Yelled Ozen in a firm tone of voice, his eyes now squinting as his brow furrowed."I want you to give Azi a tour of Shisayama. Get him clothed and have him take up residence with Kajima, he owes me a favor and I believe this is a good fit for its use. I will have no complaints out of you on this matter but be at ease child. Know that you will be taking part in the hunt. Your brother needs this experience as you already have muc
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Chapter 6 Ozen’s Meeting
Seeing Shizu guide Azi on a tour of Shisayama, Ozen turned to Yashimu and told him to come with him before leaving to make preparations to finish the planned hunt. He wanted Yashimu to hear what he was going to say next and motioned him to follow. Ozen made his way to an inn in the northern portion of the village, which was well known for its food but more importantly was the exclusive use of its private rooms for discussion. The inn was quite large as its entrance could fit a carriage through its doors. The sign of the inn a was a white cloth painted with the symbol of a hearth. As he entered the inn, he gestured to the innkeeper he was familiar with. She was a woman with a large red coat over her white ensemble, and she led Ozen and Yashimu to a small private room purposely lit dimly to obscure the sight of its inhabitants. Within the room was a man of similar age to Yashimu wearing a simple regal attire. As Ozen and Yashimu moved to sit across from the man, the innkeeper closed
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Chapter 7 The Blacksmith
After quite a bit of walking, Azi and Shizu arrived at the smithy on the edge of the southern portion of the village. The smithy was a large wooden house that had an attached section that was made of stone. It looked somewhat worn down but was standing nonetheless, yet the foreboding large scratches and gashes against the walls of the house were worrying. A large chimney was protruding from the roof the stone section of the smithy and the clanging of metal could be heard ringing out in a rhythmic pattern. As Azi and Shizu made their way to the stone section of the house, which Azi could deduce was the workshop made evident by the large amount of heat encroaching onto him as he got closer to the entrance. Shizu opened the workshop entrance to the smithy and she shouted in a loud voice. "Hey, Uncle Kajima, are you here?!" With a grunt, an enormous man, of over 6 feet in height, threw a hammer towards the door which startled Shizu as she panically moved Azi and herself out of the pat
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Chapter 8 Getting Settled
After a bit of time had passed, Kajima was able to answer a few of Azi's questions concerning what the Empire of Yamato was and helped him get a better understanding of the current common sense of the world.It seems that the Empire of Yamato was founded by the Gods of a religious faith called the Furuhitokami who were believed to be the creators of humanity.The Furuhitokami was also known as the first race to inhabit the lands of Ancient Yamato and were humanities creators, this was evident as Kajima told Azi that there were ruins of their civilization in the mountains of Kujyuri.The ruins have been around even before the recorded history of Yamato so the age of the ruins was estimated to be more than a few thousand years. The mention of ruins had caught Azi's attention, but what surprised him was what Kajima's words were implying."So you are saying that the Emperor of Yamato is one of the Furuhitokami and has lived for more than a few thousand years?""Yes. " Kajima said. "In the
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Chapter 9 Equipped
Kajima led Shizu and Azi through a door out of the smithy which led to the wooden section of the house. Traversing across what looked to be a living room, they next entered what was considered to be a storehouse, but the door had multiple locks on it.After a bit of time Kajima was able to remove all the locks and motioned Azi to enter as he informed him."There has been an increase in monsters and predatory animals so grab something to help defend yourself. Since we are close to the edge of the village, monster attacks here are becoming more common and there are times where a few stealthy monsters creep in by chance."Azi nodded at Kajima in understanding the importance of equipping himself for the sake of self-defense.He then looked around for something he could use and remembered from his memories that he always dreamed of being able to heft two swords in either hand.As he tried to lift two single handed swords, he realized that he lacked sufficient strength to carry them both or
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Chapter 10 The Investigation
After Azi, Kajima, and Shizu equipped themselves at Kajima's smithy, the trio were making their way to the central section of the village. The group of soldiers that came along with Ozen, Yashimu, and Shizu were taking up residence in some of the barracks used by the village watch. Kajima led the group with Azi following behind and Shizu at Azi's back. While they were walking, Shizu had a noticeable grin on her face whenever Azi turned to meet her gaze. This caused Azi's face to redden due to how he remembered that when he came to from passing out earlier, he noticed that he was drooling and while he would not usually feel that embarrassed about drooling in his sleep. It was different this time as his head was in Shizu's lap. His situation was made worse as Shizu described how much of a dumb face he had when he was sleeping in her lap and that he acted like a docile puppy that wanted to be pampered. This was evident as she saw him grasping and nibbling onto her lap that now had a
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